30 June 2013

One man come in the name of love

Yesterday was lovely. Today was lovely too! But yesterday we fetched Mycroft, went to Pride, took the boys to the place we've picked for the wedding, and everything was just...lovely, and sunny, and wonderful.

Here's a small portion of Sherlock's sticker collection for you:

He got John and I matching ones of the middle ones, and was very proud of himself for doing so :) It was a sweet gesture.

He also go countless flyers, condoms, keyrings, whistles, lube - all sorts! Basically stripped all people of all their freebies.

It was nice seeing the Met there - both in the parade and policing it. Some of the coppers policing it were absolutely covered in stickers by the end :)

There were, as always, some characters. Some amazing outfits. Some fetishwear.

I do understand why some people don't like it... Bry always used to say it was ridiculous, trying to get people to accept us as normal by parading through the streets in sparkly pants and dressed in fetishwear. I don't entirely disagree - but no-one says you have to do that. Plenty of people were just there, dressed normally, promoting causes or not. And I love it because I can be there, in public, and in an atmosphere that I know I can watch while I'm hugging the man I'm going to marry, and not get any comments, or 'looks'. Just smiles.

Then we had tea.

Yes, that is a glass of champagne ;) We were all stuffed afterward. Apart from the bottomless pit, who probably could have eaten another.

John was called out last night, so he slept in while Sherlock and I tackled cleaning Sherlock's room. He was moaning because one of the dogs had slightly chewed something - which had been left on the floor. Much better now. Then we had breakfast, and headed off for a swim, which was great. Sherlock's currently addicted to jumping in and then fetching things off the bottom - mainly our locker key, as it's all we have. He is determined that by the end of the summer he'll be able to dive in 'properly'. So we're working with that.

Then ice cream and the allotment. Despite caring for his caterpillars at home very carefully (they should be turning into chrysalis any time now!) Sherlock took on the task of searching for caterpillars and eggs on the allotment with great gusto today.

We investigated our 'early' potatoes today, too. Just about ready! I mean, we could take some now, but they are pretty small. But I reckon in a week, maybe, our first home-grown spuds!

Mainly today was weeding and watering. Reg was there, for a bit of advice. And asking about Mrs Hudson ;) He says our onions and things would be ready if it wasn't for the crap weather. And he's a bit gloomy now we're past the longest day, about their prospects. I mean, they're fine, just small. I think he forgets that what's disappointing to him is all new and exciting for us!

And finally, something Sherlock wants you all to see.

Anyway, hopefully this glorious weather continues. Although a bit wasted on work...

28 June 2013

Wedding bells...

Got called out to a stabbing last night. Meant to do a post, but I was way too busy. Loads of drunk people brawling, screaming, chaos. My least favourite things. We had to warn three different people that we'd do them for sexual assault if they kept touching us.

Anyway, finally got some sort of order and statements being taken - all horribly unreliable.

Was feeling bad about the whole Winbledon thing with John too. Although its pouring with rain right now, which is helping! Two balls in the cricket yesterday... British summer, yeah!

Sherlock has a new book. Which he hasn't taken to school because I don't think it's suitable.

We cleaned Mtcrofts room a bit yesterday. Found a half eaten jam sandwich in there. Sherlock says it was left by a burglar. I said I'd get it DNA tested, and we'd all need to be swabbed for that, so they could exclude us. He went quiet. Then said he didn't think we should bother as they didn't steal anything important, because it was Mycroft's boring room...

Looking forward to having Mycroft back with us - and for so long!

25 June 2013

There's a man I've found could remove his sorrow

How about this for a wedding song? Good, right? John rolled his eyes at me. Well, it was an eyeroll or a really high lob he was watching in the tennis...

We had a pretty good day today. Not sure we've found 'the suits' yet, but definitely getting closer.

After last night's degu-escape (well, I don't think she really escaped - just wandered off), Sherlock is being extra-careful with them both. He's sitting in the little run-thing we have in the sitting room with them, not just wandering around holding them.

