21 March 2020

24 August 2019

Hitting for six

6 years.

6 years!

I remain your humble servant, and the bloody luckiest man alive :)

25 December 2017

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

My last post seems...oddly appropriate, once again.

What a year.

So many changes.

But somehow, as the boys grow up, as we grow older, as everything settles in our lives, I suppose we're all happier with a little more privacy. A little more anonymity.

So, here we are.

Everyone is happy and healthy. Although, after today, also stuffed and in some cases a little tipsy.

I can't ever thank you enough for all of your support, love and kindness in the time I've had this blog.

And I wish you all only the best of things. Happiness, love and joy. May your lives be filled with laughter in 2018 and beyond.

So, you may not hear much from me and John now.

But I feel certain you haven't heard the last of the two young men we've had the privilege of helping to raise.

To the future.

To Mycroft and Sherlock.

I raise my glass.

6 May 2017

Just wonder how, how did things ever get this far

Well. Been a while.

Firstly - my husband, John Watson, is amazing. He ran an entire marathon. And he really did run it - he said apart from the shuffle to get to the start line, when there are so many people you can barely move - he ran every step. Well, okay, he stopped for mere seconds to say hello to us and get a hug - but that was our fault. He wouldn't have stopped otherwise.

We managed to see him at a few places around the route, darting about on the tube to get ahead of him. He got slightly more pink and sweaty as he went, but never stopped having a slightly grim smile of determination on his face.

He's run 20 miles in training, and was fine. So now I know there's muscles in your legs which are only used in the final 6 miles of a marathon and to stand up from sitting down. Because the day after the marathon John would contort himself into a variety of awkward yoga poses going from sat position to vertical....a sort of crouch. Then bent at the waist, then slowly upward. I got things thrown at me for laughing - and this was during the day I'd taken off work to tend to his every need! Ungrateful creature.

24 December 2016

Night is falling and you just can't see, is this illusion or reality?

So, Happy Christmas! Merry festivities. Have a lovely holiday season. All that.

Here's the traditional baubles post. Just in case you thought you'd avoided it. And other musings.

19 September 2016

I strolled all alone through a fallout zone and come out with my soul untouched

So. The flat is quiet again.

 Mycroft has begun his new journey - the next chapter in his life. His college is lovely - small, old, all the things you'd expect from a college founded in 1897 really - although they kicked off in 1281, they just had a rough time for a while and only got back in in 1897.

Well, I'm not sure I'd have expected the monks, but Mycroft prepared us.

He got himself settled in, and then we went and found coffee. Which is obviously the next most important thing. Then had a little walk around the area, before going back and meeting yet more of his new...college mates?

Very odd, to be dropping him off at a new place, after seeing him off to school so many times. It is really nice though.

His mum is going to have dinner with them all at the end of the week. We've been invited to go back for dinner sometime, too, which is nice.

Sherlock scowled a lot. Even though he was getting a day off school for free.

Sort of for my birthday the guys got me a camera. I do like taking photos, and I usually just use my phone. But they asked Jo for advice and got me a great DSLR. Except it's for all of us to use, obviously.

Anyway, Sherlock took it up the allotment when we went up a few weeks ago and very politely asked some other allotmenteers if he could search their patches for things to snap. Then he was very quiet and patient and got some brilliant shots, which he wanted to share with you.

27 July 2016

All our times have come

This is my 599th post. I can't believe that a. I've rambled on that much and b. you've all listened. Well, read, I suppose. Anyway...

We all went to Steve's grave today. Took some flowers, did a tiny bit of tidying. There weren't any other flowers there this time, as there have been in the past. I wondered if someone would come along, but they didn't. I kind of hope they do though, and see our offerings and know someone else is thinking about him.

We sat on a bench for a bit, and Sherlock had a lot of questions about post-death rituals. He wants to be a ghost. Slightly hampered by the fact he doesn't believe in ghosts...but as a concept, he wants to believe, and he wants to do some haunting.

He got most excited by being turned into a diamond (Mycroft's suggestion), being shot into space (John's suggestion) and being buried at sea (My suggestion). None of us really knew much about anything apart from being buried at sea, though, so that was his quiz topic of the day. He wants to donate himself to science anyway, but he said once they were done he'd like to be turned into a diamond and then shot into space. Everyone's got to have an ambition, I suppose?

Work has been....work. Good results, bad results.

Sherlock has announced this is how he wants to sleep for our camping trip:

Don't forget where you are and jump out of bed...

I said I thought I'd spend all night needing a wee. John pointed out at least you could just stick your chap out and go.... (I'm also confused as to the ingress and egress...but Sherlock has that in hand..."You'd just carry me and put me in it!" I don't know why I asked...)

Anyway, we have cautiously allowed the possibility of hammocks to enter our plans.

Aaaand now I have to go because Sherlock decided to see what percentage of his body weight of carrots he could fit in his mouth and now there are carrots all over the floor and the dogs are eating them ... never a dull moment.