31 December 2013

And there’s a hand my trusty friend! And give me a hand o’ thine!

Right. I have napped. I am ready.

I think.

I'm 'running a pro-active team to respond to street-incidents' or something like that.

Basically means I get a van-full of officers, and we're plain clothes (apart from the big 'police' flashes across our stab vests), and we'll turn up at certain places and check all is well, or be sent to 'hotspots', or generally mop up the idiots who can't just enjoy themselves without hitting anyone or generally causing trouble. But I think, until it really kicks off, we'll just call in other units to take away most of our arrests, so some understaffed custody suite can take the strain.

My forecast for the night is...a bit wet, fairly miserable, with moments of excitement. Might even get near to wherever this tasty snow/foam/mist is going to be...

To be honest, I quite like getting back to the streets. I will have a sergeant on my team, too, so if I get called away to a murder scene, there's little disruption to us. This will doubtless happen just before refs, because that's life. Meanwhile, my team will operate on skeleton without me, Sal or any of my other sergeants.

Sherlock wanted me to show you this - he made it at his Mum's. He has now informed her he wants the Meccano delivered to him. I can't lie...I want it delivered to him too! And by the look on John's face, he does too.

It was hers, I think. Or possibly their father's, but I get the impression it was probably Mrs Holmes', doubt she let stereotypical boy/girl toys stand in her way as a kid!

27 December 2013

Now I've found a real love, you'll never fool me again.

Today's been nice. If a bit busy. All kicked off by pancakes, which Sherlock somehow managed to have chocolate on. I'm fairly sure there's some sort of minimum-sleep-quantity that one should have before being allowed to care for children.

Still, won't kill him.

My Christmas shift had highs and lows...

Lows: finding out I'd have to work New Years too.
Having to talk to a family who'd been woken up Christmas morning to be told their son was dead.

Highs: One of my officers being proposed to, via an elaborate ruse involving a cell, a custody sergeant and her boyfriend (also an officer, but who should have been off-duty and far away with his family). She said yes. The radio was a-buzz for the rest of the day with congratulatory messages.

John coming to visit me at the Yard. He said he was tempted to take the long way back home, the roads were so quiet, and biking was so nice! I didn't ask if he did or not...I suspect he might have, if just to keep away from the card games which were becoming very high-stakes!

And this story.

Anyway, here's a (small part) of our Christmas tree, becuase...well, because you have to see it to believe any tree could support the sheer amount of tinsel.

22 December 2013

She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing

So, home, dried off, gear now dripping dry over the bath. I'm snuggled up with my husband, who I've missed a lot today.

Went to see Mum today. Although I suppose I mainly went to see Nicky.

We met up at Mum's old house. The little garden is really overgrown, and now all dead for winter. Needs a lot of tlc. But it wasn't the weather for that today. And anyway, whoever gets it won't care. It's theirs to do as they like with, they'll undoubtedly just be happy to have somewhere to live.

The house does seem empty, without her, and her few things she's taken. They let you sort of, do out your room, if you want, with your own furniture. So she took the table out of her room, and one of the armchairs, and a bookcase and TV. And there wasn't loads else. Beds, the rest of the three-piece suite, a horrible kitchen table and chairs.

Nicky said she'd asked if any of the others wanted anything, but Sam and Rach didn't. Danny didn't answer.

We went through the few books she'd left - there were barely any anyway. Just recipe books, a few things people have bought her over the years. Mostly untouched, spines still uncreased.

And then there's photos. As Nicky said, none from when we were small, unless other people had given them to her. But some from later in our childhood, when the others where still quite young.

Very few, though. Cost money, didn't it, to buy your film, get it developed. So it only happened on special occasions. There's a few holiday pictures. Mostly with the men of her life in them. I don't know if she'll want them.

18 December 2013

The ripple effect is too good not to mention.

Well...we're mainly sorted for Christmas now. Few bits of food still to get, but basically...

Sherlock cannot wait to finish school. He is absolutely bursting for Christmas to arrive. And snow. But Christmas is a certainty, and snow very much isn't. Rain is though. Lots of it.

Mycroft is carefully planning food on Christmas Day, along with Mrs Hudson. Trying to balance everything, and resist Sherlock's more bizarre desires.

Last post I talked a bit about Mum's stuff, and Nicky. I'm going to get down to see them...probably Monday. Maybe Sunday into Monday.

John offered to come with me, but...I have no idea if it's a good idea or not. We're literally clearing stuff out, as in...if it's very special, it might be kept, but otherwise... I don't have any space here, the flat is packed with just us in it. Nicky doesn't really have any room, and the council want the flat back as fast as possible.

Also...well, what's the point of keeping things? Mum doesn't even want to look at anything, she says she's got everything she needs. (Nicky...has kept some things for her anyway. Things she thinks Mum would miss in the long run. We all know how stubborn Mum can be, and don't actually want her to suffer for it.)

As for me...I don't think there's anything of my family history that she has that I want. That's part of why it's so hard sorting it all out. There's all sorts of things that none of us particularly want reminding of. It's also why Nicks shouldn't do it all on her own, though.

Anyway, last night we went out and bought baubles.

Here's mine.

It's like a drop shape, and the 'holes' all sort of meet in the middle. It's a bit odd, but I like it. And it's another tradition ticked off the list.

Other notable news is that Danger can breathe easy - the law against 'Being an incorrigible rogue' was repealed this year. He is no longer at risk of me arresting him ;)

I also found out the other day that for some time, in the mid 1900s, all policemen had to be trained to catch swans. I have no idea why, but apparently the best could catch two swans at once!

Yesterday was 30 years since the Harrods bombing. Six people were killed, three of them police officers. I think it showed, during the more recent terrorist actions, who had lived through past campaigns. A sort of world weariness. Compared to people who had never been through anything like it.

Anyway, I'm out tonight, on the lash with the team, and whoever else we mop up from around the yard. I apologise in advance for anything I may say in comments...

14 December 2013

Little things I should've said and done, I never took the time

Today's been good.

Sherlock was up bright and early, demanding breakfast and wanting to go out right then and start having fun.

He was persuaded to sit down and eat his breakfast on the end of our bed. Then, once he'd settled down a little, he was persuaded to re-enact his parts of the play yesterday.

It was slightly hard to tell what was going on, given that he thought I'd somehow be able to work out exactly what all the missing characters were also doing... but anyway, he was a nasty storm, and very angry, with lots of lightning bolts, at first...but then, through some sort of...well, I'm not really sure why, but eventually he ended up showing that the earth needed his rain to grow things, and...he stopped being so nasty? Turned into gentle rain? I'm unsure... there was singing, and violin playing, and it all seemed to end well, which was the main thing, I suppose? It would have been nice seeing all the other kids. But from John's photos I think there were farmers/gardeners, plants, some animals...and assorted other things. A rainbow, there was definitely a rainbow.

He might be able to explain more, if he chooses to. You know what kids are like, once his attention is elsewhere, this will seem so unimportant it's as if he can't even remember it.

Anyway, Mycroft took us all ice skating at the Natural History Museum this morning, once we'd congregated. I do wish there was a way we could get the dogs on the ice - they'd be hilarious. But we can't. And luckily they aren't allowed in the museum, or they'd be on their toes with half a diplodocus before you could say 'sit!'.

Whilst John, Mark and the kids all dived into the museum (well...John may have been dragged... entry is not made faster by Sherlock quizzing the security guards, I believe. "Are you looking for bombs? Have you ever found a bomb? What would you do if you found a bomb? Why would people want to blow up a museum?" etc...) Nicky and went and found coffee and had a chat about Mum. Well, Mum and her house, all her stuff. She can only take a certain amount with her, into her new place. She's being very unhelpful about it, and Nicky's got the hard task of going through everything. Dragging up a lot of memories. I feel bad for not being there, but...well, I'll go down as soon as I can. Sam's been back and forth, helping. Danny hasn't, but I feel sure he'll turn up at some point, see what he can get.

Anyway, then Mycroft cooked us all a lovely dinner, with only a bit of help, from me and Carla, and Sherlock helped make mince pies, and took some down to Mrs Hudson (and probably ate most of them while he told her about our day...we'll take her some more.)

And finally...peace.

Tomorrow Nicky etc. have to go home, so in the afternoon there is a rumour we may buy a tree....

10 December 2013

I fell in love at the seaside.

Soo...I did say I might put a picture of John up. But I don't have loads, really. I mean, I don't take a lot of pictures of John, or of anyone, really. I usually take pictures of things. And I refuse to put up the one of him looking gorgeous in bed the other morning, gazing out of the window. It's not risqué or anything, but it's...well, not for sharing.

So, yes, had a lovely night away. The staff were lovely, the food was brilliant, the spa was amazing (and empty, most of the time! Why wasn't everyone in there??)

There was a hot tub outside. We walked serenely out to it. We ran back, steaming, before important parts of us crawled back from whence they came...

We went for a walk on Sunday morning, out to the coast.

6 December 2013

A day or two ago, I thought I'd take a ride...