We think she was in the sofa, but we're not sure, because one minute John and I were lying on the floor, talking about stuff, the next the pile of degu-treats (which we were halfway through eating...) had an extra guest nibbling at it.

My head has been given a clean bill of health - well, roughly speaking. Sherlock is most annoyed he didn't get to remove my stitches.

23 June 2013

I felt a shadow cross my heart

Yesterday when we were out we bought Sherlock some cycling gloves...he just found these ones and REALLY wanted them. So, because we're soft, we gave in.

He wore them this morning, when he and I went out. We went quite a long way - I needed it, and he was happy to keep going, so we...well, did a lot. Then had a few races in the park, then, finally, came back. I might be needed the TLC of and FME tonight ;)

John had a bit of a tough night last night, didn't get home until nearly morning. But eventually we had to wake him up - so we did it as nicely as possible, with pancakes and fresh fruit and flowers and tea :) And an interrogation from Sherlock. Questions about work interspersed with questions about whether John was going to eat various items on his plate.

21 June 2013

They won't fight back. I'm sure they know how. Beings that love are too proud.

Bumped into a mate yesterday. We knew each other in our twenties - just friendly faces in the crowd, but still, we both recognised each other as we were waiting for coffee. So we had lunch. Nice meeting up with people from back and then and finding out they're all grown up too. Sometimes you sort of feel like somehow you got old and boring and everyone else stayed fun. Or maybe I just feel like that because Bry told me it was true... Anyway. Jason's a butler. And a really nice guy. Who undoubtedly knows a lot of people's secrets :)

Murray and John came and met us for lunch. Murray had escaped being made into fertiliser, and was carrying a bunch of chard as if he was strangling it. I'm 99% sure he won't have eaten it... Murray?

I had to go and see a family today, talk about going to court soon. It's hard, watching people being so brave, trying to hold it all together. You want to tell them it's okay if they want to cry and scream and tell you how unfair it is. But you know, saying that would probably make them lose it. Stiff upper lip and all. People often tell us that they don't know how we do it. I always make a point of telling my new team members that it's fine to be emotional about a case - but there's a time and a place. They can cry on my shoulder, on their own in the bogs, at home - anything. But other times you hold it together no matter what, because it's not about you. Some take to it better than others.

19 June 2013

The eyes take on a certain gaze, And leave behind the springtime days

Sherlock has just told me that the RHS has a plant that's about to flower that's 8 feet tall, eats sheep and has enough nectar for a human to drink. Obviously he wants one.

He's telling me this, and talking at about a million miles an hour, because Mrs Hudson came up a short while ago with a small package the postman delivered while John was out taking Sherlock to school...

Caterpillars! And nettles. We're about to transfer them to their new home, complete with some nettles. But I think they eat lots, so we'll need more...

Don't ask me which ones those are, because they all look the same.

As you've been reading, John and I are finally getting organised :)

Some of it's...some of it's odd, for me, because you know, inevitably there are echoes of the last time. But I'm just so, so happy, that...well, it's John, it's really happening.

We're not planning anything elaborate. Just us, close friends and family, flowers, the place has provision for food and alcohol...still got to decide what we're wearing, how we're arriving, who's doing what, exactly, all that. But, you know, in the grand scheme of it, nothing matters.

If it's as hot as today I'll really want my shorts and flip flops. I didn't leave my office all day, and was basically a puddle of sweat. It's not actually hot, just humid and almost constantly grey and looking like it will rain - although it did clear up to blue haze this afternoon.

I just can't wait to go and give our notice to marry to the authorities now. We're both scrabbling about to find all our paperwork.  :)

Carla said she might want to carry flowers, but she's not sure. I have a feeling she's waiting to see what Mycroft does ;)

Mycroft had his Latin exam today. He said it was okay, in a typical casual teenager way. And he has his last one on Friday - then he's free! Well, free of exams, until next year. Just the long wait for results now... at least, it seems long!

