28 September 2011

Forts, fortissimo, photos

Realised I haven't posted any pictures of the fort. (I typed 'my fort' then. Has my brain been buying things online whilst I've been working? Danger, do we own a Fort?) So instead of boring you all about the usual old crap, have some photos.

25 September 2011

Makes you think.

Just had one of those weird conversations. I mean, the conversation itself wasn't weird. But it made me think about things.

Basically, Mrs Holmes just offered me money, for my 'role' in the boys' lives.

23 September 2011

My sergeant is on thin ice...

While the Boss is out, and because he always forget to log out on his computer, you can all enjoy him looking like a thug.

sorry it's not very good quality, it's from a surveillance roll. I think he looks a bit like Bruce Willis.


Sal! Right. You just wait.

Well, now this has been up for two hours I suppose it would be...vain and slightly odd to remove it. but in future I WILL be logging out of this blog when I leave my office.

As I'm going to do shortly.

Don't know where we're going. We just have to be ready between half one and two, to leave for the airport. So John will fetch Sherlock from school at lunchtime, I'll get back to the flat, and then...God knows where we'll end up. But I'm sure it'll be fun. We shall let you all know, obviously.

Sherlock's suggestions have ranged from the jungle to an underwater city (no, I don't know where he gets these ideas from). Currently he's so excited about going there on a plane that the actual destination isn't that important to him.

19 September 2011

I wanna hold your hand...

I think I've talked about this before. Sorry if I'm boring you.

Spending the day eith John today was lovely. It really was. Sunshine, fresh air, the bike running like a dream, no major traffic snarl ups, good coffee, walking by the river...you know, just sickeningly perfect, like you see in films.

Except... Just sometimes, I want to hold John's hand. Or put my arm around him whilst we walk, or wrap my arms around him when we look in a shop window or any number of other things.

And I don't. Or if I do it's because I've looked around and decided there's no one to witness it.

But a part of me wants to do those things so people can witness it. A part of me wants to get a big sign out saying 'look at me, look at this gorgeous man who chooses to spend his life with me. Aren't I a smug, lucky, bastard?'.

I don't want to be stared at though. Or have anyone comment on us. Or worse. Especially if we're with the boys.

But someone has to do it, right? To ever have a hope of it being 'normal' then people like me just have to suck it up and do it and stop worrying. And why shouldn't that someone (those someones) be us? I mean, coming out at work was/is probably easier than I expected. I know people talk about me, and I get the odd occasion of someone thinking they're funny by sticking rainbow stickers on my nameplate or flyers for gay clubs on my car or bike or that sort of stuff. But generally everyone just gets one with it.

So, what do you think, John? Next time we're out...should I be brave? Would it make you uncomfortable? What if there was trouble? Do we run, or stand and fight...

Am I massively overthinking this? I'm sure I didn't used to. But then again, I used to get in far more fights...

17 September 2011

Homeward bound

So, my last day in Italy. Can't say I'm sad about that, for once.

This afternoon I'll be back with John and Sherlock, and tomorrow we're going to see Mycroft, if that's all been arranged, and I can't bloody wait. Feels like I've been away forever.

Think I've definitely aged a few years.

Last night Hannah woke me up at about 2 and for the first time she said she wanted her Mum. What can you say to that? We just sat up for a few hours, talking about England, and her Granny and school friends and other people. Lots of tears. Not all hers.

She wants to see her friends again. She wants her Gran. She's worried about a lot of things I don't have answers to.

Yesterday afternoon a lady from social services arrived from the UK. So she and Hannah have started to get to know each other. Originally she should have taken Hannah last night, but Hannah got upset at that, and having only just started to come out of her shell to Fio, and needing a bit of stability, Fio put us up for the night. Julie's with her now, and will be with us on the flight home, and someone else is bringing her Gran to meet us at the airport. Part of me doesn't want to let her go, because I know just how hard it'll be for her, working through everything she's seen. But the sooner she begins to settle into what will be her life now, the better. She needs to know how things will be. Julie's working on making sure she can stay at the same school, live with her grandparents or aunt, all of that. It's all so complicated.

Anyway, we're about to set off to the airport.

Apparently I'm sitting in the back with Julie and Hannah. And Spider and Gregory-bear, who are friends. Yeah. It's a big people carrier, so hopefully I can hide at the back and sleep. But I doubt it.

John, prepare yourself to be hugged to bits.

15 September 2011

case closed

The girl is now safe.

I'm okay.

Her father is dead.

I'm hoping I'll be back to the UK on Saturday.

That's...about it, really.

