30 January 2012

Oh, Captain...

Well. What can I say.

If this really was what he wore, I'm suddenly unsurprised that he got shot...

...or maybe they just spotted his camp side early on.

You can make up your own minds.

It wasn't quite what I had in mind when I said I'd like to see him in uniform, I admit...

29 January 2012

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

DW asked about the chain I'm wearing in my profile picture. The answer was a bit long for just a comment.

I don't wear it often - never for work, and I don't put it on just for the periods inbetween one shift and the next. But I do wear it on special occasions, when I'm dressing up smartly, that sort of thing. - As you'll all have noticed, I do have quite a fondness for jewellery :)

So, it is just a chain - plain, silver - and then on it there are a few different things. The first thing that ever went on it was an earring. It belonged to my Nonna - I don't remember ever seeing her without those earrings in my life. So, when she died, and we were asked if we wanted anything, I asked for those. Nicky's got the other one. It's just a silver drop-shape. Then there's a little pendant I found on a beach. I was walking along, miles and miles of beach, I looked down, and it was just there. It would have been so easy to miss. I just sort of thought I should pick it up. A chance in a million to find it - so it seemed wrong to leave it there. When I got back home I added it to the necklace. There's a tiny stainless steel ring, from one of my first bike jackets, that got wrecked when they cut it off me, and there's a little ball-ended linkage from one of my old bikes.

So, yeah, there you go. Lots of little memories, that's what's on it, DW.

27 January 2012

There's nothing left to talk about, Unless it's horizontally

I can't think of anything sensible to say. Had physical, came away largely un-lectured and un-scathed.

Have to get glasses for computer/paper work - just like John's been saying for ages. So I need to go and get a proper full eye test and choose some. I've been looking at some online. I suppose I'll get used to them, eh?

Have a picture of the alarm system in Scotland Yard. Now, being a professional, I, of course, never giggle at the symbols, but...

I just can't see those two buttons as anything other than 'Disable underpants! No underpants allowed!'....and 'Touch gusset! Test gusset'... I don't know. Makes me laugh. Did they not think of that when they made the panel??

That's your lot. I'm knackered, and have a whole weekend for fun and frolics...

23 January 2012

So 'adorbs' it should be illegal.

(I was going to ask if there would be a time when we don't understand what Mycroft's talking about - in the same way I only understand about half of what Carla says - but I already don't understand half of what Mycroft says, not because he speaks like a teenager, but because it requires a PhD or something.)

Anyway, not much to say. Work is...work. I still feel oddly guilty for having so much time off. I'm sure it's a feeling that will fade! We've been so busy at home I have no idea how I ever fit working more in.

Have a very sweet picture.

21 January 2012


Right, well, here you go. It's crap quality because it's just from the background of a picture of other people, so not even in focus.

I don't know what else I can say. So I won't.

19 January 2012

Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder...


Yeah, I always fancied being Han Solo.

And I've found my very own Princess Leia!

He just loves those rolls... And he pulls exactly that face when he's concentrating still. Especially when cooking.

And now, a post isn't a post without Danger with something hanging out of his mouth... I don't even know.

17 January 2012

Gonna roll with it...

Danger's been working back at the surgery. I can just imagine him, sitting in his consulting room, all serious and concerned and caring, stethoscope slung around his neck, scrawling unreadable prescriptions for poor chemists to decipher.

There'll be a little crease in between his eyebrows, little frown when he's trying to understand all the symptoms. A knowing nod, hands clasped together, maybe leans forward...

And then he's all capable and businesslike and utterly assured as he examines and listens and taps and investigates.

I bet none of his patients imagine him looking like this:

16 January 2012

Dream a little dream of you...

Had a dream last night. One of those where everything's a jumble of places you know and people you recognise, but you also know that you're somewhere else.

Basically, I lost John. He just vanished. Naturally I tried to find him, as you'd expect, but he wasn't anywhere. Then someone said he'd gone back in the army. and suddenly we were in Afghanistan - I mean, obviously I've never been there, but that's where I knew it was. And everyone was fighting, and I couldn't find John anywhere, but people kept telling me I'd only just missed him, or he was 'just over there', so I kept going, and then I'd see people I knew, or...one of our current suspects, people I knew I should try to speak to.

And then I found Sherlock and Mycroft, and they were looking for John too, and it was insane, nearly getting shot, run down, it was like...it wasn't like the war is, it was like, just everyone was fighting everyone else, just a huge punch up with guns, no sides, nothing like that. Chaos. And...well, I kept losing the boys, and we never did find John, and then I woke up and clung to John for a bit and wondered where all that had come from.

Still, least I slept a bit, which is more than half the rest of you managed!

14 January 2012

Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge...

Well, we've (you've) all had lots of fun laughing at my fashion sense back when I was a lad. One of you in particular has had really far too much enjoyment out of it all.

Happily, John Hamish, a little something dropped into my mail box last night...

Yes, everyone, this is my gorgeous boyfriend:
Harry's words, accompanying this picture "And this was before he decided he was properly gay, if you can believe it." Hah. Well, he certainly looks happy! And really very, very attractive. I can't actually write on this blog quite what my reaction would have been had I seen him in my local pub...

12 January 2012

Bikes, bling and blues.

Today started far too bright and early with a small hand shaking me, attached to a small Sherlock who was, according to him "Starving. But you don't have to get up, just get me breakfast" Hmmmmm.