We have Mycroft back :) And a flat full of hounds, because having been away for days they must now rush around and sniff and lick everything, just to check it's the same as last time they sniffed and licked it.

There was harbour porpoises in the Thames today - the water police spotted some.

Sherlock wants our Christmas Tree to look like this.

We do need to purchase one. I'm not 100% sure it should happen tomorrow, though, given Saturdays are Hell this time of year. Or maybe I'd rather not leave Mycroft and Mrs Hudson trying to extract a degu from a tree at midnight on Sunday night...

On Sunday, I am removing John from London, and taking him...elsewhere. There will be a bed. And a few other things ;) it should be fun! And a last few moments of peace, before Christmas really hits.

Today we baked (or...created? Given some of it was no-bake-cake). And then headed off to school. John took one of my guitars, nervously, on his back on his bike. I took the other.

Children sang. They did know quite a few songs, most of which I knew well enough to get by, given Mrs T was on the piano too.

John was forced into 'helping' the singers. Making sure kids had the right words in front of them, pointing out where we'd got to if they were lost, and a bit of gentle conducting (Marking where the singing should start and stop, mainly!). It was...well, pretty much as hellish as it sounds. Still, hopefully parents will join in tomorrow, and it'll all be fairly jolly.

John accused me of 'looking at him' when singing lines such as 'don we now our gay apparel', 'The playing of the merry organ'. He's lucky we didn't sing about Miss Fanny Bright in Jingle Bells....

John has volunteered to sell cakes tomorrow. Can't imagine why he doesn't want to run the singing...

Sherlock didn't like it when a little girl took a shine to John and wanted him to hold her hand and sing with her all the time. She got glared at.

I think I have a migraine hangover today. Took more drugs this morning, and am now vaguely stuck between feeling fine and odd waves of feeling rough. I'm worried I've only postponed it. And I don't have time to deal with it!

And here's a fascinating article I read at work.

2 December 2013

Oblivious to all of us, The child that grows inside

If anyone's missing any tinsel, we've got it. Yeah, and the entire tinsel supply for every shop in the UK. And abroad.

John caught me having a sniff earlier. There's tinsel that smells, and tinsel that doesn't...obviously the stuff that does is best! (We have some of each.)

I have spent this afternoon teaching Sherlock to plait with tinsel. Nicky, all those hours plaiting your hair for school weren't wasted!

I think it has something to do with our wreath-to-be for our door. But who knows. Maybe we just need to be combining three into one or we'll never use it all.

I am removing John from these mean streets next weekend. Bit of a bike ride, some champagne, some relaxing, some...never you mind, and, eventually, sadly, I'll have to bring him back to finally ramp up to Christmas!

I'm always beset by worries that places won't be good enough. But with John, I'm...well, just the fact we're there together is what matters. Which still amazes me. I mean, that...anything can feel like that. Taken me a long time to realise that I've always judged myself very harshly because I wanted to get there first, before someone else did. Didn't...well, I didn't even know people like him existed, or I'd've tried to find one sooner ;)

Mycroft has asked if I'd like to escape the Christmas chaos at some point and go floating again. We've both been given half price floats, so...I probably will. They say it's more relaxing the second time, so, well, we'll see. I'd probably pay double to lock myself in a room alone by the end of Christmas, so half price is definitely a bargain!

Nights were...well, nights. First one was fairly boring. Following someone around. We learnt things about him. But...well, not as useful as it could have been. We'll see. It's given us things to think about.

Last night started with paperwork, ended with a dead body. (Not because of the paperwork.)

Received a text from Sal earlier. "See on the news your love-child hasn't fallen far from the tree." This is because they have this crazy idea in the office that Tom Daley looks like me, and is my love child (I must have missed the act that led to that). Anyway, he's far better looking than I am!

John bought me a lovely shirt today. Not for work, just casual. Makes me look almost presentable.

27 November 2013

'Cos I find comfort in decay

Sherlock took my stitches out earlier. He was fairly careful. Hard to balance care with excitement, sometimes.

John watched (very carefully) over him. He snipped through them (and almost me, on one occasion), then used tweezers to pull them out ("Your skin is stretchy!" "Will there be a scar? I want there to be a scar.")

Then gave me a swipe with an antiseptic wipe and shot off to look up scar tissue on the internet. Leaving John to give me the all-important 'all better now' kiss ;)

John frowned and said there might be a slight scar from the stitches, because they were in for so long - but that was because it was quite deep. So, we'll see. I'm not sure you'd see it if I didn't tan quite so vigorously!

Had a fairly good day today. But got nights on Saturday and Sunday... still, means days with JOhn and Sherlock. It's not a bad trade.

I think allowing Sherlock to unstitch me has made up for my terrible sin of feeding the degus last night. I... wow, Sherlock has just leapt all over the room yelling about exploding whales, I just have to go and see...

...Well, thank you, HHHG - you've made his day! He's watching it over and over, identifying exploding sperm-whale parts!

Anyway, away from exploding animals, back to cute ones.

Look at them! How could I resist giving them a treat, looking like little tiny furry prisoners in their travel cage!

23 November 2013

The redoubtable beast has had Pegasus pills

I definitely need a day off. And I haven't got one, but two :)

Tomorrow we're off to see Mycroft. Biscuits have been baked. John and Sherlock went out to one of the markets today, and returned with some gorgeous food, and Sherlock has a printing block of a Fiddler Crab. I asked, and John just told me it was far better than what we could have ended up with! (Things including a small trumpet of some sort. Bullet dodged!)

So...three years. Seems like forever. Yet also like no time at all. I can't believe that we've known the boys for three years. I can't believe how much they've changed - how much we've all changed! Can't believe we've gone from Professional Police Officer and Suspected Serial Killer, to Unprofessional Police Officer and Unlikely Suspect to Husband and...Husband ;)

But we have. And I really couldn't be happier with our lives together.

A year ago, just gone, Mum had her stroke. She's been to see the place we think she'll be living. She's...quiet, Nicky says. I imagine she's a bit scared. The nurse visiting her says she really does need to try and give up the booze and fags. I don't know, though. I don't know how cruel that is. I'm not actually sure how much point there is giving things up when you have so little to live for.

I hope she makes some friends.

Sherlock is involved in thinking about Christmas. Namely, all the things he wants for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, he wants to buy us things, too. Things he likes ;) Still, he's wonderfully enthusiastic about it all, which is nice, most of the time. Makes up for some of us not quite being in the Christmas spirit yet ;)

Poor old Mycroft is locked in a battle of wills with his Mum. It's a tough choice, I guess. Obviously she wants to protect the boys. But he's a young man now... hard to know how to play it, I guess.

The cricket's not going so well, eh? Or the rugby... oh dear. But Arsenal are doing okay ;)

Have a picture of a fellow officer I met today. Very handsome chap. I may have stroked his ears...

19 November 2013

Ooh, did I tell you I need you, Every single day of my life?

Sherlock is finally in bed. The degus are also in their comfortable bed. Not jealous there, not at all. Nope. There need for my scarf is the greater, as Sherlock explained to me earlier. "You can go and buy a new scarf, they can't!"

Still, they are very cute. And it's not like they knew what their new bed was made of.

Yesterday was a hard day - as it should have been. We need to be held accountable for our actions. I needed to be questioned over it. I needed to prove that we did what was right, and better to start with people who know and trust you, before any sort of official enquiry gets going, if it does. Hopefully it won't.

Today was more back to normal. Bloody cold, but I rather like that. More work to be done.

Sherlock was asking me everything he could think of about this body that was found in a well down near Surrey. I do know some of the guys working on the case. Always odd, when you find bodies that have been there a while. Always very difficult. Sherlock is fascinated.

I got my new warrant card today. Says 'Detective Inspector Gregory M.F.W Lestrade - Metropolitan Police.'

John smiled a lot, and said "Not really what you needed, is it? Another initial?"

But I'm very proud to have it anyway :)

John cooked a lovely dinner today. And put up shelves yesterday! Domestic God, my husband.

There's snow on the ground in some parts of the UK. Sherlock is hoping we get some soon.

And Nicki and her lot are talking about coming down for a visit before Christmas, which would be nice.

They've also encased Eros in a snowglobe, for Christmas, to protect it. A very neat solution!

I have Eros facts...anyone else know any interesting facts about that little statue?


15 November 2013



Been staring at this blank page for quite a while now. And still not sure how I feel or what I think or how I say any of it. Here or to John or...anything.

Started so well. A solid arrest, based on good evidence.

Then this afternoon...it was horrible.

When I walked the beat, and was on treble nine calls all the time, well, inevitably, you see people die. From accidents, natural causes, all sorts. You're the one people call.

And that's...well, it's what you sign up for, and you sort of know. You get the calls over the radio, you get a bit of information. Even just a sentence. I don't know why it's different, it just is.

Today we were in the house of our suspect. Doing a search. I had a team of uniforms going through the house, I was downstairs, in the kitchen, talking to another family member. One who was understandably distressed, given the relationship between them and the suspect. But we were calming things down - trying to, explaining what would happen, how it would go.

