27 November 2013

'Cos I find comfort in decay

Sherlock took my stitches out earlier. He was fairly careful. Hard to balance care with excitement, sometimes.

John watched (very carefully) over him. He snipped through them (and almost me, on one occasion), then used tweezers to pull them out ("Your skin is stretchy!" "Will there be a scar? I want there to be a scar.")

Then gave me a swipe with an antiseptic wipe and shot off to look up scar tissue on the internet. Leaving John to give me the all-important 'all better now' kiss ;)

John frowned and said there might be a slight scar from the stitches, because they were in for so long - but that was because it was quite deep. So, we'll see. I'm not sure you'd see it if I didn't tan quite so vigorously!

Had a fairly good day today. But got nights on Saturday and Sunday... still, means days with JOhn and Sherlock. It's not a bad trade.

I think allowing Sherlock to unstitch me has made up for my terrible sin of feeding the degus last night. I... wow, Sherlock has just leapt all over the room yelling about exploding whales, I just have to go and see...

...Well, thank you, HHHG - you've made his day! He's watching it over and over, identifying exploding sperm-whale parts!

Anyway, away from exploding animals, back to cute ones.

Look at them! How could I resist giving them a treat, looking like little tiny furry prisoners in their travel cage!

23 November 2013

The redoubtable beast has had Pegasus pills

I definitely need a day off. And I haven't got one, but two :)

Tomorrow we're off to see Mycroft. Biscuits have been baked. John and Sherlock went out to one of the markets today, and returned with some gorgeous food, and Sherlock has a printing block of a Fiddler Crab. I asked, and John just told me it was far better than what we could have ended up with! (Things including a small trumpet of some sort. Bullet dodged!)

So...three years. Seems like forever. Yet also like no time at all. I can't believe that we've known the boys for three years. I can't believe how much they've changed - how much we've all changed! Can't believe we've gone from Professional Police Officer and Suspected Serial Killer, to Unprofessional Police Officer and Unlikely Suspect to Husband and...Husband ;)

But we have. And I really couldn't be happier with our lives together.

A year ago, just gone, Mum had her stroke. She's been to see the place we think she'll be living. She's...quiet, Nicky says. I imagine she's a bit scared. The nurse visiting her says she really does need to try and give up the booze and fags. I don't know, though. I don't know how cruel that is. I'm not actually sure how much point there is giving things up when you have so little to live for.

I hope she makes some friends.

Sherlock is involved in thinking about Christmas. Namely, all the things he wants for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, he wants to buy us things, too. Things he likes ;) Still, he's wonderfully enthusiastic about it all, which is nice, most of the time. Makes up for some of us not quite being in the Christmas spirit yet ;)

Poor old Mycroft is locked in a battle of wills with his Mum. It's a tough choice, I guess. Obviously she wants to protect the boys. But he's a young man now... hard to know how to play it, I guess.

The cricket's not going so well, eh? Or the rugby... oh dear. But Arsenal are doing okay ;)

Have a picture of a fellow officer I met today. Very handsome chap. I may have stroked his ears...

19 November 2013

Ooh, did I tell you I need you, Every single day of my life?

Sherlock is finally in bed. The degus are also in their comfortable bed. Not jealous there, not at all. Nope. There need for my scarf is the greater, as Sherlock explained to me earlier. "You can go and buy a new scarf, they can't!"

Still, they are very cute. And it's not like they knew what their new bed was made of.

Yesterday was a hard day - as it should have been. We need to be held accountable for our actions. I needed to be questioned over it. I needed to prove that we did what was right, and better to start with people who know and trust you, before any sort of official enquiry gets going, if it does. Hopefully it won't.

Today was more back to normal. Bloody cold, but I rather like that. More work to be done.

Sherlock was asking me everything he could think of about this body that was found in a well down near Surrey. I do know some of the guys working on the case. Always odd, when you find bodies that have been there a while. Always very difficult. Sherlock is fascinated.

I got my new warrant card today. Says 'Detective Inspector Gregory M.F.W Lestrade - Metropolitan Police.'

John smiled a lot, and said "Not really what you needed, is it? Another initial?"

But I'm very proud to have it anyway :)

John cooked a lovely dinner today. And put up shelves yesterday! Domestic God, my husband.

There's snow on the ground in some parts of the UK. Sherlock is hoping we get some soon.

And Nicki and her lot are talking about coming down for a visit before Christmas, which would be nice.

They've also encased Eros in a snowglobe, for Christmas, to protect it. A very neat solution!

I have Eros facts...anyone else know any interesting facts about that little statue?


15 November 2013



Been staring at this blank page for quite a while now. And still not sure how I feel or what I think or how I say any of it. Here or to John or...anything.

Started so well. A solid arrest, based on good evidence.

Then this afternoon...it was horrible.

When I walked the beat, and was on treble nine calls all the time, well, inevitably, you see people die. From accidents, natural causes, all sorts. You're the one people call.

And that's...well, it's what you sign up for, and you sort of know. You get the calls over the radio, you get a bit of information. Even just a sentence. I don't know why it's different, it just is.

Today we were in the house of our suspect. Doing a search. I had a team of uniforms going through the house, I was downstairs, in the kitchen, talking to another family member. One who was understandably distressed, given the relationship between them and the suspect. But we were calming things down - trying to, explaining what would happen, how it would go.

