1 January 2012


It's very odd, having a blog that you can look back on and see how the year's gone.

It's been brilliant, largely. A few...well, bits that weren't so fun. But overall, fantastic.

Reading over the past year has made me determined to dwell less on the past, and try to stop having so much self doubt. As many of you have pointed out, John and the boys don't seem to have those doubts, so I shouldn't either. That's been difficult to get my head around, really, but it's clearly true. And I think, a year in, I feel more confident about my place in their lives, what we are to one another, all of that. And that helps a lot.

So my resolutions are to work at maintaining a better work/life balance, to enjoy everything that comes to us, to keep having lots of fun and to do my best to remember that I've got brilliant people around me, and I can rely on them.

Yesterday was amazing - I mean, seeing in the new year. As most of you probably read in comments we got a great view of the fireworks over the river, all of us, together, and it was fantastic.

That's the wheel - which you can just about see, in amongst the smoke and fireworks. We didn't take many pictures - we were all mesmerised!

And here's the first picture I've managed to get of Mercury. It's not very flattering, but I had my phone out to take her picture, and she wanted to investigate it.

We'll get a picture of them asleep at some stage - they cuddle right up together, in a heap. Very sweet.

And now Nicky, Mark, Carla and Paul have headed home. Sherlock wants us to go on the Natural History Museum Tour (it is his last day of school holidays tomorrow), and I want to go to bed...


REReader said...

I like that resolution. And it's one we can all (continue to) help you keep! :)

They do say a good portrait reveals character, so that is an excellent portrait of Mercury. :D

Have fun on the Things in Jars tour! I look forward to hearing all about it.

John H. D. Watson said...

I don't think there could possibly be a more accurate picture of Mercury.

And those are lovely resolutions.

Anonymous said...

Damn that's a serious number of whiskers Mercury's got herself! Good Picture!

Excellent resolutions!

Anonymous said...

I love your tag for the degus!

REReader said...

How was the Things-in-Jars tour?

(Somehow all your resolutions seemed like parts of one big resolution to me, L, that's why I used the singular. :))

Have you any resolutions, John? (Note that I didn't ask what they were, just whether!)

No tags in the mobile version, I'll now have to be sure to check that out when I get to my computer, Anon!

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Anon - yeah, she doesn't look like she has that many when you're not up close! I suppose they blend in to her other fur, when you look at her normally. She's so inquisitive and busy all the time, scuttling about. And thanks.

And it was good - I was too tired to take a lot of it in, but Sherlock's eyes were very big and round and was fascinated. We'll definitely be going back, so he can grill the poor guides for more info.

REReader said...

You definitely captured Mercury's inquisitiveness!

I'm sorry you're so tired, L, but it sounds like a hugely successful tour anyway.

Sherlock, maybe you could write a thank you note to the person who gave permission for you to join the tour? It would make him or her very happy to know how much you enjoyed it, I bet.

Bronwyn said...

Is it just me or do Mercury's whiskers look remarkably like the fireworks preceding them? Probably just me!

I'm so glad you're happy, Greg!

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

It was, RR. And it's my own fault for being a dirty stop out :) I'm off tomorrow, for the last day of Sherlock's holidays - wanted to start the year as I mean to go on.

Bronwyn - they do! I hadn't noticed. The Goos don't seem to mind the fireworks, either. At least, they were bundled up asleep when we got home, in a pile of bedding.

Anon Without A Name said...

A lovely set of resolutions, Lestrade - and ones that you've been working on for a little while now, and doing well at. It's been a little difficult,this last year, watching someone who is so clearly loved and respected as you are struggle with self-doubt and lack of confidence. It's brilliant to see that you're understanding how central you are to their lives. (This is one of those times when, if we were on hugging terms, I'd give you a celebratory hug, FYI).

The fireworks looked fantastic - we caught a bit of the footage when we were in the pub last night. The kids especially must have loved it :-)

The degus continue to be beyond cute :-)

REReader said...

"Dirty stop out"? *googles* Ha! I don't think spending half the night in a police station with your family exactly matches, but for all I know after.... ;)

Good start on your resolutions, not just tomorrow but today, too--way to go! (And maybe you can get an early night tonight.)

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Ah, it just means staying out late, RR. Nothing dirty really.

Early night is...possible. Depending on the boys (all three of them)

REReader said...

Ah, it just means staying out late, RR. Nothing dirty really.

Note to self: Do not trust internet for definitions.

You haven't got much time left to make it an early night anymore. (In case you've not noticed. :) )

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