17 June 2013

Don't you walk through my words, You got to show some respect

Day One of 'not doing anything' and we've...managed to do quite a lot, actually. But all under medical supervision! I promise :)

Yesterday, we went calling on a bloke, to have a chat. He 'wasn't in', but his wife was. So, as we stood in the kitchen of the house, talking to her, fairly amicably, really...he crept up on us and decided to try and hit my head for six. Luckily his swing was severely compromised by the wall. But I did see stars.

He'll be seeing the inside of a cell for a while.

Anyway, hospital was reasonably swift, for once, and once my scalp was wrestled around and put back in the right place, I was packed off home to John, complete with nice thick blue plastic stitches holding me together :)

Last night, because I couldn't sleep (having slept half the afternoon), I was reading an article on the various sentencing differences between the US and the UK. In the UK, right now, there are about 50 or so people serving a whole life sentence. In the US, there's 40,000. Plus another 100,000 who may one day be eligible for parole - but that doesn't necessarily mean release. And there isn't even a figure for people serving sentences for, say, 200 years.

Just makes you think, doesn't it? Anyway - it wasn't work! Just reading around work. Mycroft asked me if I might ever want to study for a degree or something. I don't know...feel like it might not be so interesting when I have to do it.

Sherlock was very quiet when we got him back last night. We called Mycroft, and Sherlock had another chat with him, too, from under a cushion. It's so hard, seeing them sad and knowing there's nothing to be done about it. All you want to do is make everything better.

Sherlock's perked up a bit today. He says he knows he can talk to us if he wants, or email Mycroft or his mum.

Anyway - both of you - you know John and I would be happy to do anything we possibly can to help you.

But, really, I'm avoiding talking about our big news here...

Today we found, and provisionally booked, a wedding venue. It's...well, we both felt like it was right. Nothing too...well, not too anything. Just right. So.

Which...makes everything seem...incredibly real. And soon. And...real. And soon! :)

15 June 2013

And yes I've been bad, doctor won't you do with me what you can

So, before you really do all get the wrong end of the stick - we did indeed go for breakfast in a toilet this morning. An EX-toilet. Revamped. Not a current toilet. I think they'd be really unhappy if you used it as such...

Now it serves good coffee, brilliant juices, lovely pastries and a few other things.

You can only fit about 15 people in there, so you need to be a bit lucky about getting seats. There are stools in the urinals...if that doesn't sound too wrong?? And a table where the stalls used to be. There are another 8 or so urinals on the other wall, which is where we sat. The orange tiles on the far right are the front of the counter.

13 June 2013

Say you'll be all right come tomorrow, But tomorrow might not be here for you

Had a bit of a shit day. It was all going fine until i got asked to go down to a crime scene - not my case, glad to say - and look at something. Sometimes I'd rather not have 'expertise'.

Anyway, it was just a smell. Brought back some really strong memories. Ones I'd really rather not remember. I mean, I carried on and did everything but...just, I don't know. Left me feeling really off. Coffee with John made me feel better. Sometimes just need reminding about here and now.

In happier news, when I was in with SOCO earlier they'd finished with a little item I'd asked to have, providing it wasn't needed for the case...

11 June 2013

Didn't hear a gun shot, Smellin' hell or nature

Being all domesticated and doing a spot of sewing. (Sleeve of a shirt that got ripped in a scuffle a few weeks back.)

This has meant that John and I each received the 'gift' of a kumquat which Sherlock had dissected and sewn back together. Yum. Well-handled and post-operating-theatre kumquat is my favourite.

Some of you will read that I had a...conversation with Mum today.

Have since heard back from Rach, and Mum is fine. I mean...well, she's not, but she didn't have another stroke or anything, just the usual. She's...angry about a lot of things. And doesn't yet want our help. Or my help. Not quite sure which. We are too alike sometimes.

Our tomatoes down at the allotment have lots of flowers on them - we spent a fiddly time trying to tie them to stakes the other day.

9 June 2013

Lyrically perform armed robbery, Flee with the lottery, Possibly they spotted me

Well, here it is:

The lovely new bike.
It's a lovely ride. Light, big wide bars so it handles like a dream. Nippy, and powerful. Brilliant braking system. All round a lovely bike. I'd prefer it to still have the big round lights, not the odd shaped ones it has - but the rest of the bike makes you forget that pretty fast! It's brilliant.

