28 February 2011

I'm not bitter...

Okay, I admit it to you all, I'm a Gooner. (That means I support Arsenal Football team to the non natives reading this). Not a good thing to be today. (we rather embarrassingly lost the cup final yesterday) But I'm not one of those mad fans that consider winning and losing to be the only thing in life. I've got way more important things to care about. So I'm really not bitter. Slightly disappointed, admittedly, but I do think Birmingham just wanted the win more than we did, and outplayed us.

All that said, the next person who mentions it with that smug smile of one who never cares about footy until they know your team has lost...well, they'll find themselves down for the night shift for the next year. Right?

27 February 2011

As Sherlock would say...


(I probably shouldn't have said that, John's trying to stop him saying it. Especially very loudly in the middle of class, when his teacher's talking. Sorry John.)

What a come-down after yesterday. Grey London, rainy, grey office, slightly too cold, smirking Sergeant bringing me coffee with a 'look' on her face and implying I may be short on sleep.

But on the bright side, my intray is now less than half full (about as good as it ever gets). And no one's killed anyone on my patch for days now.

Saw this yesterday, almost bought it for Doctor Danger: Cuddly 'lovemaking' microbes. Would possibly need to find a willing lesbian couple though, and swap a sperm and an egg cell...(the other things are Kissing Disease, Penicillin, and a pink Amoeba). Think he'd appreciate it? (You can also get one with Herpes, Pox etc. in it, but not sure that gives out the right message!)

26 February 2011

dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones...

I'll be honest, I never expected to have much to do with kids - apart from a few relations. By the time anyone I knew was talking about them I'd long known that girls didn't do anything for me, and that was before the days when you could be gay and think about adoption. Of course, things changed, society changed, and by the time I was in a civil partnership a lot of people asked if we had any plans to adopt. And we always answered no, for a few reasons, not the least of which was my job.

So at the age of forty-something (not going there), it was a bit of a surprise to be woken up by a hyperactive Sherlock jumping on the bed with knees and elbows that should be classified lethal weapons.

25 February 2011

So, it's ... bloody hell, twenty to eleven, and I've finally escaped Sherlock's room, having been thoroughly quizzed about every aspect of the 'Brides in the Bath' murders. Mainly aspects I didn't know much about...but he seemed to enjoy it anyway, and I promised he could use my laptop to Google it tomorrow.

Finally get to spend some time with John!


As you can see Sherlock 'helped me' create a poll.

By that I mean, I sat by Sherlock whilst he tapped away on my laptop very fast, firing questions at me about different ways to kill someone. And this was the result.

Of course, I have no idea how to delete it. Maybe that should be the next thing I learn - how to delete things from my hijacked blog!

I should add, if it sounds like Sherlock's getting all the 'fun' here, that I also brought Mycroft a copy of the 'Police Code of Practice', which we have to issue to everyone we arrest, if they want to read it. He asked the other day about the rules. I can't think of anything more boring...but he seems really interested!

23 February 2011

Money can't buy you...

Started work at half four this morning, spent the day worrying for humanity, finally left NSY at almost ten PM.

And John had dinner waiting for me.


Not sure this is the place, but if you want to know about police work...

John, pulled in some suspects this morning, means I'll be stuck in interrogations all day. Would have called or texted you, but I got a text this morning telling me that if I loved you, I'd bring you a heart and some lungs tonight. So either your cooking is getting more experimental, or Sherlock's got your phone...

Will try and call when one of these gets a lawyer who demands a toilet break or something. Hope you retrieve your phone by then.

The glamour of police work, everyone! It's non stop fun, sitting in a smelly room with a kid barely out of school who's probably knifed someone for their phone, who either says 'no comment', stares at you blankly, or insults your parentage.

21 February 2011


So, I'm not really sure I'm doing this right. I am sure that if I'm not I'll shortly be told so by someone who should definitely be in bed by now. (I mean Sherlock, not John. Although there's a thought.)

And you can stop laughing, John. Your first post told everyone not to read your blog, and look where that's got us.

Sherlock is desperate for me to update about gruesome crimes. I've tried to explain that I can't write about ongoing investigations. He doesn't understand why not. He says if we know the people are guilty, that's all that matters. I haven't heard anyone with such faith in the Police since I watched an old episode of Dixon of Dock Green on YouTube.

I feel a bit stupid trying to explain the British Legal System to a 5 yr old. Not because he won't understand, but because he just keeps pointing out how silly it all is. And I want to agree...

Anyway, that's that. My first ever blog. Or whatever you call it. Entry.

20 February 2011

The beginning...

This is Mycroft and Sherlock.

We've made Lestrade a Blog, so that he can write about all the interesting things he does. This Blog isn't allowed to have any of the boring bits about boring stuff like John's does. It's just for things about murders and crimes. Not the boring love stuff.

That was Sherlock. This is Mycroft.

We hope Lestrade will use this Blog to explain what he does at work. Sherlock is certain that it will be very exciting. I've tried to explain to him that policework isn't all exciting, but I don't think he quite believes me yet.

Anyway, now we're going to ask Lestrade to start updating it. We hope that John will help us persuade him.