31 March 2012

When we touch, When we kiss...Danger! Danger!

Just a quick one, to say


You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. And if I can bring you even half the friendship and happiness that you've brought me, then I'll feel I'm doing well. You are amazing. We are all privileged to know you.

A picture of some misty countryside taken on our bike ride early this morning. 

Now...no one fall in, and John stop trying to find your presents :) we've got a busy day ahead! LOTS of locks.

27 March 2012

I don't believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or Superman...

So Bashful won. Which was...a surprise.

To me, anyway.

I cannot wait for this week to be over. Partly because of today, last week, the last few weeks...I don't know. I just know I'm really really looking forward to getting away from everything with John and the boys.

Today we went to talk to a boy who is known to us - he's like a hanger-on to a gang. Been in some minor trouble. The sort of person we lean on to see what they do. Not the brightest kid in the world, but not such a bad lad either.

Got the usual when we knocked on the door and his Mum opened it. "He wouldn't get mixed up in that, not my boy, he's a good lad" etc. So she let us in, led us up the stairs, knocked on his door...and when it opened he was standing there with a pistol pointed at us, shaking, crying, saying if we moved he'd kill us.

Took a little while to sort out. Needless to say his Mum changed her tune. But was all okay in the end. Sal's still giving me evil looks for grabbing her and standing inbetween her and him. It was just instinct, Sal, nothing to do with you being the fairer sex, promise ;)

Oddly enough, when I got back to the yard after picking out a bike with John and enjoying the sunshine, there was a memo telling me I'm on the firearms course next month. Coincidence? Don't think much in my life is these days.

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25 March 2012

Hey you with the pretty face..

Just a quick post, because I have pictures, and coffee. but the latter is just my excuse for not working for five mins while I do this.

Still haven't found our suspect, got another case on already. There's something about nice weather that makes people commit crime.

Yesterday we had a fantastic time, it was lovely to get away from it all. And the weather was stunning.

23 March 2012

Lonely is the night

Spent a large part of yesterday with a 5 year old, a child psychologist and a specially trained officer, in a room, trying to extract any details from the child, without causing any more distress than was inevitable.

It's a long process, it can be infuriating, frustrating, difficult. It didn't really give us enough to justify it all in the end, but you don't know that until you try.

Spent a bit of last night dreaming that Molly had finally agreed to Sherlock performing an autopsy. And when I got close to the table, it was John they were cutting up. And Sherlock was utterly, totally excited and happy to be finally doing it, he hadn't even noticed. Spent the next bit of the night awake.

Tomorrow we're going to head out of the city, I hope. I think it's due to be very foggy again in the morning, but then stunning, like today. We can head off and forget about work, school, physio, all that. Just have a bit of fun.

20 March 2012

It's been the ruin of many a poor boy...

One of my favourite songs.

Tesla coils.

I don't feel like I need to say much more, other than NO Sherlock, we can't have any, not in the flat, or in the park, or at school or anywhere. When you're older, you can do what you want. But not now.

Had a lovely day today. Ran in the sunshine along the canal. Came home, fell asleep, was woken by a gorgeous man entering the flat, and the day just got better form there ;)

17 March 2012

City Trash...

Obs tonight much more enjoyable. Partly because I'm not on my own.

(Hello! I didn't really believe Greg when he said this is the reason he's been humming the same tune for the last hour but now it seems like it was true. Also, Doctor John, very sensible to have a back up career in medicine and child care, after modelling. Nice picture though. DC Amy.)

So, now for the newest track for the album.

Coz I Luv Things and Stuff

Things and Stuff.
(Forgive me if it's not very good. I'll re-read it when I've slept.)

You make stuff and things, the food of kings, and I love it,
Stuff that's baked and things in cakes and I love it,
I just like the stuff you make, mmm
Don't you change the things you bake, mmm
You make stew in a pot, with that stuff you got and I love it,
There's soup on the hob when you finish the job and I love it,
I just like the stuff you make, mmm
Don't you change the things you bake, mmm.

When you stir things up, or make cake in a cup I love it,
When you mix up some stuff, there's never enough and I love it,
I just like the stuff you make, mmm
Don't you change the things you bake, mmm
Only time can tell if stuff will turn out well, and I love it,
Some things burn but how else will we learn and I love it,
I just like the stuff you make, mmm
Don't you change the things you bake, mmm.

To the tune of 'Coz I Luv You' by Slade:

John's some sort of utterly wonderous being, and packed me snacks and coffee and all sorts in my bag for tonight. Which has ranked up in the top ten of boring obbos.

Bloke who (finally) turned up from drugs is nice though. Very down to earth. Supports Liverpool, but no one's perfect. A DS, few years younger than me.

He told me he 'thinks' the DC who was meant to be here got 'frightened off' because word got around I was gay. And who wants to spend the night in a deserted flat with a gay DI, who'll clearly be desperate to jump you for a quick shag? (Danger, dont answer that.) Not like it could ever be proved that was the case. Apparently he's just 'ill'. To be fair (which I am too much, apparently) it sounds like some other were really winding him up about it, it's not like he just came to that conclusion alone. He's quite new on their team, the DS says, still a bit green, so others thought they'd make a big thing of it.