Then there was a noise outside, and a kid slammed up against the back door - more than one kid. The door flew open, and he pretty much fell into the room. Already stabbed. More boys just...clambering over him, still trying to hurt him.

The officer I was with shoved some of them off him, I managed to grab his coat, drag him into the kitchen, we were all shouting, so uniform were heading for us.

We just tried to stop the bleeding. There was a lot. And as we were on the floor the kids were going for him and us.

It's...an odd feeling, when someone...stops being alive, under your hands. Can't describe it.

Uniform saved our skins, and then we're...it's just two of us, the other family member, and the kid.

We started CPR, but...you can't do it all, CPR and try to stem bleeding. We just kept going. I mean, you have to. You just keep going and hope when the paramedics show up that there's still enough for them to bring back. Hope there's something, and their magic machine can bring the person back.

It was only a small kitchen. There was blood soaking through our trousers. Running down my arm onto him. Just...you know, in this job, how much there can be, before...well, before you know there's too much on the floor, and nothing replacing it.

We just kept going.

And finally, when the ambulance arrived, for the first bit...I don't know, even when someone takes over, you don't want to stop.

They worked on him, but there was just nothing left. No life.

It wasn't a peaceful death. It was terrifying. He spent his last moments completely terrified. And it's hard to think about. Hard to know.

So...well, I won't be on that case now. And I've requested the whole investigation is turned over to the IPCC, just...to be sure.

So...I don't know. Feels quite surreal now. Can't quite believe it all happened.

11 November 2013

Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid

11/11 - Some Gave All. All Gave Some. Let us remember them.

Had a very paperworky day today, but - nearly cleared a space on my desk. Nearly. Not a big space. Quite a small one. I'll take it as an achievement though.

Sherlock has made a large poppy using...a paper plate, I think. And given it to John. On it it says 'A Poppy helps us remember Men, Women, Children and Animals who fought for our freedom'. He proudly said that they didn't have to put animals, but he wanted to. That's our boy ;)

He's learning things about Evacuees at the moment, and life on the Home Front. I think because it's easier for the kids to understand things like that. I mean, War is so...huge, and so horrific. It's difficult for children to relate to that, isn't it? That adults are so out of control sometimes that they think the only answer is killing each other. I think Sherlock can grasp most of it, sort of, but I'm sure some of the others would really struggle.

So at the moment it's probably a good start for them all. He proudly told me that there was a young lady who got blown up three times and still wanted to work with explosives, and survived the war - all without leaving home! She worked in the munitions factories, I think, from his description.

Anyway, without further ado (and this is Sherlock's fault too - he said it was obvious what was going on...)

Greg The Florist - Part Who Knows?

7 November 2013

‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress

Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink...

Six, so far, people.

That's times John has got up and tried to fill the kettle from the tap, since I've been at home.

It seems we're not getting water back until tomorrow, at the earliest. I really wanted an exceptionally long hot shower, too...But there we go.

Today has been long. Filled with many arguments with other officers, the CPS, families of suspects... I did want to lock certain people in a room together by the end of it, let them fight to the death.

Sherlock is being oddly joyous at not having to wash - it's not like we force him into a bath every night! I think he's just enjoying the novelty.

He and Mrs H made some lovely flapjack this afternoon. It's got smashed up nuts and all sorts in it. He took great joy in smashing things with a rolling pin, apparently.

Have a little video. Share it around.


Some scrote smashed one of the Met's police dogs in the head with a baton, when it caught him. The dog - Fuzz - didn't let go though, and is now on sick leave, poor thing. Still, amazing that the dog held on. Can't say I would have.

I think I'm off at the weekend. Mycroft's home weekend after this one, so maybe we can get to the bike place. It would be fantastic to get out there while it's really muddy and slidey. I love riding off road in those conditions - even if it does mean falling off more! It's so much fun. And even Mycroft doesn't mind too much - when he's dressed to get filthy.

5 November 2013

What comes is better than what came before

Went for a nice ride this morning.

I say nice...it was fun. It wasn't 'nice' it was freezing and wet and horrible! But in that good way, when you know that all you have to do at the end of it is come home and get warm and dry again :)

I made us proper hot chocolate, complete with melted chocolate, hot milk, cream and rum, when we got in. And we and our gear steamed gently in the warm :)

This evening we went to a sort of community firework thingy at the allotment. Lots of people bought cakes and toffee apples and things to sell. There was also hot Ribena for the kids (blackcurrant cordial) and mulled wine or cider for the adults. Delicious!!

I did have to warm my hands on John a few times - not my fault he's naturally hot stuff!! But I think he paid Sherlock to get me back...

We're now at home, with pizza.

John has the 'Gunpowder Plot Special' - somewhere under the chillies and pepperami and other deadly items there's pizza crust. Even the cheese is jalapeno cheese.

I may sleep on the sofa tonight...his breath will be like a dragon.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow - boooo.

have a pic John took:

1 November 2013

I must disagree, oh no sir, I must say, you're wrong

Evening all, hope you're not feeling too sick after eating all the leftover sweets.

Here's an excerpt from my day:

"Good morning, Sir. I'm DI Lestrade, and I'm investigating an incident from last night, on ***** street. I've been told you might know something about it?"

"Yeah," (over his shoulder, to two young children) "Shut the f... up! F...ing copper's here!"

I am invited in...

"So if you could tell me what happened, Sir."