28 February 2012

With a thousand million questions about hate and death and war.

Last post hit the 200 on comments, and I hate that.

I'll answer the questions I haven't though, over the next days. You lot ask some tough questions. It's quite scary that you think I might have answers. Making me think :)

Today, as I expect you know, I got called back in for questioning. I can sort of...divorce myself from the procedure. Think about it from their side. Calling me back in is what I'd have done, too. Which doesn't make it any easier, sitting the wrong side of the desk, trying to answer the hard questions.

Even know the tricks - calling me in just before lunch for a long session, maximum lack of comfort.

If I'm honest, it's not going as well as I'd like.

Sherlock's very stressed about it all. It's very difficult for him to understand that I just have to go through the system, and things take time.

John's...quiet. Can't blame him. There's not much to say. But also just...holding everything together, letting Mycroft know what's happening, keeping Sherlock occupied, shielding me from the bluntest of Sherlock's questions. Just...being there for me.

26 February 2012

Dreaming the lonely night through...

No more news on...everything. Which I suppose is good news.

Haven't been doing much dreaming, though. Mainly thinking.

Arsenal winning - and coming from behind to do so, more good news.

Mycroft going back to school this evening - not such good news, but he wants to go on the bike, so that's nice. We're just packing up now. Or he is.

Was going to write an entry about the appalling injustice of you lot voting John innocent and me guilty on my polls...but it sort of feels less funny being voted guilty now than it did at the time. So maybe leave that for another entry, when all this is over with.

So, given I've got time on my hands (well, inbetween coats of paint, anyway), I'll go with DW's suggestion (okay, to be honest, I can't remember who suggested it. But it was probably DW.)

Questions please, for Lestallion's Upstanding Column Of Love. (obviously, even if you don't usually, you can feel free to go Anon.)

And as a disclaimer...every answer could be complete bollocks. Okay?

25 February 2012

Blast me to Heaven for loving you

Lots of post for me this morning...

5 speeding tickets, 3 for going through red lights, all for last Friday.

Mysteriously, when I went online to pay them, they didn't exist...

I can only assume Mrs Holmes, Fairy Godmother, has something to do with this. Thanks, Mrs H.

24 February 2012

what happened

So, first things...the little boy made it through the night. The hospital now say he's critical, but stable.

And, well, John pointed out at some point in the early hours that he still didn't know what had happened, because Sal only posted what she knew, and I hadn't really said anything about it. Whereas I've been over it in my head about a million times now.

The basics are, as Sal said. I was with one of my DCs, and we were going to see a witness who's recently started changing her story, being unsure about what she saw, saying she wouldn't go to court. Which was going to be a real problem for us.

It was a little residential street, quiet, quite nice. We parked up, started walking down the road to her house. When I saw a bloke coming out of her gate - our suspect for the crime. I'd been worrying that he'd had something to do with intimidating her, because we've had appeals out to find him, so he knows we're after him.

23 February 2012


John, look, I don't know what's happening, but something's gone wrong with the Boss - I mean, he sn't hurt, he's okay, the duty sergeant saw him walking in, but I don't know what's gone on. It was something to do with a car crash, and someone was hurt, I think, that's all the control could tell me from the radio contact.

He was off seeing a witness, and now I don't know, someething went wrong, and they won't let me see him, or the DC he wa swith, and I don't want you to worry, and I'm trying to find out what's happening, but he's in being interviewed and, well, look, he'll be late home, at the least, and I thought I should warn you, and as soon as I know anything else I'll let you know.


21 February 2012


Takes a long time to get a house moving in the morning when there's five people to get through the bathroom (and chaos when two different people feed the dogs. They love it. And are capable of eating their entire feed and then looking half starved by the time the next person enters the room, thereby getting the second feed.) and Sherlock begs for pancakes, because it's pancake day [Shrove Tuesday] Mycroft!I'd almost forgotten you could do that. Don't. Pancake day, Shrove Tuesday - everyone knows what I mean! [It's plebeian] And? I'm a pleb! Stop it. Anyway, yeah, so Sherlock manages to negotiate pancakes for everyone for breakfast, using logic to defeat all my arguments, and begging to defeat the ones logic failed on. And enlisting Mary on his side as a final blow to any objections I had.