Then there was a noise outside, and a kid slammed up against the back door - more than one kid. The door flew open, and he pretty much fell into the room. Already stabbed. More boys just...clambering over him, still trying to hurt him.

The officer I was with shoved some of them off him, I managed to grab his coat, drag him into the kitchen, we were all shouting, so uniform were heading for us.

We just tried to stop the bleeding. There was a lot. And as we were on the floor the kids were going for him and us.

It's...an odd feeling, when someone...stops being alive, under your hands. Can't describe it.

Uniform saved our skins, and then we're...it's just two of us, the other family member, and the kid.

We started CPR, but...you can't do it all, CPR and try to stem bleeding. We just kept going. I mean, you have to. You just keep going and hope when the paramedics show up that there's still enough for them to bring back. Hope there's something, and their magic machine can bring the person back.

It was only a small kitchen. There was blood soaking through our trousers. Running down my arm onto him. Just...you know, in this job, how much there can be, before...well, before you know there's too much on the floor, and nothing replacing it.

We just kept going.

And finally, when the ambulance arrived, for the first bit...I don't know, even when someone takes over, you don't want to stop.

They worked on him, but there was just nothing left. No life.

It wasn't a peaceful death. It was terrifying. He spent his last moments completely terrified. And it's hard to think about. Hard to know.

So...well, I won't be on that case now. And I've requested the whole investigation is turned over to the IPCC, just...to be sure.

So...I don't know. Feels quite surreal now. Can't quite believe it all happened.

11 November 2013

Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid

11/11 - Some Gave All. All Gave Some. Let us remember them.

Had a very paperworky day today, but - nearly cleared a space on my desk. Nearly. Not a big space. Quite a small one. I'll take it as an achievement though.

Sherlock has made a large poppy using...a paper plate, I think. And given it to John. On it it says 'A Poppy helps us remember Men, Women, Children and Animals who fought for our freedom'. He proudly said that they didn't have to put animals, but he wanted to. That's our boy ;)

He's learning things about Evacuees at the moment, and life on the Home Front. I think because it's easier for the kids to understand things like that. I mean, War is so...huge, and so horrific. It's difficult for children to relate to that, isn't it? That adults are so out of control sometimes that they think the only answer is killing each other. I think Sherlock can grasp most of it, sort of, but I'm sure some of the others would really struggle.

So at the moment it's probably a good start for them all. He proudly told me that there was a young lady who got blown up three times and still wanted to work with explosives, and survived the war - all without leaving home! She worked in the munitions factories, I think, from his description.

Anyway, without further ado (and this is Sherlock's fault too - he said it was obvious what was going on...)

Greg The Florist - Part Who Knows?

7 November 2013

‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress

Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink...

Six, so far, people.

That's times John has got up and tried to fill the kettle from the tap, since I've been at home.

It seems we're not getting water back until tomorrow, at the earliest. I really wanted an exceptionally long hot shower, too...But there we go.

Today has been long. Filled with many arguments with other officers, the CPS, families of suspects... I did want to lock certain people in a room together by the end of it, let them fight to the death.

Sherlock is being oddly joyous at not having to wash - it's not like we force him into a bath every night! I think he's just enjoying the novelty.

He and Mrs H made some lovely flapjack this afternoon. It's got smashed up nuts and all sorts in it. He took great joy in smashing things with a rolling pin, apparently.

Have a little video. Share it around.


Some scrote smashed one of the Met's police dogs in the head with a baton, when it caught him. The dog - Fuzz - didn't let go though, and is now on sick leave, poor thing. Still, amazing that the dog held on. Can't say I would have.

I think I'm off at the weekend. Mycroft's home weekend after this one, so maybe we can get to the bike place. It would be fantastic to get out there while it's really muddy and slidey. I love riding off road in those conditions - even if it does mean falling off more! It's so much fun. And even Mycroft doesn't mind too much - when he's dressed to get filthy.

5 November 2013

What comes is better than what came before

Went for a nice ride this morning.

I say nice...it was fun. It wasn't 'nice' it was freezing and wet and horrible! But in that good way, when you know that all you have to do at the end of it is come home and get warm and dry again :)

I made us proper hot chocolate, complete with melted chocolate, hot milk, cream and rum, when we got in. And we and our gear steamed gently in the warm :)

This evening we went to a sort of community firework thingy at the allotment. Lots of people bought cakes and toffee apples and things to sell. There was also hot Ribena for the kids (blackcurrant cordial) and mulled wine or cider for the adults. Delicious!!

I did have to warm my hands on John a few times - not my fault he's naturally hot stuff!! But I think he paid Sherlock to get me back...

We're now at home, with pizza.

John has the 'Gunpowder Plot Special' - somewhere under the chillies and pepperami and other deadly items there's pizza crust. Even the cheese is jalapeno cheese.

I may sleep on the sofa tonight...his breath will be like a dragon.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow - boooo.

have a pic John took:

1 November 2013

I must disagree, oh no sir, I must say, you're wrong

Evening all, hope you're not feeling too sick after eating all the leftover sweets.

Here's an excerpt from my day:

"Good morning, Sir. I'm DI Lestrade, and I'm investigating an incident from last night, on ***** street. I've been told you might know something about it?"

"Yeah," (over his shoulder, to two young children) "Shut the f... up! F...ing copper's here!"

I am invited in...

"So if you could tell me what happened, Sir."

30 October 2013

Must be someone else. Must be someone else. Must be,

Having one of those days. When everything feels like it's far too hard to deal with. Thinking, doing things, everything. But life goes on around, so have to try and keep up, right?

We're...about 90% sure that Mum needs more care than she can get at home. Nicky and I have both talked to her about it.

She's less...against it than she has been.

Nicky's going around some places that have wardens and things - so she'll still have her own space, but she'll also have more help. We hope.

Obviously she still thinks we're just spying on her and don't trust her. But I think she's realising she needs it, too.

Ah, forgot I was writing this. Can't remember what I was going to say now.

Have a song. It's on a playlist I've been listening to a bit recently. I like it.

Sherlock is full of beans about fireworks. I'm not sure what we'll do this year. I'm trying very hard to keep up with his enthusiasm. It's not easy. I don't know how John manages for so many hours a day.

I feel bad when I'm like this, at work, at home, feel like I'm just about keeping up with the essentials and not really...involving myself any more.

One of my cases is very difficult at the moment. I mean, they all are, in their own ways, but this one...there's three young boys, and we believe one of their parents murdered the other. Then committed suicide. How do you deal with that when you're only 6 or 7 years old? That's your whole world, isn't it. Everything you know.

I do just want to bring them all home. Take care of them all.

Last night I headed out to the river, by the barrier. I like it out there.

Except when I went to start the bike up again I realised that I'd forgotten I was almost out of petrol...and now I wasn't going to get far. Anyway, luckily, John and Sherlock came to my rescue. I'm very lucky to have them, willing to help me.

27 October 2013

Alright don't worry even if things end up a bit too heavy

Hope you all brought your washing in, UK-ites. Battened down your cats. Tied any elderly relatives to a sturdy object. Put children in the basement. That sort of thing.

We're not taking Mycroft back to school - he is, sadly, still going - but Anthea's taking him in a vehicle that could probably survive the apocalypse, let alone a bit of a stiff breeze.

Motorbikes wouldn't have been a good idea. I have no desire to take up any emergnecy service's time and energy by doing something stupid.

Although I think it fairly likely I'll get some work off the back of it, if it is as bad as they say it will be.

Sherlock is desperate to stay awake and see it all. Although it'll probably result in a few recycling boxes and bin lids blowing around and the odd tree giving up and having a lie down.

Today. Today was...I'm still a bit lost for words.

23 October 2013

Running Rings Around The Moon

I'm so tired I may fall asleep before finishing this.

Sherlock seems to have enjoyed today. I don't know why he's always wanted to be put on a stainless shelf in a mortuary freezer and shut in. But he has, ever since he first went in there.

Today he finally got his wish. He couldn't ever go in one when there was a body in there (they each hold four) - and as much as he begged, Molly wasn't going to get a body out for him to see. So he just had to wait until there was a vacancy. Today there was.

So he's been slid into a giant freezer and locked in for a few seconds.

By the time we opened the door again he'd rolled onto his front, and was completely beaming.

He still hasn't managed to explain why he wanted to do it. He just did. Which is probably as good a reason as any, when you're 8.

Our little jaunt yesterday morning has led to one person in custody and the other released on bail. Not a bad result. Sometimes you just need to go in hard, shake the tree, see what falls out.

Friday I've got my MOE course. This is basically an entire day of breaking into things people would rather we stayed out of. So I will spend 8 hours breaking down doors, smashing in windows, all that. And discussing 'dynamic risk assessment'.

It means I spend a day in full gear - from steel toes and shin guards to goggles and a nice helmet. Occasionally with  a shield... I will doubtless need to have some TLC from my lovely doctor once I'm done. It's hard work wielding an enforcer!

