31 March 2013

We would sing and dance around, because we know we can't be found

Sherlock was up early this morning, thundering around the mill. He came and leapt on us, gave John a birthday hug, and I took him downstairs to feed him and issue his clues for the Easter Egg hunt.

He impatiently waited for Mycroft and Anthea, I gave them their clues too ;) and they all headed out into the cold to hunt for chocolate eggs. I'd tried to be clever...given clues to dates, via important moments in history, which they then had to find on gravestones. Or similarly, clues to names. And then managed a few that were about plants and trees and things... Basically, I needed everyone to be entertained for a bit. Whilst I....entertained John, for a bit.

So I headed back upstairs....

Some time later they returned, laden with eggs, and we all met back in the kitchen for a birthday breakfast.

Here's John's 'Guest Paragraph' because he didn't want to break the rhythm of our posting...

29 March 2013

Love forever love is free, Let's turn forever you and me

We've had a lovely day today. Haven't done much, just explored, walked, eaten, had a nice time together. Exactly what holidays are for.

Sherlock hasn't finished tearing around the mill. I have no idea where he gets the energy from. He's up and down the stairs like a ferret up a trouser leg. Occasionally followed by the dogs. Like a ten-legged avalanche.

Waking up with John in a four-poster bed, on top of the world, was wonderful. Our room's split level, and the bath is on the lower level. John had a soak this morning while I made breakfast.

Last night we all piled into the hot tub. Why doesn't every house have one of those? It's so relaxing. Well, it has potential to be, if you don't have a seven year old at the controls ;) We got out to put Sherlock to bed, and then John and I got back in for a last bit of relaxation. Figure it's good for both of us, all that warmth.

So here's our current abode:

27 March 2013

Cos this old world has been fine with me really

Firstly - look at this ice!

Isn't it beautiful? On Lake Baikal in Russia, apparently.

It's approximately that cold here...

Well, today's been way warmer, actually. I mean, started out freezing, but the sun came out - along with some odd, and very beautiful, snow showers... which was slightly weird. Felt more like blossom falling than snowflakes.

We dragged Mycroft away from his books and laptop and went to Kew for a wander. Lovely snowdrops there. Did us all good to get out in the fresh air, I'm sure.

Coughing is seriously boring. I am SO over it (as Carla would say.) Have achey stomach, chest, and now a headache, just to top it off. All from excessive and undoubtedly very annoying coughing. Sherlock experimented on me earlier, and found out that if I tip my head back my cough gets much more 'chesty' sounding and more like a seal barking. I'm assuming it's something to do with opening the airways or something. Who knows? (The man beside me on the sofa probably, actually...)

Anyway, other news...Tomorrow afternoon, once everyone is home, packed, and ready, we are going away. Back Monday night. Most of my plans are coming together...fingers crossed.

Art class today was fun. We painted eggs with ink. I did my very very best not to giggle when John was getting help with his blowing technique...(eggs, I assure you!) As he was told, with much seriousness, just to 'keep going gently until the liquid starts coming out the end...then a few more puffs and it will all spurt out'. I had a laughing...I mean coughing! fit... Yes.

Then Sherlock painted me with ink, because painting himself was too awkward.

25 March 2013

He’s a bombshell blond, wired up to detonate!

John called me adorable the other night.

Harry sent me this, to prove I wasn't the only one.

Look at how blond he is! Look at his little fringe and his shirt all-buttoned-up. What a lovely lad, eh?

Not to mention the big wide smile. Could just pinch those cheeks, couldn't you??

Had a lovely lazy day today, despite it starting with Sherlock hiding his school uniform...

Mycroft's been studying lots. John and I have shopped, drunk coffee, lazed about. Then we all picked up Sherlock and went for more coffee and cake.

It's weird having blossom on the trees and snow on the ground. And it's bloody freezing. Ridiculous. John keeps frowning at me because of this sea lion that keeps barking in my chest.

Now chaos has returned again, with Sherlock giving Mycroft all sorts of grief for something. Mycroft is currently rising above it...not quite sure for how long.

Mycroft - here's something John found for you. I don't pretend to understand it all, but it looks pretty amazing! Hope you can escape your younger brother for a bit.