Got up, fetched him a glass of milk and a banana, to prevent his imminent demise, and told him I was going back to bed, and he was too, but he could choose which bed he went back to, and we'd have proper breakfast together later.

He chose his. Then ours. Then his. Then ours with degus in tow, at which point John chose that the goos went back to their own bed, and Sherlock got in with us. Well, he sat on top of the covers reading a medical textbook, anyway. And then asked if I was really having my piercings done today. Which I was (planning to, anyway, at that point), which opened me up to a world of 'why?'. I'm not sure he was ever satisfied with the answer, beyond that I wanted to. He thought it sounded painful and pointless!

11 January 2012

Our Feelings We With Difficulty Smother

I'm more tired tonight than I was yesterday. Not that it matters, as tomorrow I'm on a rest day, and intend to take full advantage of that. Not sure Danger's actually told me when his bike lesson is - hopefully not too early. Although we still have to walk the boy wonder to school...

As mentioned in comments yesterday, my team is not a happy one right now. Well, most of them are okay, but one of my DCs is having a very difficult time. He's just not cut out for the MIT. I've helped him put in a transfer request, told him I'll give him a good write up. He's a very good copper, very conscientious, caring, thorough. But whereas in his CID he saw the early stages of a few murders, that's quite different to working them day in, day out. And I'm really glad he came and talked to me about it. There are loads of other departments he'd be great in. Not everyone's cut out to spend all day long thinking about the worst of humanity. I don't know how the officers on the team dealing with paedophilia or child pornography cope - I couldn't. But somehow, a body I don't really mind. Suppose it's just a bit...numbing, over time. You learn which things to focus on, how to keep going. And I'll admit that black humour comes into it, too. It sort of has to. Sometimes you need to laugh, or you'd cry.

Anyway, tomorrow's another day. John's lesson in the morning. My appointment at 1pm, re-arranging the Degu cage after we fetch Sherlock.

Speaking of, let's end on a high note. Have a pile of Goos. Mercury is making Argon look a little chubby here - although the amount of food they snaffle, it's not that surprising! But I do love them when they pile up and have a cuddle.

8 January 2012

John has good looks

I know you're all thoroughly enjoying the little fashion show from the 80s John is currently posting on his blog.

So I thought it only right and decent that we got some visual fun over here, too.

Now, we all know John is good looking. And we also know he does Good Looks.

But just how do we go about classifying those looks? I feel an International Scale of Dangerous Glares* is needed.

7 January 2012

There's a shadow hanging over me

It's a bit odd, being in work on a Saturday.  But it's the price I'll pay for more days off - more weekends on. I think...I think it'll work out, though. I definitely look forward to spending more time with John - just the two of us, with the boys off at school. I think we need it. And if John works at the surgery sometimes, I'll also get a bit of time to myself on occasion. Which I've been missing, if I'm honest.

Yesterday, as some of you will have picked up, wasn't the best of days. Usually - and I hope you don't think this sounds callous - by the time a case reaches court, you just...you know everything there is to know, nothing's surprising any more. You can stand up, give your evidence, watch others give theirs, and in a way it's nice, to know you're nearly done of it. Another case over. Of course, if your suspect gets off, then that's very hard to cope with, because you just go over and over everything in your head, wondering what you could have done differently.

But they don't usually get off. Usually it's as much 'closure' as the family will ever get, watching someone be taken down from the dock. And as a police officer, you move on.

Yesterday's case I had to give evidence for wasn't my case - I was the officer on duty and called to the scene, which is why I was there to give evidence. I arrested the suspects, although then, because of various reasons, another team took over the investigation - a specialist team. But I still had to go to court to give my account of the murder scene, the suspects and why I arrested them, all of that. It's taken a long time to come to court, so there was a lot of evidence I hadn't known about - had no reason to. And it was a very brutal, violent case. Hard to hear it all. You can't help but look at the jury, wonder how they'll ever wipe it from their minds, and the family, the friends, how they must feel finding out the detail of what happened to their loved one.

I just hope the case goes well.

Anyway, have a picture of the inscription above the door of the Old Bailey.

4 January 2012

Old bones.

I've been asked (told) to run a session at a conference again.

I've got to talk about sort of cold cases - basically, when a body is found that has clearly been there a long time. So, not cold cases in that they've been investigated, then shelved. Brand new case, old old bones. Or not so old. Anyway, it's not a topic I mind - far better than last year's! And I shouldn't complain, it is nice that people think highly enough of me to 'volunteer' me for such things.

Does mean two or three days away, though, which I'm less happy about. Speaking of, Danger, I'm off tomorrow, working Fri and Sat, off Sun to take Mycroft back to school (if he wants, given what happened as a result of us both being there last time.) so the three of us could do somethiing tomorrow, or if you want a break, Mycroft and I can do something together - go out on the bike or something?

I was sure I had other things to say...

1 January 2012


It's very odd, having a blog that you can look back on and see how the year's gone.

It's been brilliant, largely. A few...well, bits that weren't so fun. But overall, fantastic.

Reading over the past year has made me determined to dwell less on the past, and try to stop having so much self doubt. As many of you have pointed out, John and the boys don't seem to have those doubts, so I shouldn't either. That's been difficult to get my head around, really, but it's clearly true. And I think, a year in, I feel more confident about my place in their lives, what we are to one another, all of that. And that helps a lot.