I've heard a rumour it'll be taser training too - we do different sorts of entries. Rapid, General, Shield and Taser call-out. So...yeah, we'll see. I'm supposedly allowed a taser now I'm firearm trained...

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. Last night's weather was so horrible - and then this evening it was all blue skies and gorgeous pink clouds! So there's no telling what it'll be like. Maybe a museum.

Am hoping to get to take to John out to dinner on Saturday, to celebrate a year since he asked me to marry him.

Then Sunday morning it's tank-time with Mycroft... I go through stages of looking forward to it, then getting a bit...I don't know, not worried, but wondering if I'll like it. I can always get out if I don't.

20 October 2013

I know I’d never be me

Once I've done this, I'm getting up and getting Sherlock some ice cream with chocolate sauce.

I'm going to have ice cream with a shot of espresso and a shot of amaretto poured over it. John might just join me... Mycroft can have whatever he wants ;)

We all went swimming this morning, which was lovely. The pool  have these little weighted sticks that stand up on the bottom of the pool when you drop them in. So we were dropping a little 'course' of them, and standing in the middle of it all, so Sherlock had to duck under, swim along, picking them up, through my legs, pick up more, through John's legs and then come up for air. He did really well - we got him going further and further. Although I worry he'd actually pass out from oxygen deprivation before failing to pick them all up!

This afternoon was all domestic, homework, quiet things. Well, quiet after Sherlock long and vocal protests. This despite the fact none of us where doing anything he was interested in. And better to get it out the way now, so he doesn't miss out on doing anything fun later in the week, right?

It was nice.

Here's some MASSIVE chard from our allotment.

And here are some wet Autumn leaves.

16 October 2013

And there is no god with a plan

Everyone's been very quiet. I've been working. Sherlock's been trying to read things he shouldn't, which serves me right for bringing it home.

John's been pottering about, mainly trying to sort out Sherlock's school gear, and helping with homework and tidying the kitchen that we all made a mess of. And offering me tea. Lots of tea. (Because he wants to help, and can't, so tea is the closest to help.)

It's very eye-opening, meeting the families of murder victims. There is such a broad range of reactions. Some people are so angry, some are numb.

The family I'm dealing with at the moment are incredibly quiet, polite, thankful. Makes me feel so much worse that we haven't caught anyone yet. The eldest, a boy, today when I was talking to his mum he fetched me some water and a got out biscuits. I mean, most kids wouldn't do that at the best of times - his dad's just been killed.

Doesn't make you any more determined to catch those responsible - you always want to do that. But maybe once it's done I'll feel more...glad. That they have that.

And I've been staring at this for so long it's now time to put Sherlock to bed.

Someone asked me today if I thought John and I would foster/care for other children, once Sherlock and Mycroft are all grown up.

Made me think.

13 October 2013

It's not the game, it's a scar

So, back at work today. In the pouring rain and general misery of the wet, cold city!

Lots to catch up on, as always, as well as trying to book myself on various refresher courses before my training record looks bad again. Shit might hit the fan tomorrow, with an announcement about direct entry to the police.

Still, John and Sherlock came and visited me once the rain had stopped, which was nice.

Sherlock read what we were talking about last night and gave me a big hug this morning (and told me I couldn't get kidnapped again).

It's odd. I sort of thought, at the time, that although I didn't know what to think or do then, that it would sort of... come to me.

It hasn't. I still don't know what to think about it all. I don't really know what to say about it. I wouldn't mind talking about it all...except I still don't know what to say. It's just a thing, and it happened, like a lot of shitty things have happened, and...now they're done. And better things are happening. And you can't do anything about the stuff that's happened, you can just make the future better. So...

We saw the space station tonight - Mycroft told us it would be really bright, and it was. Amazing.

John hasn't been called out yet...but I imagine he will soon...

And have a picture of the kitchen in our little cabin we stayed in, because...I have one.

10 October 2013

He Came To My Window

Had a lazy day today, apart from a bit of shopping.

This afternoon I was playing guitar on the sofa, and I could see out of the doors onto our deck.

Across the way there was a little boy - maybe three or four? He was pressed against the railings on their deck, staring at our bikes.

I went out after a bit, and asked if he'd like to sit on them - providing his parents didn't mind (they were right there.) His face just lit up - and now his mum's got lots of pictures of him, beaming, sitting on our bikes.

Nice to share a little happiness :)

We had a nice dinner tonight, big fresh tuna steaks.

Sherlock's hopefully home by now, having had dinner with Murray - we're phoning in a minute.

I hope London's still standing, and everyone survived!

We're watching the first episode of Peaky Blinders - anyone else watched it? Not 100% sure yet, but it looks quite interesting.

8 October 2013

Loving all of you the rest of your life

Got off the phone to Sherlock and Mrs Hudson a minute ago. They've both survived so far. Although Sherlock's bartering skills need some work, if he'll settle for swapping cupcakes for cabbages... He was also indignant that Reg called Mrs H by her first name. I'm not sure he knew she had one...

We've had a lazy day. Went for a walk earlier. I held my husband's hand all the way :) Had to walk off our large breakfast!

Then, obviously, we had to spend some more time in hot tub. I do get hot feet though, which John doesn't believe, because they are traditionally cold...

I can honestly say, at the moment, I feel really loved. In the past...people have wanted me for my money, I guess. My help, maybe. And a few people have wanted me for my body. But John...I don't know, feels like he wants me for me. We can talk, we can have a laugh...and he doesn't seem to mind my body either ;)

So yeah, ridiculously happy.

5 October 2013

It's your imagination...

Too busy, didn't sleep for an unknown reason last night, which meant I wasn't a very nice person today, and have had to bring loads of work home with me. Still, one more day, then we're off ;)

Last did this way back in May! So I'll just put this link here for those of you who, like me, have forgotten exactly what was going on.

3 October 2013

A poem.

is National Poetry Day.
John loves poems
and I love John
So I thought I would find him
A poem.
I texted Mycroft for
Some ideas
And he said 'Write
A poem
(Okay, he didn't say
And I said I didn't know
How to write
A poem.
But he said I could write anything.
So I am.
Because John loves poems
And I love John.
And even if I can write
A poem
I don't think I can
Ever find the words
That will tell him how much
I love him.

1 October 2013

Bands won't play no more, too much fighting on the dance floor

Is it true Mars Rover is on strike?

Seems to be the day for it (although I can't pretend to understand the ins and outs of the American shut down.) I do understand teachers here though. I still can't believe how many people seem to moan about teachers. I mean, long holidays seems to be all they focus on. Never mind having to deal with 35 of the little....darlings on your own. Plus it's another scenario where people moan about someone in another profession 'having it easy' - if it's that bloody easy why don't they go and sign up for it?? Understand the fire service, too.

Anyway, got that out of my system. Maybe ;)

Having a rant because I've just been dealing with press queries forwarded to me ... honestly, I am all for people knowing what we do, how we do it (to a certain extent) and an open and honest relationship with the public we serve. But certain members of the press ask such leading questions, with such obvious motivation. Still...all part of the job.

Had a lovely day today, once we managed to persuade Sherlock he really was off to school. John and I had a very peaceful day. Bit of a run on the bikes (yes, bad us, we took Sherlock to school on the bikes so we could carry on out - and it's international Walk to School Month! Ooops...) Anyway, yeah, then back home, did some chores, then John...persuaded me to go to sleep. So I got a few hours kip ;)

We went to the park after school, also good. And nice to get to chat to other parents/carers too.

Apparently 1 in five Brits have tattoos now. (Good for us - we like lots of identifying marks!). I can't ever imagine anything I'd want for the rest of my life. What made me laugh was that people who get them 'have a stronger desire to be seen as 'unique' - but loads of people get the same tattoos! You're 'more' unique (sorry, sorry, Mycroft, I know you can't be 'more' unique...) when you don't have them, then, surely!

Right, have I rambled on enough?

Danger...now I've volunteered, when is Sherlock's swimming lesson?

27 September 2013

Winter in water colours, Shades of grey

I'm stuck in that state of adrenalin and caffeine when I should sleep so I'm just jittery.

We foudnt the boy. He's as fine as you could possibly hope. Scared, pleased to be back with his folks, clearly, you know, got a lot to deal with. But unhurt. I mean, really, a couple of bruises and that; it.

Obviously the school are overjoyed too, even though it was nothing to do with them. Well, I suppose the opportunity was, but they can't keep tthe boys locked up.

The parents are also clearly immensely relieved, but also, as always, guitly and everything. It was all about money, they demanded a ransom for the kid. As far as we could trace it around it was because of a business deal that had gone bad that left someone else very out of pocket, so they thought this was a suitable way to get money back. It's a messed up world where people can think snatching a kid is okay for money.