Siblings, eh, Johnny? Who'd have 'em? ;)

21 March 2013

Tonight I wanna give it all to you, In the darkness

I sang this to John earlier (with obvious changes to the lyrics). Then sang it again with Sherlock's help. Then showed him the video. His eyes went huge and he asked if people really looked like that 'in the old days'. Then quizzed me extensively on exactly which parts of the fashion I might have indulged in.

19 March 2013

I know this room, I've walked this floor

Firstly, thanks, for all of you who're reading and leaving nice comments. And, well, it's just good, to know you're all on our side. And sometimes sort of hard, too, knowing you're all out there. But mainly good.

It's sort of...well, not sort of, it's very odd, thinking that it's not just me and John, but all of you, and the boys, and everyone here, and...well, I can honestly say I've never been in a relationship like it. Adds a bit of pressure, maybe. But sometimes that's probably helpful, too, I guess.

And also sorry, for anyone who was reading my last post, and it did stray a bit, I guess, and I know a few of you have been through hard times in relationships, and I always worry reading some of the things here will bring up bad memories, and, well, yeah, sorry if it did. Does. I know it's not nice, suddenly being reminded of something when you're not expecting it.

Work's busy. And I need to pick up some nights before we go away on holiday. I'll probably take the weekend. No one wants weekends. And I feel better knowing Mycroft'll be here too, when I am on nights. And not just because he can cook. ;)

Got a few hard cases on at the moment. One's a child. It's...yeah, always hard, but both parents are blaming the other and...well, it's difficult to unravel that sort of thing.

And we're short-staffed, again. Thin blue line getting even thinner. I've been waiting for some lab results back for what seems like forever, but there are backlogs.

Anyway. Nicky sent me this. Her words were 'something to cheer you up - your two favourite things in one! Naked men and flowers.'

15 March 2013

I have seen him buying vegetables

So today, after packing Sherlock off to school, John and I climbed on our trusty steeds and headed for Whitstable. Why? Why not?

It's one of those places everyone knows about, but I'd never been, and neither had John. The sum total of our knowledge was location, Oysters, Peter Cushing, Vegetables and Tipping the Velvet...well, who wouldn't want to go there once they knew those few things??

It was nice - everything you'd think, really. Fishing, boats, shingle, little shops...yeah. Plus a nice ride out and back - been a while since we went very far on the bikes.

And then we got back in time to pick up Sherlock and have a nice evening together.

I called Nicky once we were back, had a chat about Mum - she's fine. And Nicky wondered if I'd seen the story in the new about soldiers and violence - which I had.

I'm really glad we've...got to know one another again. There were so many years when I shut her out, because I was ashamed of what was happening to me. And times like this, make me really appreciate that she never gave up on me, and after everything, she hadn't been discouraged from trying to help me out.

The way John and I met...well, I'd be lying if there were times I haven't been scared of John. But not...scared for myself, if you see what I mean. I'm a completely different person from who I was when I was with Bry. Which isn't to say I in any way brought that on myself, or was at fault. But I know now, if I ever did feel uncomfortable, I'd have enough strength and self-worth to get out of the situation. Whereas before, it'd been chipped away at for so long, I didn't.

And days like today, walking along a windy beach with John, just makes me appreciate so much that people haven't given up on me - that I haven't given up on me. That I've...tried, at least...not to make them give up, because it seemed easier than them having any expectations of me.

Anyway, now Sherlock's angling for a late-night walk, John's about to spill the tea he's holding because he's falling asleep, and I've just realised his birthday is slap bang in the middle of the long weekend... so have to plan something suitable ;)

It wouldn't be unseemly for an old DI to leap out of a huge easter egg, covered in chocolate, would it? ;)

13 March 2013

The more I learn, the more I ignore

Firstly - something I found interesting.

This guy creates the most amazing sculptures out of egg shells. Uses...a dentist's drill, I guess? Something very like it, anyway. Must take hours. I'm sure I'd break loads if I tried - and just at the point they were getting good, too :)

11 March 2013

And it burns,burns,burns

I shall probably fall asleep after posting this. Apologies for lack of replies to any comments.