Just want to go home and sleep now.

13 March 2012

Jam Jar Jimjams...

To the tune of 'We Are The Champions'...
I've got my jam,
And some toast too,
Spread the butter on thick,
Cos breakfast time's due,
Kettle is boiling,
Ready for a brew,
Now slather jam on all over,
On the toast and on you

We are the Badgers, my friends,
And we'll keep on blogging 'til the end
We are the Badgers,
We are the Badgers,
No time for trolls,
'Cause we are the Badgers, of the blogs.

I've got jimjams on,
And stand in them tall,
You bought me hugs and love and everything that goes with it,
We thank you all,
There's crumbs in the bed now,
But what do I care?
I've got jamjar jimjams on,
Don't mind if you stare.

We are the Badgers, my friends,
And we'll keep on blogging 'til the end
We are the Badgers,
We are the Badgers,
No time for trolls,
'Cause we are the Badgers, of the blogs.

12 March 2012

Ambiguous and enigmatic...

My sister gleefully informs me that It's St. Gregory's day today. Patron saint of Music and singing. She thinks this is an omen for The Jammy Badgers.

(also saint of teachers and students. Let's gloss over that though, as I didn't follow that bit of my namesake...)

She's threatened to find a picture of me from Silver Blaze. If she does, and if it's not too awful, I'll edit it in here later.

Right. She delivered. I removed the truly awful ones.

10 March 2012

All I needed for another day

All this talk of musical instruments. And then Calliope said "These days my voice is my only instrument." And it reminded me of how much I loved this song. I've just had it on repeat for about ten minutes, writing this. And yes, singing along.

I still remember watching this video, and thinking...look at these blokes, all so normal looking, and in a pub, doing what blokes do...and they sound like this! I don't know, it was a bit of a musical revelation for me, having grown up liking guitars and rock and yelling and swearing and amps turned up to 11. I hope you enjoy it.

The Flying Pickets - Only You.

8 March 2012

But what is this, that I can't see

I imagine that some people get through their entire lives without seeing a dead body. I would think many people reach reasonably old age before doing so.

Probably sounds like an odd thing to say, but I'm glad Danger has. We have a sort of point of reference. We've both seen violence of the most extreme sort. We can sort of understand each other, a bit.

I mean, I imagine it's very different to see casualties of war than murder victims. I don't know why. I suppose I feel like if you're involved in a war, then in some ways you know what you're getting into. But then that doesn't hold true for the innocent bystanders - the people who find themselves living in a war zone. Even then, though, there's that sort of... knowledge, the fact that you must live fearing the worst, being surrounded by violence in such an over way.

5 March 2012

Hi ho, hi ho...

...it's off to work I go...

Well, tomorrow.

As most of you will have seen, I got a call into work today, and I'm back tomorrow, no charges against me. Suspension over.

Saying I'm relieved isn't exactly accurate - because I did always think this would be the outcome. But there's always a nagging doubt, especially after the second interview, when it didn't feel like much was going my way. So...glad it's over, definitely. Looking forward to getting back to work. Not looking forward to getting up early. Not looking forward to catching up.

But, yeah, in the end it all turned out well.

Can you imagine the smile I got when I got home? It was a bit like this:

4 March 2012

Getting nowhere fast.

Mycroft sent us this. I hope I've done this right and it shows up. It's really beautiful. You need to make it big on your screen, and turn the sound up. The music was composed especially for it. You can watch it here, but the link goes to the article with a bit about it.

Thanks to all of you for all your help with me thinking about my Mum. I'll talk to Nicky first, see what she thinks, as she's currently our go-between.

John's looking at pictures of Greek Islands. All of them gorgeous white-and-blue, with clear seas and sunny skies. It's relaxing just looking at the pictures.

And just to balance up, a picture of the goos, doing what the title of the post suggests. I don't know how they manage to run in unison so well...

2 March 2012

Cause when I've learned enough to really live I'll be old enough to die

Sherlock's dancing around the flat because it's Friday and he's all excited about amphibians.

I've caught John pretending to ride a motorbike at least once. He isn't doing sound effects though. Yet.

I'm okay. Was a bit down earlier. Think it's a combination of yesterday, and being on my own, and finishing all the painting, and Nicky calling. Feel better now I've been out with John and Sherlock's talking non-stop whilst letting the degus have a bath. 

I get a bit...stuck. I expect everyone does. Get emotional, get angry. Hate that I'm angry, try and stop it. Get emotional again. A very well established 'thing' in my life is that doing something 'wrong' equals physical punishment. So then I go for a stupidly long run or something to make myself hurt. Which works very well, until someone questions it...rinse and repeat.

I've tried to weed out and save the questions from the other day - thought I'd try and answer some more here. I will try and get around to them. And there's one I know of that I still haven't answered from last time, too.

I hope you'll forgive me if I sort of mash a few I think go together up.