John was wonderful. It was nice getting to see him work, even if Id sort of lost the ability to focus or process thoughts by that stage. He was great with the boy, and the mum, who had sort of gone a bit into shock or something. And obviously briliant with all my officers. And he didn't even cause any avoidable extra pain to crims. Which is good, from a professional point of view, even if we'd all secretly have liked that. Heard a couple of officers gossiping about him. The 'new' FME. Married, sadly. Wonder who the lucky cow is? I didn't moo. But they might have decided our hug was more than matey.

Now we're all back, Sherlock just got in and threw himself at me, then John and is now showing his mum some degu related thing and also his school book to show her all his stars in it.

Mycroft is home wth us, which we're all vey glad about. It's just one of those times you want to be together.

I lost count of coffee. I passive smoked quite a bit, but didn't light up once myself. Threw up once, because John's right, and no one should ever drink that much black coffee on an empty stomach, fell asleep in quite a few very awkward positions in quiet moments. wondered if I was getting to old for all this a few times.

Forgotall of that and was incredibly glad I do this job once.

23 September 2013

Thick as thieves us, we'd stick together for all time

We're making jam. John is salivating. It's a glorious colour, I just hope it tastes good!

We went out picking fruit yesterday morning, so have loads for all sorts of cooking.

He can drool over this picture now, not into the pan...

The weekend was lovely. Even stupid little things made it amazing - like turning up at the carriage, and being greeted by the owners... I introduced myself and the lady said "And you must be Greg's husband" to John. I know it's silly, but...not everyone does that. I mean, ah, I don't know what I mean. But anyway, it was nice. And they leant us cake pans, and were just generally very nice people. Who own a very nice railway carriage. It even has two small bedrooms for the boys, so they didn't have to share. Although Mycroft took the bunk beds, and slept on the top one, so the dogs could have the bottom.

We cycled along the coastal paths, ate our lunch on the beach, and got to go to the pub for a nice leisurely pint, too. Perfect weekend!

Today was all about John washing socks while I tried to distract him...

Sherlock got quite a few presents...including these:

Because who doesn't want to eat a milk chocolate colon??

He was very grateful and charming, anyway. He is a fantastic young man.

19 September 2013

Out of all the people, you wanted me the most

Well...I managed it. Escaped Sherlock's bedroom, after much questioning about our intentions for the weekend. Obviously, being Sherlock's birthday, it has to be better than everyone else's... well, we hope we won't disappoint. You know, if we actually do anything...

Got my hand slammed in a door. Only a bit, not enough to break anything. But irritating. Sherlock is disappointed, obviously, that it's not broken/many colours/fingers in jars. Hopefully he'll realise that I sort of need the hand, to ride the bike, to go on any holidays which might happen...

Went for a run the other morning. Got up stupidly early. Sherlock and John probably didn't appreciate it ;) but I needed to.

I love swans. And at the moment there's great big teenager swans about. Same size as the grown ups, but still brown. Can't make proper swan noises, still sound like cygnets. I don't know, remind me of the boys - look all grown up, but not really. Makes me think a lot, seeing Mycroft - 15 years old. And in some ways, so mature, so grown up, but in others, still a boy. Still got a lot of education ahead of him, if he chooses it. I left school when I was his age now, got a job, left home completely a year later and came to London. It's just unimaginable, looking at him. I mean, he's far more sense between his ears than I ever did, and I still wouldn't want him out on his own. Makes you wonder, what people thought of me.

Anyway, I've got 4 days off now, after a very good week. Good convictions, good arrests, most of the paperwork done, happy team, happy public.

I should change that tag though...

15 September 2013

Another evening just flew past tonight

Right. Waiting for my rolls do to their second rise. Stopping Sherlock prodding them. Putting up with his protestations that white ones are better than wholemeal. Eating Smarties. I don't even know why we have Smarties in the flat... probably cake decoration?

There is also a degu cleaning itself as close to my keyboard as I allow it. It is obsessed with sitting just where I'm trying to type and stuffing it's shed fur into my keys, I think. As we need more fur around, now the dogs are gone. It also tries to steal my Smarties. I think that would kill it, so it's failing.

Had a nice day today, although the weather's been a bit crap.

Just nice spending time in the flat, sometimes.

And one day off now means...oh yes, two days off in the week!!

For those of you who didn't spot the answer to the paperwork question - 11 forms, plus prepping interviews for transcribing, doing interviews, doing disclosure, charging, fingerprinting, etc. ... paperwork takes 4-6 hours (I can do it faster these days!) and the rest takes a good 5 hours...

Here's a pic of the GLORY that is a mushy pea fritter and chips. All smothered in vinegar and salt, with ketchup on the side. Look at the lovely gorgeous fresh green tones. And then ponder why on earth John doesn't like them. Delicious.

John is reading a book. He's slid so far down into the sofa I can only see one foot. Maybe the sofa's turned sentient and has eaten him. I wouldn't be surprised. It's probably in league with the wallpaper.

There's some reality TV programme about Harrow going to start soon. We asked Mycroft about it. The reaction was such that we won't be asked again!

Sherlock is still trying to prod the dough. I might go and prod Danger....

11 September 2013

We would be warm, below the storm

Have a guess how many forms I have to fill in/check if someone is arrested? Be interested to see what you think. And how long it should take...

Obviously certain forms run to many pages... so I'm just counting the individual forms as designated by different codes by the Met.

As you probably saw on John's comments, I pulled someone over on the way back into town - this total... idiot, we shall call him, tried to pull inbetween two vehicles. Failing to notice one was towing the other. Despite the huge 'on tow' signs, the bright red tow rope, etc.

Anyway, Sherlock almost exploded with glee at being able to switch on the lights and siren 'in anger'. It certainly makes people jump, when the boring, normal, grey BMW beside them suddenly lights up like a Christmas tree and starts wailing.

We felt like this octopus

(I'd have put it in the post, but it starts when you load the page, and I hate that.)

Day off tomorrow! To tend John's bruises ;) Sherlock says I'm 'better' when I have the next day off...proof that I'm an incredibly lucky man to have such a great life away from work, I think.

There was an old plane flying over London the other day, followed by a helicopter. I think they were filming something.

I get...irrationally angry, when John gets hurt. I mean, really, really fuming. I have to...just, I don't know, really crush it down. I know it's stupid. There's nothing I can do after the fact. There is almost certainly nothing I could do even if I was there. He's better trained than I am. No point me being angry, especially as he's normally the person I'm with. Used to get very angry - like this - as a kid.

9 September 2013

It's not the message that keeps you here

I'm tired. Weird, sometimes, when the first day back leaves you more tired than the rest of the week.

Still, I think...hope...I've got Thursday off. Just me and the husband, for an entire (school-length) day ;)

Anyway, RSF asked about the difference between an outer and inner cordon (for bread making...but usually for a crime scene.

Well, in Sherlock's words: "The outer one is blue and the inner one is red and says inner cordon."

There...what more do you need to know?

But seriously. Depending on the situation, we can have up to four 'cordons' - vehicle, outer, inner and crime scene. Usually we have outer, inner, scene.

The outer cordon is for the public. We stop the general public getting past a certain point, for various reasons. They get in the way. They see disturbing things. If we have to arrest someone at the scene they could potentially be in danger. We can't control lots of people if we also have witnesses to protect/isolate. Etc.

Also, we usually have a fleet of vehicles by the time we're all there. Forensics vans, original responding officer vehicles. Ambulances. Meat wagons. My car ;). Sometimes Fire engines. And we don't like people touching our stuff. Or stealing the contents. So we park them inside the outer cordon, if needs be. But generally, anyone we like can trample about in there and not compromise the scene.

The inner cordon is like, invite only. So most plod won't get in there, and often we'll want people to be getting into/out of their crime scene clothing (the paper suits, over shoes, gloves) in that area. It'll be where the emergency services usually co-ordinate, away from earwigging press and public.

And then we have the crime scene. Very strictly controlled. At that point we usually have these stepping stones that we put down, so none of us walk on the floor. We try to very clearly indicate where the first responders went, and follow that path, so we don't contaminate anything else.

After we've established there is nothing that can be done to help the victim (or if they've been carted off to hospital), and we're sure it's safe, we'll get everything photographed, sketched, noted, swabbed, sampled, then removed and recorded.

Every time you cross a cordon it's recorded. We know where everyone at the scene was all the time.

Of course, being the emergency services, everything has a million acronyms. The most amusing seem to be saved for the most serious circumstances. I don't know who they pay to come up with it all.

But basically, if the Fire Brigade say IMIP, and the Ambulance service say METHANE.... then we have to think SAD CHALET.

No, not making it up...

Anyway, today, went to prison, spoke to a 'friend' of a suspect.

Went to arrest suspect, who, while we restrained and cuffed him, screamed police brutality. Then when we put him in my car to wait for the van to pick him up, proceeeded to bash his head against the window, leading to blood everywhere. Fantastic start to the week.

6 September 2013

Where you gonna run to?*

Here are Sherlock's cinnamon buns.

I wasn't allowed to help. Except to reach things, pass things, wash things up, scatter flour for kneading/rolling, and, once I'd actually read the recipe, put my foot down and say he wasn't making 24 of them!