Last night, got called out to a scene. Older bloke beaten to death. The body had been there a little while - probably around a week.

We did all the usual things, got the body sent away, made enquiries with the neighbours who were up and being nosy helpful. Started looking through lots of paperwork in the flat, but there really was a limit to what we could do at that time on a Sunday, so eventually I came home - later than I wanted, but I had to set a few things in motion.

Of course, Sherlock not being here meant there was no pointy-elbowed alarm clock, so I slept in until almost six-thirty - which is the absolute limit of when I can fall out of bed, get clothes on, and get out the door and still be on time for work.

Then we hit all the lines of enquiry hard. And it eventually paid off. Got an excellent lead.

We found our suspect at his workplace.

He tried to do a runner...we were prepared for that, and had some uniform with us to cover the back entrances.

I'd just grabbed the guy, and he was struggling, when one of the PC decided to get enthusiastic with the CS Spray.

9 March 2013

The tears are always clouding your eyes.

So, by popular demand (you miserable lot.) (Okay, none of you demanded it, but my sister did!)

The poor guy with the vibrator stuck up his bum, livetweeting about it.

I don't suppose I can particularly comment, given I've blogged whilst under the influence of drugs and whilst kidnapped. But...well, good on the guy. He took it well. So to speak.

Today we were woken insanely early (6 - which actually isn't that early, for him) by Sherlock.

I say 'we'. John mumbled, rolled over, stole my pillow and jammed it over his head and mumbled.

I took Sherlock in to the sitting room and released him onto Harry. Which completely serves her right, for giving him to us on a sugar high last night. He bounced. And yelled. And offered her tea, repeatedly, then dropped toast crumbs on her head. Then left a banana skin in her duvet. Then made a dog lick her hand.

Oddly, in some familial trait, she also grabbed a cushion, shoved it over her head and mumbled.

I took pity and made her coffee.

We eventually made proper breakfast, for everyone and Harry escaped shortly after.

Then we went for a walk, and saw this - Sherlock now wants one:

7 March 2013

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take

Spent today stuffed in a dark evidence store, breathing the dust of a thousand ruined lives.

Started coughing when we got in there...haven't stopped yet. Feels like I'm smoking again - that permanent slight-lack-of-breath. Like, just on the verge of panting. In Sherlock's words, 'it's stupid'.

Anyway, slowly building this case back up from the mess it was left in. Hope we can get enough together to make it stick. I think we will, but it's all more time and stress the family of the victim don't need.

Heard this today - I think it's brilliant.

4 March 2013

People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening

I'm making toad in the hole and roast potatoes. Sherlock is gleeful. He is bouncing. John is too.

He was a bit grumpy earlier - zoomed down the stairs to semaphore at me, and clonked his cast very hard on the stair rail. Made him remember he isn't better yet.

Went to work today. Was hoarse and coughing. Had too many meetings to catch up with everyone, talked too much, did case reviews, talked too much. Met up with John, talked too much. Have now almost lost my voice. Still, I have retained the power of (watery) seal-pup eyes, croaking pitifully and I can comment or text John when I want something.

I was going to try and ring Mum today, but she'll have to wait now.

2 March 2013

I want the world to know, I would rather dance with you

Well...I haven't done much since my last blog.

Got quite a lot better. Coughed really more than I'd like. Wished I hadn't spent 30+ years smoking. The usual. Coughing gives me a pounding headache. It's very tedious. I really really hate being ill. Although being ill with John around is a vast improvement on being ill before.

I wasn't going to blog about it, but as I've been leading such a boring life these past few days - here you go. We got a 'commemorative coin' for our Olympic duties last week. Mine's still in the office, but I did take a picture of it:

...just can't tell you how proud I am.

Today we mainly cleaned the flat. Hung up Sherlock's huge sparkly bone. Argued about trapezes. The usual...

In fact, hell, given it's so quiet, and it's been (sort of) requested...why don't we have another Lestrade's Upstanding Column Of Love*

*questions need not be about love.

And here, because I fear some people reading last night's comments might think we'd gone actually insane...is Rufus Hound smashing eggs with a mallet sellotaped to his cock, for charity....

Obviously, this contains a cock. And quite a lot of confusion.