John got a phonecall, and it was so late it was decided we should head to the park to let the dogs run off their mammoth breakfasts. Sherlock climbed trees, the dogs somehow ran about without being sick, Deimos completely destroyed one of their tennis balls by catching it mid-air with such a hard bite it disintegrated. He looked surprised.

18 February 2012

Knight in Shining Armour

So, most of you will have read John's post from yesterday. Which was just about as dramatic as any Friday has a right to be.

Mycroft very kindly gave up his bedroom for Mary, and slept on the floor of Sherlock's room.

I think it took everyone a while to settle down to sleep.

And then I was woken up by Sherlock shaking my arm and telling me that "Mycroft had a bad dream and I got him a dog and gave him a hug and he's still not okay". So I headed in there, swiftly followed by John, and Mycroft was being exceptionally brave, but was a bit upset about everything.

15 February 2012

The best therapy money can't buy.

Right. Thought I'd try and do a serious post, having barely slept for two nights, in the hope it might help.

Of course, I don't know how to say what I want to say.

14 February 2012

Heart on sleeve.

I've been thinking about this all day. And most of the night.

I'm not that good with words - not serious ones. Fine with being silly - fine making up rhymes. But serious is difficult. So I think simple is best.

I love you, John Watson. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I want to grow old with you. I want to spend the rest of my days with you, and with Mycroft and Sherlock as they grow up.

To share life with the three of you is an honour. Thank you for making me feel like it's one I am worthy of.


13 February 2012

You smile, you smile, and then the spell was cast

What can I possibly say about John? Words don't do him justice.

He found an amazing place to stay - and was just, well, amazing, really.

I think we both struggle, on occasion, with the need for a bit of time to ourselves versus our responsibilities to the boys. But after a few great days in Manchester with Sherlock it was brilliant to get away from it all, way out in the countryside, just the two of us.

(This post now with added Hollandaise recipe under the break!)

8 February 2012

Now, has anyone got any questions?

Did the long drive last night. John Hamish was largely asleep. Sherlock was largely awake. We sang. I sang the actual lyrics. Sherlock sang what he thought were the lyrics. ('Hey you, get off my cow.', 'Hold me close, tie me down, sir', 'And your Russian Hedgehog'), and thankfully it was dark enough that Sherlock mainly missed the very large amount of snow still in the Midlands - he only demanded to stop three times. None of which I obeyed.

The hotel's nice. Sherlock's got a sort of sofa-bed type thing, we've got a nice big double. Sherlock managed to relocate into our bed at some point early this morning.

6 February 2012

Boys and babes.

Back at work today after a great weekend with John and the boys. The snow snowed, pretty much on time, we played, it obligingly melted, for the most part, before I had to be at work this morning. How often does that happen? Bit dicey, off the main tyre tracks, in places, but  overall my ride in this morning was fine and not too slippery at all.

Sherlock was absolutely shattered last night, after a very late night on Saturday and then most of the day out playing yesterday. He didn't even wait to be tucked in before he was spark out.

4 February 2012

Since we've no place to go...

Sherlock's face will soon be stuck to the window, and there will be a path worn in the carpet where he keeps bouncing to the window to check on the (lack of) snowfall.

Obviously we don't have a driveway...change it to something like 'scooping snow to form snowballs'.

I don't think Sherlock's trek back and forth to the windows would be as bad if he weren't always followed by two hounds bounding after him. The number of times my paperwork has gone flying today makes me think I should actually invest in a desk and do this all properly. Except that would feel like I was intending to work from home, which I'm not.

1 February 2012

Back to nature...

In more ways than one.

Had a lovely day today. By which, inevitably, I mean I didn't do half the things I'd meant to.

Took Sherlock and John to school and work, relaxed with the newspaper in a cafe and wanted a cigarette really badly.