He did very well, though. And they're delicious. This pic taken after we'd tested a corner, but before John made off into the night with one.

Now better check he hasn't escaped and tried to follow John, then ... do something with myself.

*prize for getting the title connection is imagining the smell of those buns.

4 September 2013

Strange how the night moves, with Autumn closing in.

Sherlock's last day of freedom. Last day of rolling out of bed late (okay, that never happened), last day of leisurely breakfasts, last day of...well, obviously not last at all, really.

Still. I'm going in a bit late tomorrow, so John and I can both take him to school. Possibly on a bike...

Then I'm off to work, Sherlock's at school until gone 3... John will doubtless spend the day dancing around the flat with pants on his head and pencils up his nose, singing as loud as he can and doing backflips through the sitting room.

Or, you know, daring to enter Sherlock's room and see what the summer has left living in there.

Here's our flowers. We didn't have loads, just a couple of these at the front of the service, and they moved to the tables later.

On the tables was cow parsley and lavender, with the odd white rose. Dead simple, nothing too showy.

We swam today. It was lovely. Sherlock spent a lot of time leaping in, and nearly managed to life save John without strangling or drowning him. We spent quite a lot of time doing underwater somersaults, too. And me launching him up into the air to practice his diving.

Sad about Mycroft not being here, though. I love having Mycroft around. Sherlock is brilliant fun, with his mad questions and sudden urges to do/see things. But Mycroft is...you can have great conversations with him, and laugh until your sides hurt.

Sadly for Sherlock, nothing caught fire while we were on Cheapside.

Now I have to shave...unless John thinks I should grow a beard.

1 September 2013

I’m yours right now

Difficult day. The saddest of cases. You never get used to it, however many times you see dead children. It's the sort of case you just have to be incredibly careful on. And know that, in the eyes of the parents, everything you do will be wrong. You're the last person they want to see. Not just because of the obvious terrible reason you're there, but because of the horrible implication that they could somehow be responsible. And, you know, the reason we're there is...well, the tiny, truly, minescule number of times when we found it there is foul play. I mean, it's just incredibly rare. And even in the times it does happen, you still almost always have one parent was was completely innocent and unaware. And then they've lost two people.

Anyway, nothing we can do now until we get the reports back. And I won't be in then, because I'm off for two days. But the team will tell me.

So, rather more cheerfully, have this video. I mentioned it to John for the wedding. He picked other songs instead ;) Then I showed it to Sherlock the other day. He is now obsessed :)

29 August 2013

It's a nice day for...

So, here we go. Some details :)


Like I said in comments, bottom was rich fruit cake, chocolate and Brandy. Lots of Brandy. Really, lots. I reckon I could have set my breath on fire!

Top was chocolate sponge with chocolate and raspberry filling, in two places - so, three bits of cake, two layers of gooey choccy raspberry. Not that I got to try much, as a certain cake-devouring boy was there..

Anyway, we had a bit of a purple theme, but we didn't want anything too....showy.

There you go.

We got married in Oscar Wilde's old club, Kettners... famed for it's risque parties, once! It was lovely. Perfect. A beautiful room for the ceremony, then a bar and larger area for after. And there's an 'apartment' where John, Mycroft, Murray, Sherlock and I all got prepped and changed and ready. It has a secret entrance!

Everything was just...amazing.

Here's the Champagne Bar -


26 August 2013

Thank Yous

This is just a quick little post - we're getting back to 'normal', but, you know, normal around here isn't saying much ;)

We just wanted to say Thank You to, firstly, on here, to you lot. Especially Anons and people who'd never commented before, who felt moved to offer us your best wishes. We really were touched.

And a huge thanks goes to the boys. Mycroft was our ring bearer, and technical blogger, sharing the music of the ceremony for you. Sherlock, as you probably read, didn't give me away, but hung onto me tight, down the aisle and at the 'altar' so to speak. Also chief sampler of cakes and foodstuffs.

And another on to Murray, John's best man, and boy-wrangler :) Although perhaps the most thanks there should go to Mrs Hudson, who looked after all three of them, on the wedding night and the next morning, as well as keeping you lot abreast with proceedings.

Thanks to Mrs Holmes, for providing us with an amazing first night of married life, at Blakes -

(We did somehow manage to find each other in that bed...)

And further thanks to John's folks, for making the journey down to share our wonderful day. Nicky and Rachel and their families for coming, and helping Mum around, so her stay was comfortable. Mum herself, for making the journey, which I know was a bit daunting. Jo and Lisa, for telling me not to be nervous, because John was indeed as amazing as I thought ;) and countless other friends and family who helped us make our day.

Thank you to Pete Townshend, for writing an amazing song, that seemed perfect to use instead of having to make a speech, because it said everything I needed to, to and about John. And I do apologise to everyone who cried. Including John.

And, from me, Thank You to John. For choosing me. :)

24 August 2013

Wedding Time!

Hello, I thought I would start this new post all ready for the details, so Mycroft's just helping me.

Well, my dears, we're all just going in to the room now!

There are lovely big windows, and beautiful flowers at the front. The lady registrar is very smiley and friendly. So now we're all waiting for the other boys to be down here with us!

Martha Hudson

Hello, this is Mycroft. I thought some of you would like to hear the music Lestrade chose.

He walked down the aisle to this song - from about one minute into the piece.

And then they walked out together to this song:

John and Lestrade danced to this. This is the dance they have been practising for for some time. It was very entertaining (for the right reasons). But it may take them a while to get their breath back. And Lestrade wants more champagne.

Sherlock is now on the dancefloor.

Lestrade played his guitar and sang this song to John. Causing many people to cry.

22 August 2013

Just like a star across my sky

Mycroft got three A* grades. He won't tell you because he says it feels like showing off. But I will, because I'm happy to show him off. He worked so hard, and we're very proud.

We went out for celebratory tea after we'd picked up the results.

Before we got them John was practically climbing the walls, he was far, far more nervous - outwardly -than Mycroft. Especially once Mycroft had the envelopes and was walking back towards us. I'm amazed my hand still works, the way he was crushing it.

I did feel sorry for some of the older boys, who were looking very downcast, with slightly irate, or - possibly worse - very 'sorry' parents.

Mycroft's headmaster shook his hand, and his head of year clapped him on the back and was very pleased for him. Of course, now there's talk of AS levels and A levels, as well as next year's GCSEs! Poor kid.

It's also made Sherlock vow HE will get A* too, which is good - always nice to have goals!

I'm glad to say Murray is still suffering after ambushing me. I think, probably, that I passed the test of...whatever he was testing me. He hasn't yet had Mrs Holmes evict me, anyway. So probably done something right.

I missed John and the boys so much - don't really enjoy being alone. Don't sleep particularly well. Still, it was only for a few days. And the seminar went well - got a bit of feedback already, people saying it was useful. All I can hope for, really. Might help an investigation sometime, get some criminal caught.

Now I give you this to ponder:

There's...something I very much want to say, to end this post. But I can't. So...well, this is here because I know this is where I would say it, if I could. May come back to edit...

Edit - so, I can say it now. This was my last post as an unmarried man :)

18 August 2013

Then came act two, you seemed to change, you acted strange

So...heading North. On my own. Not really what I'd like to be doing right now.

I...well, it's been a weird couple of days, since the package arrived. I'm still...well, still going through a lot of emotions about it all. Thanks for all your views. It helps, having different viewpoints.

I've still no idea what to do with it - well, to be honest, I can't do anything yet. The yard are checking it all, in case I lied and it's not from a relative, but a bribe or gift of some form.

I'm not sure we can tell Mum. I just...well, I don't know how she'd react. But I don't think it would be good. She didn't even want me to keep his name, let alone now have any contact with him. And I can't blame her.

Like I said, it's not...I don't know, it's not the letter, the gesture - or whatever it is - that really gets me. It's the lack of control, I suppose. The fact he's done what he wants, and not even...let anyone react, let alone confront him. Perhaps those are the wrong words. Too...aggressive. I don't know when it comes to him.

All I can imagine is a weak man who liked to hurt other people - with words and deeds.

Anyway, that's all a bit depressing.

I'm back here on Weds - when I might finally get a drink with Murray! Honestly, he'll start to think I'm avoiding him...and then he might wonder why.

Mycroft gets his exam results on Thursday. I'm more excited and nervous than I ever was for my own results. I didn't even fetch mine. Nicky did, because she said I should know, even if I was trying to avoid it. Take some responsibility for my life.

have a bit of Elvis to cheer up a dreary post. Never fails to make me laugh.

15 August 2013

I saw a lone rider

I admit, riding was fun, Even if I'm a bit sore today.

My horse was Dante, John's was Noddy (although it had big ears...), Mycroft's was Golly and Sherlock's was Flixy. They were all very well behaved and we had a gentle long walk around the woodland. Dmittedly Sherlock's did keep stopping to try and eat, but like Mycroft said, you'd think Sherlock would sympathise.

