30 August 2012

Here we come, walking down the street. We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet.

So, today...today...don't know where to start...

At the beginning?

There was pre-breakfast swimming, as we knew Mrs H would be here at some point, and we might not get to swim later. Mycroft stayed out and supervised the Little Shermaid while John and I sorted out fruit and stuff for breakfast.

Mrs H arrived before the boys were even dry, and ate a bit with us. Then we gathered essentials for the day. Then removed 90% of what Sherlock considered 'essential' from his bag. Then left.

It was a bit of a magical mystery tour... I don't think I give our position away too much by saying the first stop was Gibraltar! I'd never been, but obviously seen lots of pictures... But Mrs H is a brave woman, exposing those monkeys to Sherlock ;) Doesn't she know if all the monkeys leave the rock then Gibraltar will no longer be under British rule??

Anyway...  what happened next....

27 August 2012

Upon a summer wind there's a certain melody.

We're here. As you may know.

The villa's down a track. I expect half of Mrs H's employees are camped out in the bushes or something. Then, when you get around the villa, there's a terrace and a lawn, with a big hammock slung between two trees, and a pool that looks out over the sea.

The actual beach is down the road a bit, but an easy walk. Sherlock looked like he'd just clamber down through the rocks and bushes, but we're trying to persuade him not to.

He was literally about to burst, so Mycroft kindly said he'd go in the pool with Sherlock while we unpacked a bit and figured out how everything worked.

Of course, the morning had started a long, long time ago...

25 August 2012

I think I'm a banana tree, oh dear

The other day I was shocked to hear about the shootings outside the Empire State Building. It sounded like another person had gone on a crazed rampage with a gun, shooting innocent people.

I heard the new today that the gunman was waiting for his victim, stepped out and shot him. That's horrific, clearly, but it was also - like almost all murders - targeted, not just a random incident.

And then the two police officers who happened to be close by opened fire and shot a further nine people.

23 August 2012

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I made that tomato thing the other night. It was nice. Probably nicer cold, actually, the next day.

Work's...busy, I suppose. As predicted, my mind isn't exactly on it as much as it should be.

Had to go and visit the mortuary this morning. Molly gave me a hug, said I looked like I needed it and that she'd read what happened.

It's sort of...don't know, feels like it's not really happening, in some ways.

20 August 2012

Pour Myself A Cup Of Ambition.

Just posted this as a blank entry. Which probably sums up my mental state, but isn't what I intended.

Work... yeah. Nice to be back with my team, but I've got lots to do. Sergeants can't do their own case load reviews, after all.

Tomorrow night I thought I'd make this tomato and almond tart - looks good.

Had a nice night last night - although it was a bit of a surprise to get a visitor. Laura was very nice. Very pleasant, pretty, charming, and I'm glad she dropped in. I hope John was glad, too. Even Sherlock warmed to her. Mycroft was slightly more reserved.

Anyway... no idea what else I was going to say. Just need to fall into bed before my eyes turn to grit and my mind goes blanker than it is already.

16 August 2012

This Wheel's On Fire, Rolling Down The Road

Day one of my driving course today.

We do work on a skid pan, but we also drive out on the roads with an instructor, as well as doing more high-speed stuff on a purpose built track. We also do pursuit scenarios.

As always, there's a lot of classroom stuff as well as driving. It's only a refresher for me, because I do on occasion have to do fast response driving or pursuit. It is quite interesting, and fairly fun, so can't ask for more than that, really.

Sherlock was very sweet earlier - he'd obviously been watching for me to get home, and ran down the street when I was parking the bike to ask if we could go and climb spider-web trees.

13 August 2012

You can walk, you can talk, you can fight

I'm feeling a bit better. You lot are good therapy. Or I really needed to break myself on that punchbag. One or the other.

Mycroft organising a bit of time for John and I alone was brilliant. We had such a good time together. I'm very glad to say that Mycroft and Sherlock both had a good time too.

The film was fantastic - sitting on a blanket in amongst the gravestones as night fell, watching on the big screen and hearing people shriek around us in the dark. It was perfect.

We also gave the degus a bath, and afterward they clearly decided they needed to get reacquainted...

9 August 2012

Feels like I'm flying above you

Last night was just amazing. We took off in the sunshine, and landed just before it got dark, but after the lights of London had all started twinkling below us. Sherlock loved it, Mycroft did too, even if he could have done with gagging Sherlock.

It just felt heavenly, floating along, leaning back on the basket, John in my arms... yeah, amazing.

Here's some pictures:

6 August 2012

There ought to be a law against, Anyone who takes offence

Sometimes I look at 'next blog' on my blog, just to see. That time it was a Jane Austen Fan Group.

I wonder why we were put next to them...Must be Greg The Florist - it is, after all, now an epic romance set in a country house...well, castle, but still.

Today was nice. Work first, then home to John and the boys. Sherlock immediately announced we were going to the park and dragged me to change and get ready.

We headed out with the dogs, and, slightly oddly, Mrs Hudson, too.

But when we got to the park it all became clear, as waiting for us on the swings were Jo, Lisa, a large camera and a boxfull of cupcakes.

So we ate, played, and were photographed. When it rained we hid in the big playhouse thingy that's part of the climbing frames, and Lisa caught on camera the moment Sherlock managed to fit a cupcake whole into his mouth.

Mrs Hudson also made some truly outrageous suggestions regarding her disappointment in 'Fifty Shades of Grey', as it wasn't, as she had thought, the same sort of book as Danger's Silver Fox 'erotica' book.

John said his first attempt at baking didn't go too well. Sherlock said the bits he ate were nice. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't now sabotage a few more attempts to profit from the failures.

Mycroft and Sherlock bought me some very nice coffees to try. Mycroft's were single-origin beans, perfectly roasted and chosen carefully. Sherlock's was the sort of coffee that weasels eat and either regurgitate or poo out...not quite sure which. He's desperate to try it.

Sometimes soon we're going to go and decide which pictures from today we want as proper prints, and John says I have to pick a set for my desk - which will be lovely. And we might also get a couple for the flat.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you for organising it, John. I love you.

(John also cooked dinner tonight, which was also lovely.)

(And I'm sorry for being grumpy recently. I don't know what's up with me, but I wish I'd snap out of it too.)

3 August 2012

Snow Can Burn Your Eyes, But Only People Make You Cry

Don't really know why I've opened up this page to do an entry. Not got a whole lot to say.

Nothing much going on I want to share in life. And I wouldn't mind telling you about work, but I can't. Needless to say I wasn't exactly happy about pulling a 14 hour shift and 'losing' my last night with John before I was on nights anyway.

Found him on the sofa when I got in. I think Mycroft had tucked a blanket around him. He was rather adorably befuddled when I woke him up.

I think we'll try and take the boys to see a bit of the Triathlon tomorrow. Feels like they should get to see some of the games. I might be fairly sleepy, but once we're done I can always duck out and get some sleep while they're out doing something.

We're doing so well in the Olympics. Great to see so many athletes doing well in their home Olympics. Must feel pretty special.

Have a pic of some Met Olympians, in 1908. K division, Met police. They got bronze. City and Liverpool police got gold and silver respectively...

1 August 2012

I'm gonna tell you all the things my hearts been a-dying to be saying

Scheduling this to post in a bit, when I'm at work. Enjoy
(You get bonus points for knowing the song the title's from.)