29 August 2013

It's a nice day for...

So, here we go. Some details :)


Like I said in comments, bottom was rich fruit cake, chocolate and Brandy. Lots of Brandy. Really, lots. I reckon I could have set my breath on fire!

Top was chocolate sponge with chocolate and raspberry filling, in two places - so, three bits of cake, two layers of gooey choccy raspberry. Not that I got to try much, as a certain cake-devouring boy was there..

Anyway, we had a bit of a purple theme, but we didn't want anything too....showy.

There you go.

We got married in Oscar Wilde's old club, Kettners... famed for it's risque parties, once! It was lovely. Perfect. A beautiful room for the ceremony, then a bar and larger area for after. And there's an 'apartment' where John, Mycroft, Murray, Sherlock and I all got prepped and changed and ready. It has a secret entrance!

Everything was just...amazing.

Here's the Champagne Bar -


26 August 2013

Thank Yous

This is just a quick little post - we're getting back to 'normal', but, you know, normal around here isn't saying much ;)

We just wanted to say Thank You to, firstly, on here, to you lot. Especially Anons and people who'd never commented before, who felt moved to offer us your best wishes. We really were touched.

And a huge thanks goes to the boys. Mycroft was our ring bearer, and technical blogger, sharing the music of the ceremony for you. Sherlock, as you probably read, didn't give me away, but hung onto me tight, down the aisle and at the 'altar' so to speak. Also chief sampler of cakes and foodstuffs.

And another on to Murray, John's best man, and boy-wrangler :) Although perhaps the most thanks there should go to Mrs Hudson, who looked after all three of them, on the wedding night and the next morning, as well as keeping you lot abreast with proceedings.

Thanks to Mrs Holmes, for providing us with an amazing first night of married life, at Blakes -

(We did somehow manage to find each other in that bed...)

And further thanks to John's folks, for making the journey down to share our wonderful day. Nicky and Rachel and their families for coming, and helping Mum around, so her stay was comfortable. Mum herself, for making the journey, which I know was a bit daunting. Jo and Lisa, for telling me not to be nervous, because John was indeed as amazing as I thought ;) and countless other friends and family who helped us make our day.

Thank you to Pete Townshend, for writing an amazing song, that seemed perfect to use instead of having to make a speech, because it said everything I needed to, to and about John. And I do apologise to everyone who cried. Including John.

And, from me, Thank You to John. For choosing me. :)

24 August 2013

Wedding Time!

Hello, I thought I would start this new post all ready for the details, so Mycroft's just helping me.

Well, my dears, we're all just going in to the room now!

There are lovely big windows, and beautiful flowers at the front. The lady registrar is very smiley and friendly. So now we're all waiting for the other boys to be down here with us!

Martha Hudson

Hello, this is Mycroft. I thought some of you would like to hear the music Lestrade chose.

He walked down the aisle to this song - from about one minute into the piece.

And then they walked out together to this song:

John and Lestrade danced to this. This is the dance they have been practising for for some time. It was very entertaining (for the right reasons). But it may take them a while to get their breath back. And Lestrade wants more champagne.

Sherlock is now on the dancefloor.

Lestrade played his guitar and sang this song to John. Causing many people to cry.

22 August 2013

Just like a star across my sky

Mycroft got three A* grades. He won't tell you because he says it feels like showing off. But I will, because I'm happy to show him off. He worked so hard, and we're very proud.

We went out for celebratory tea after we'd picked up the results.

Before we got them John was practically climbing the walls, he was far, far more nervous - outwardly -than Mycroft. Especially once Mycroft had the envelopes and was walking back towards us. I'm amazed my hand still works, the way he was crushing it.

I did feel sorry for some of the older boys, who were looking very downcast, with slightly irate, or - possibly worse - very 'sorry' parents.

Mycroft's headmaster shook his hand, and his head of year clapped him on the back and was very pleased for him. Of course, now there's talk of AS levels and A levels, as well as next year's GCSEs! Poor kid.