I'm going to ride it for a week or so, then I'll re-adjust the suspension and things to suit me. Probably get a fly screen. We'll see. I'm happy to get add ons later and tinker with it for a bit to get it perfect.

Sherlock is happy because it matches his kit. I think he thinks it's his bike, and I'm just the chauffeur...

And, on to more of Italy!

7 June 2013

As the moon hung proud and bright

John got called out a bit ago. I'm glad, really - it would have been a let down, for his first shift not to have a call out. He wouldn't have slept regardless, I'm sure!

Sherlock was already in bed, and didn't wake up when he went in to say goodbye, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't get up sometime soon to check on the situation. We searched his room for alarms, but he could have hidden one somewhere.

So...all new to me, this thing of being the one left behind. I've done some chores, and now my time is my own.

Been thinking a lot about Italy. About how it makes me feel.

5 June 2013

Back to life, back to reality

Feel like I've barely seen John and Sherlock since getting back! I hate it. Well, that's not true. It's my job and I love it, but it's such a wrench! I just had such a great time with them all, and now I'm back in the worst bits of London and feel like I only see them to eat and sleep, if that.

I'm sure I'm not taking half the information Sherlock's been telling me in. He seems very content playing with the degus though, which is nice. Guess he missed them a lot.

So, because all I want to do is be back there - more pictures!

I took this one to remind myself of the look on John's face when I read him the Latin. I'm sure you can all guess what my translation of 'erectam gloriae etposteritati' was...

It's inside the courtyard of the palace there.

And here are some lovely caves. Weird stalag...on the wall thingy. Like fabric. I think this is the one they call the organ pipes.

It's just amazing to think this has all been slowly created over a million and a half years. About 1mm per year, the biggest ones are growing... The smallest spaghetti stalagtites have been there for over a hundred thousand years... Completely mad to think about.

Got news today that my bike should be ready by the weekend! Have almost stopped starting conversations in Italian, too. It's probably a good thing.

Right, back to paperwork.

3 June 2013

You don't know how lucky you are...

So... Back in the UK, and everyone's completely manic. Well, at least, Sherlock is the same as usual, in that he's completely manic, but only because he's busy being Sherlock.

Mycroft is back to school and exams. I think he did well and used a bit of quiet time during siesta to study, and also took his books to the bars with us sometimes, so we could sit and enjoy the fresh air and study.

John and I played quite a lot of backgammon on my phone, as well as watched the wrold go by.

I know a lot of people there - or at least they seem to know me! I don't remember most of them, but to be honest, no one remembers the young kids who hang onto them, do they? Anyway...yeah, slightly odd reactions to John and the boys - slightly moreso than in England, usually! But nothing too noteworthy.

The receptionist at the hotel looked very embarrassed and said that one of the rooms had a double bed...and even more embarrassed when I told him that was correct!

So, here's a view of the city, from by the fortress -

And here's Sherlock's spiritual home. He was the master of getting extra ice cream and free cream...

Anyway - I'm manic catchingg up and dealing with nasty cases, and John is readying himself for a new job at the same time as dealing with the aftermath of a holiday!

2 June 2013


Well, that's it...all finished. Off back to Blighty today.

I've had a completely amazing time, here with John and the boys. i've loved every minute of it. I'm very glad I've had the opportunity to share this place with them.

Now got to try and remember not to translate everything.

And then Mycroft's off to school, I'm back to work, John has a laundry mountain to sort out and Sherlock probably has some very big grown up chicks to look at!

The fireflies in the countryside last night were pretty much the perfect end to the holiday. Just the four of us, in the middle of nowhere, and one of nature's greatest shows laid on for us.

Edited to say - Now I'm back, have a picture:

One of the streets. Bit hilly, the city. You should see people driving and parking in the garages on these steep streets - it's amazing! Made me wish we had the bikes with us :)