Generally we've had an amazing time, it's fun just being together and exploring places and spending our time relaxing. Few odd looks from other campsite residents, but who cares.

We're heading back home tomorrow. I've got two days of work before conference. Catching up and then ready to leave again.

Tonight and tomorrow is meant to be rain rain rain. The clouds are very dark grey.

I'm fighting a migraine... popping pills. I don't want to feel like shit in a tent!

11 August 2013

Hello dears

Hello to everyone reading. This is Martha Hudson. You can call me Martha if you'd like. I'm here to practice on you, I'm afraid.

You'll have to patient with me, but the Inspector and Doctor Watson have asked if I would help on the wedding day by telling you what was happening! Very exciting, I must say. They said I should 'do it in comments - a comment-ary, you could call it.

I'm afraid I'm not as fast with my fingers as those boys though, so you'll all have to forgive me if I'm not keeping up very well when it's all happening.

Now Greg says that this will be good practice and that I should get to know you all. He's promised that none of you are axe murderers or anything terrible - as if! So here we are. How are you all dears?

Those boys  all off camping so the house is terribly quiet. But I do have the degus to look after. I think I'm getting better with them, but they're so quick to scamper about, and those twitchy whiskers are a bit ratty for me!

Still, it can be quite nice not to have all the thumping and bumping coming from upstairs.

He said I should talk about my day or the like. Well, today I've been trying to choose a hat. I do like those fascinators, you know, with feathers! but I'm not sure they're for me. I think such an important day demands something more traditional, so something with a nice brim, and maybe a little bit of fancy on top.

It's so lovely, to see two young men making such a commitment - honestly, I love them both like sons. Although obviously if they were both my sons we wouldn't be having a wedding! So lucky they aren't. They're both terribly good for those two boys though, as I'm sure you all know. Little Sherlock was too much of a handful for me, if I'm truthful. So much energy. And Mycroft was always buried in his books at the manor, and fearfully serious. It's nice to see them both growing up with the Doctor and Detective Inspector, getting their confidence and growing into fine young men.

I hope we can have a nice chat now. Such a shame we can't share some tea and biscuits too. I made some lovely shortbread today, with chocolate chips - I shouldn't, I know, but you've got to enjoy life, haven't you? At my age a few chocolate chips is hardly going to make the difference now, is it?

Now dears, Greg wrote this next bit himself, so you mustn't think it's me saying such wicked things about Doctors. I never would - very hard working, they are.

Hey everyone - and hello Mrs H. We thought, as we're away and maybe still fighting a soggy tent in a gale, that Mrs H could do a quick blog!

She's agreed to help keep you guys in the loop on the big day, so we thought she needed some practice ;)

Mycroft found this the other day - absolutely perfect, I think you'll agree?? You should try deciphering our shopping list if you don't. Bletchley Park would struggle, I reckon.

10 August 2013

I go walking in my sleep, Through the valley of fear, To a river so deep

John's on his way over, so this'll be a bit of a quick one.

He's had a shit few call outs. And of course I want to fix everything, while knowing I can't. It's horrible seeing what happens behind closed doors, or out in public, to people going about their lives, to people with troubles, people facing hardship...people who could easily be us, or someone we love. Sometimes it's a shit job, seeing that. And all you can do is try and help just a bit.

This morning John seemed like he could do with a lie-in and some peace and quiet. So I said I was going for a run, if the boys wanted to come and walk the dogs. This turned into 7 of us running! (including dogs, which I will, because they were bigger than some of the human runners. And also faster. Much.)

Anthea mainly left us all for dust. Sherlock got bored after a bit and climbed a tree and threw things for dogs. The rest of us trudged around. Well...jogged. With a spring in our step. Honest.

I sort of hoped people would think Anth was a film star.

Sherlock made John a purpler Orange cake... it's actually lovely, despite slightly incongruous colour/flavour combos.

I can't believe what's going on in Russia. I'd urge you to sign petitions, at the very least.

First call out tonight was to a messy firearms/mental health/siege situation. I went along as bronze comm. thankfully it all ended quite fast and peacefully, thanks to some very good negotiating. I was incredibly pleased. It had horrible potential.

Still don't think I'll ever feel 'normal' having a weapon issued to me. Or facing down a situation wearing a vest. Certainly leaves your head feeling very exposed.

And finally, you should all go to Google and ask it what the national animal of Scotland is.

7 August 2013

We are sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free.

Had a brilliant day yesterday. We went 'for a walk'...which ended up with canoeing on the Thames! It was brilliant (except John's phone drowned) - but yeah, loads of fun. The dogs swam and ran about, we paddled, got splashed, did things wrong, had a laugh... We saw duckling and cignets (quite big now) and said hello to other boat-users. And then we came back home and the boys made dinner, and a cake! And also gave me very nice presents - tickets to see Arsenal, and a little camera for my bike.

I've got next week off! Nights, then off for 5 days (two from this week, three from next, jammed together.)

Slight crossover between Danger's shift on Friday 4-10, and mine, 7-7...but we'll work it out :)

Sherlock's ideas for camping are getting ever more elaborate. Desolate islands and things...

Then I've got a conference thing. Three days, Mon-Weds. I've got to run a seminar on cross-border policing with Europe...so got to write that between now and then! I've worked quite a lot of cases with Interpol and Europol, so I don't mind - some forces barely ever have to do anything like that.

I thought about working for Europol after a split with Bryan. Seemed like...seemed like it would make a good change, get me away from everything. Bit of a new start. I got a few job descriptions and things for posts they had open at the time. Serious organised crime, trafficking of people or weapons, that sort of thing. But...I don't know. It obviously wasn't right because I never quite got round to applying.

John has a new phone. He's accidentally called me twice, and sent me two text messages 'Oooio opinion popping' and 'Gggghgyhf gadget hugging jug'. And his swear words cunning disguised into other words has increased 'Fuuu..oooh, why won't this work?' and 'Wan....ted to get on the internet, not ask you a question, stupid phone!'

Mycroft, as always, is a saviour. Whereas Sherlock just wants apps and to find out new things to do on it.

Anyway, for a while now I've had this photo of John which was...just taken at the wrong moment. You know the sort, where you're blinking? But...he's got his tongue out, in a cute way. so i didn't delete it.

4 August 2013

We got the groceries you got the cake

Hello it's Sherlock because I've got pictures from visiting the butterflies and I wanted to post them so here they are. Lestrade sent me that title he said it was about butterflies but I think it's about cake. They were at the Natural History Museum and so if you're in London you should go and see them too before the winter comes. When you go in it's hot and there are butterflies everywhere and you have to be careful not to tread on one. You also can't touch them but they land on you and that's okay. There's a mirror at the end, and if you don't have any friends you have to look in it all over you in case you have a stowaway because if it went with you outside into London it might die because there wouldn't be any others like it and it might be cold or not find anything to eat. So you have to be careful.

It was great and you should definitely go. and now John says I have to put a cut in here but definitely LOOK AT THE PICTURES BY CLICKING because they're good.

2 August 2013

your heart is in good hands

My better half. My husband to be. My partner. My boyfriend. He's a God. He really is.

Last night he made me get dressed up (well...okay, made me not wear my scruffy shorts and flip-flops), got me on the back of his bike, and took me off 'for dinner'. Except, when we got there, he produced a bag...and we weren't just having dinner, we were having a night away!

(I explained to Daniel. Showed him a picture of John. He obviously understood. I think I need to get M to send him somewhere far away for a bit... didn't like the look in his eye ;) )

We went up to our room to get out of our bike gear, and freshen up a bit, then headed downstairs.

The food was glorious. I went all out with seafood. Then, after dessert, we sat outside and had drinks as the sun set on a blazing hot London.

This morning we had a lazy morning in bed, a big breakfast, and then did a few things until we tracked the boys down :)

They'd had a good morning together - minimal bickering, both getting to do/see things they wanted to.

I've had to make a few brief calls for work. Basically, one of my officers discovered, a short way into an investigation, that the victim, her husband and their kids were known to her. From her own kids school - her daughter is in a class with the son of the family. Due to come to her daughter's birthday party in a few weeks. And now...now the Dad has hacked the mother to death in front of the kids. How do you begin to make sense of that as an adult, let alone a 7 year old? As my officer said 'At the weekend I was telling her not to be scared of werewolves. Now I'm telling her not to be scared of Daddies.'

I've interviewed a lot of kids who've seen terrible things, over the years. Always difficult. You don't want to make them relive it, but sometimes they're the only witnesses you have. And now...with our boys. It's just... You just never want to imagine that situation, ever.

Anyway, happier things! The wedding, as John said, is this month. We are...largely organised. Venue, date, each other, clothing, food, people, more people, people with things to do...music, dancing, first night together...all sorted!

I don't know where are rings are. I know where they were, but I'm hoping someone else knows where they are now! Mycroft, you got them? You will, afterall, have them on the day. (And I can't think of anyone I would rather have in charge of them.)

Murray, when are you free?