12 September 2011


Didn't get a chance to talk to Danger or Sherlock yesterday - when I rang, there was no answer (Danger undoubtedly busy with Sherlock, it being the weekend), when they rang I was asleep or out of range.

We're still a few steps behind this bloke. It's frustrating. But all evidence points to the girl still being alive and well, which is good.

There's no one here I feel like I can talk to about anything other than the case. Not about John or the boys or...well, that, really. Almost wish I still had my ring. At least people assumed things then. They all think I'm single, I think. And I don't want to lie about my situation...so I just don't say anything.

Suppose it all boils down to one simple thing. I'm lonely.

Glad I've got this blog. Nice knowing you lot are all out there. Getting your comments makes it all a bit easier. Knowing we're all scattered around the globe, but still having a chat on here.

Allora. Andiamo, eh?

9 September 2011

Not the best of days

I'll be honest. Which about this sort of thing, is rare.

Today was a bad day. I'm tired, I had to get used to a whole new set of people, at a new station, it's hot, we haven't caught the bastard, I miss John, miss home, miss my team and...well, other reasons too.

Actually, I suppose now I've said all that, I may as well give up on being mysterious.

Today I was supposed to meet Bryan and his solicitor, with my solicitor, and be a whole big step closer to getting through court and sorting out the dissolution.

Instead I've had to reschedule that...or rather, just put it off until I-don't-know-when. And...and I just want it over. Want it done. I hate all this waiting for paperwork and court dates and bloody solicitors writing letters.

Anyway, finished on time today. Well, on time being about half seven, Italian time. And have a reasonable hotel. So I've eaten, and am now sitting in the town square with coffee and wifi. So it's not all bad.

7 September 2011


Well, I'm here. Rome. Waiting for someone to tell me what's going on. Was met at the airport by a bloke called Paulo.

I think I'm getting a car, being sent East to L'Aquila, where apparently this guy was spotted. Or they think he was. All pretty confused, really. I'm still trying to work out exactly how the police here work. It's quite different to the UK. And it's taking me a while to get used to speaking Italian full time.

It's hot here. About 30. Big difference from the grey cool England I left behind.

Flight was okay. Never flown posh class before. God knows what first is like if that was business. All I could think about was leaving John and the boys though. Even though I know Mycroft isn't even there, still don't want to be so far away.

And I desperately want to help John out with Sherlock. As if Mycroft starting school wasn't enough of a change for him to deal with. For us all. Sherlock, I'm sure John wouldn't mind if you wanted to get into his bed. He's probably lonely without me or Spider. He'd really like a cuddle from you.

John, being utterly amazing, found time last night to borrow one of Mycroft's old iPods and put a load of my music on it. He gave it to me at the airport. Said he hoped it made me feel better, like I'd said yesterday, talking about moving to new places, when I said I always unpacked my record player and music first. I'm constantly amazed at how kind and thoughtful he is, when I'm abandoning him to God knows how much stress, he still does things like that. I really didn't want to let go of him and walk through to departures.

Just hope we can catch this bastard and I can get back home. Please.

5 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Freddie

He would have been 65 today.

I can't really tell you what an influence he was on my life. Freddie and Queen as a whole.

This song in particular.

On with the show, Darlings.

4 September 2011

The last day...

So today is the last day of the summer holidays. Have no idea where the weeks have gone. Didn't the summer holidays seem to last forever when we were young? Now it feels like they're over as soon as they start.

Sherlock's back at school tomorrow. He keeps saying he doesn't want to go, but we hope he'll forget all that once he's back there. Of course, he's only back for one day, then he's staying off school as we're all taking Mycroft up to Harrow.

Today in the park Sherlock climbed a tree. I might be to blame for that... So when he got stuck (or at least, wouldn't come down, and claimed to be stuck) I felt like I should go up and get him.

Obviously he weighs quite a lot less than I do... So John was the voice of reason (special Nanny voice, forbidding me to go any higher) and Mycroft stepped in. He got up the tree and helped Sherlock down. Which makes us think he wasn't so stuck, because he didn't seem to struggle at all then.

Mycroft, we'll keep you on speed dial for all such situations...

Mycroft seems quite positive about school now. Well, he's putting on a good show for us, at least. Of course he's a little worried - it's a massive change, so who wouldn't be? But I think he's feeling a bit better about it all now he's met another boy, and got all his kit and been in contact with his house master.

I'm fairly positive about work myself, having caught up, mainly, with the paperwork. Means that once Mycroft is at school John and I can try to distract Sherlock from missing Mycroft and the dogs too much, when it's all strange for him at first.

It's good that technology now means we can all Skype and talk and text and really not feel too seperated.

We're waiting for Mycroft to decide where we're going for dinner now...