31 July 2013

For the usual fee - plus expenses

Apparently talking lots during meal times makes your kids more confident. We don't have a problem with that. Although sometimes a problem with not talking with full mouths...

Private Detectives are finally going to be regulated - although I'm unsure if it will work. But still, a step in the right direction? Maybe?

And people who are suspected of domestic violence are going to be banned from owning firearms. Excellent, in my view. A whole raft of new measures are being brought in to help the police either refuse rights to own guns, or remove guns already owned, if evidence/report of domestic violence come to light. As well as to privately interview other family members about the person' suitability to own a firearm. About bloody time.

On the subject of rules and regulations, here's one John found:


Here's a picture of mine from yesterday. This isn't a problem we usually have when casting footprints, but my poor SOCO yesterday was having a nightmare!

(And no, it wasn't at Sherlock's school. Although I've perhaps foolishly promised Sherlock we can cast our mouths sometime... foolish because I bloody hate that stuff! But...well, he asked nicely. I'll see if Danger wants to volunteer instead. Probably not the first time he's had a large amount of something pink going hard in his mouth... ;) )

The boys made us breakfast this morning, and let us have a lie in. I needed it - at some point last night I'd managed to get the sheet we sleep under tucked around my face, and when John rolled over and it tightened I woke up with a massive adrenalin surge. Which woke him up. We both laughed about it... once we'd both got over our respective shocks!

Then we headed off to swim. Sherlock is determined to master every major stroke before next term.

We've done a bit of allotmenteering, tidied the flat a bit, walked the dogs, baked biscuits and eaten big baked potatoes!

28 July 2013

Don't leave me stranded here

Dinner has been made and devoured. Scones have been made and protected from thieving little fingers, attached to bodies which can't possibly still be hungry! Honestly, I actually think Sherlock is the first person to have a black hole inside them.

Sherlock seems a lot better today, after yesterday. He was...oh, I don't know. It's a lot to take in, given his uncertain start in life, with people coming and going all the time.

We made scones this evening - well, he made them, I just reached things from high shelves.

Spot the odd one out...

26 July 2013

Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up?

Happy Birthday Sir Mick!

The plants in my last post were chickpeas. The pods are weird - like green bubbles of air, but inside somewhere is a little chickpea or two.

I've had a lovely day today - well, I'd prefer having more John in it, but you know, can't be helped! He was called out early, so I had the boys to entertain right from the off :)

We had pancakes (don't hate me, John!), then I really wanted to get some guitar practice in, so I strung up loads of wool from the bannisters to the wall (sorry about the sellotape, Mrs H...) and challenged Sherlock to get through it all like lasers, not touching any, as if he was robbing somewhere. To encourage him I promised him an ice cream sundae if he managed it.

Anyway, lots of arguments and 'You touched it!/no I didn't!/Yes you DID' conversations later (I'll get bells to put on the string next time, cheeky little theif.) he got there, I'd had a good hour of guitar playing, and we all headed to the park before the dogs got trapped in the web.

24 July 2013

And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, He was such a stupid git.

I feel like I just can't shake off feeling tired this week. Which doesn't make Greg a very fun boy. And moody, actually. Grumpy, tired and very short of patience.

Sherlock's butterflies have started hatching - we were getting a bit worried about them, but now they're emerging, all crumpled, and drying themselves off before fluttering around the tank thing we have them in. Tomorrow I think he'll need to be persuaded to let the first batch go.

He also needed a lot of persuading to go to bed. I think he's persuaded John they should all go swimming tomorrow. I'm fairly sure he'll develop gills any day now.

We've had some good results on the policing front this week, which makes me happy. As well as far more obsession in the office with royalty than usual. Mainly because money was changing hands... Although now there is a large photograph of Hugh Laurie in full regalia on the noticeboard... sorry Ma'am...I did remind them you're the boss ;)

Ummm...what else, what else... My mind is incredibly blank.

Oh, have a picture/quiz.

Someone is growing these on the allotment. I had to ask what they were. Any of you know? Winner gets... dunno, a feeling of vast superiority?

Anyway, we might try to grow some next year.

That sounds wrong...grow some of that particular plant.

An now...I'm sure there was something else I was going to talk about. I don't know.

Got a whopping four days off next week. Told the boys to suggest what we should do with our time... Sherlock wants to go to the Large Hardon Colluder. Or whatever it's called. I thought it was shut down now for a bit? Not that we'd be going there if it wasn't! I think he may be pacified by a trip to the seaside. He wants to eat eel.

Oh, and he's pretty much decided on his wedding 'outfit' - he wants a shirt to match the lining of my jacket (purple), black trousers and maybe a black waistcoat. He'll look incredibly smart.

22 July 2013

Walking in the sunshine town feeling very cool

Yesterday was okay. Somewhat strained. Nicky was a complete saint again, assuring Mum (and me) she'd help Mum around and keep an eye on her if she wanted to come to our wedding.

This morning there was an almighty thunderstorm - made the house shake! So I had a cuddly John on one side, and Sherlock decided to leap on us, so him on the other. Me valiantly trying to go to sleep...but no hope, with Sherlock outlining ever more insane plans for the day.

Today was...hot. And there were dead bodies and mortuaries and endless searches of areas in the blazing heat. It's not great for the state of bodies either - we're not used to decomposition in this sort of heat. Not something we usually deal with. Plus prepping appeals on old cases, all sorts.

One of the other DIs took a proper header down the stairs at the weekend, and looks like he's been on the losing side of a serious fight. He sent us a photo, so we knew he wasn't laying it on!

Err..other news. It's a boy! The press finally have something to talk about. I'm kind of sad that the news wasn't announced first on the easel, but via social media. Anyway, best of luck to them all.

Anyway...things... chatted to an old lady today, in the course of enquiries, and while we were chatting, she told me that sometimes the Chinese would attach these little whistles/flutes to pigeon's tail feathers, so when they flew they made soft whistly noises. You can find some examples on YouTube. Fascinating the things you find out about.

Other news...apparently it's against company policy for McDonald's to serve someone on a horse in
their drive-throughs.

Thanks for all your help with Sherlock's question the other day...I now feel like I know even less than before about vaginas.

In return for your help, have some cupcakes which look really quite disturbingly real at first glance.

Don't click if you're in public, or with small children, and care about what people see you looking at!

20 July 2013

I'm not doing it for the money, or for the chicks.

Well, little Jess is no longer very little. She crawls about, chews things, makes lots of loud noises, and is generally inquisitive and energetic.

But she still lets her uncle have a cuddle when she wants a drink ;)

She's absolutely brilliant - loads of hair, too! She had a great time at her party, with a whole load of other little rug rats, all scattering about over the grass and picnic rugs.

There were quite a few older kids there, too, so we had a game of footy, and various games of tag and things. The dogs love a good game of tag. I'm certain we would have all got grass-stains, had there been a single blade of grass left alive in England ;)

We gave Rach and Mum their invites to the wedding. I'm...not even going to discuss Mum's reaction.

Well, I probably will, but not now. Might go and see her tomorrow morning, before we head back to London.

17 July 2013

...and children respected their elders.

So..hotter again! Was 32 here in London today (89.6F). People fainting all over the place, particularly the tube. They get hundreds of people keeling over down there on a warm day. Used to get called to some of them, when I walked a beat.

Still, by tomorrow morning it might have dropped to the low 20s. Maybe. but not in the city, I wouldn't imagine. Just in time to heat up again :)

Fashions - always questionable - are becoming truly hysterical. Roads still melting. Railway lines buckling. Tempers fraying. Lots of people drowning.

The dogs are loving the ice-sticks, though. I've promised Sherlock I'll get some ice-lollies on the go in the freezer tonight, too. And we've given the degus some ice cubes to play with too.

Sherlock really wanted to go to a watery park tonight, but it's way out of town, so he's going to have to wait.

I'm gearing up to see Mum at the weekend. Sherlock doesn't want to. I've tried to sweeten the general deal with promises of paddling pools. I'm not sure he's buying it.

15 July 2013

My life's a mess I wait for you to pass

John's been called out. Which is good, that he's doing his job. Sad that someone needs him.

Sherlock has announced that he needs a t-shirt for school on Friday. Apparently they get to make their own. With pens, and glitter, and...god knows what. At least he didn't wait to tell us on Thursday night.

He's currently practicing his violin. Although certain long silences suggest he's also plaguing his brother or playing with the dogs. Or digging a tunnel to freedom. Or has donned a cape and mask and is following John around the city on the rooftops.

I should probably go and check.

He's drawing. Quietly. So probably designs for his cape/mask/outfit. Or time machine.

Anyway. Hot, isn't it? ;) Tarmac melting on the roads, fires, those two poor soldiers. Sort of unimaginable, that. And the poor officers over in Belfast right now. Lots of people around here not happy about that, mainland rozzers over in NI. Not because we don't want to help, but because it seems like the thin end of the wedge, having officers trained to use water cannon and baton rounds.

Bought myself some shorts - I think they're nice, although other people hold different opinions ;)