It's also made Sherlock vow HE will get A* too, which is good - always nice to have goals!

I'm glad to say Murray is still suffering after ambushing me. I think, probably, that I passed the test of...whatever he was testing me. He hasn't yet had Mrs Holmes evict me, anyway. So probably done something right.

I missed John and the boys so much - don't really enjoy being alone. Don't sleep particularly well. Still, it was only for a few days. And the seminar went well - got a bit of feedback already, people saying it was useful. All I can hope for, really. Might help an investigation sometime, get some criminal caught.

Now I give you this to ponder:

There's...something I very much want to say, to end this post. But I can't. So...well, this is here because I know this is where I would say it, if I could. May come back to edit...

Edit - so, I can say it now. This was my last post as an unmarried man :)

18 August 2013

Then came act two, you seemed to change, you acted strange

So...heading North. On my own. Not really what I'd like to be doing right now.

I...well, it's been a weird couple of days, since the package arrived. I'm still...well, still going through a lot of emotions about it all. Thanks for all your views. It helps, having different viewpoints.

I've still no idea what to do with it - well, to be honest, I can't do anything yet. The yard are checking it all, in case I lied and it's not from a relative, but a bribe or gift of some form.

I'm not sure we can tell Mum. I just...well, I don't know how she'd react. But I don't think it would be good. She didn't even want me to keep his name, let alone now have any contact with him. And I can't blame her.

Like I said, it's not...I don't know, it's not the letter, the gesture - or whatever it is - that really gets me. It's the lack of control, I suppose. The fact he's done what he wants, and not even...let anyone react, let alone confront him. Perhaps those are the wrong words. Too...aggressive. I don't know when it comes to him.

All I can imagine is a weak man who liked to hurt other people - with words and deeds.

Anyway, that's all a bit depressing.

I'm back here on Weds - when I might finally get a drink with Murray! Honestly, he'll start to think I'm avoiding him...and then he might wonder why.

Mycroft gets his exam results on Thursday. I'm more excited and nervous than I ever was for my own results. I didn't even fetch mine. Nicky did, because she said I should know, even if I was trying to avoid it. Take some responsibility for my life.

have a bit of Elvis to cheer up a dreary post. Never fails to make me laugh.

15 August 2013

I saw a lone rider

I admit, riding was fun, Even if I'm a bit sore today.

My horse was Dante, John's was Noddy (although it had big ears...), Mycroft's was Golly and Sherlock's was Flixy. They were all very well behaved and we had a gentle long walk around the woodland. Dmittedly Sherlock's did keep stopping to try and eat, but like Mycroft said, you'd think Sherlock would sympathise.

Generally we've had an amazing time, it's fun just being together and exploring places and spending our time relaxing. Few odd looks from other campsite residents, but who cares.

We're heading back home tomorrow. I've got two days of work before conference. Catching up and then ready to leave again.

Tonight and tomorrow is meant to be rain rain rain. The clouds are very dark grey.

I'm fighting a migraine... popping pills. I don't want to feel like shit in a tent!

11 August 2013

Hello dears

Hello to everyone reading. This is Martha Hudson. You can call me Martha if you'd like. I'm here to practice on you, I'm afraid.

You'll have to patient with me, but the Inspector and Doctor Watson have asked if I would help on the wedding day by telling you what was happening! Very exciting, I must say. They said I should 'do it in comments - a comment-ary, you could call it.

I'm afraid I'm not as fast with my fingers as those boys though, so you'll all have to forgive me if I'm not keeping up very well when it's all happening.

Now Greg says that this will be good practice and that I should get to know you all. He's promised that none of you are axe murderers or anything terrible - as if! So here we are. How are you all dears?

Those boys  all off camping so the house is terribly quiet. But I do have the degus to look after. I think I'm getting better with them, but they're so quick to scamper about, and those twitchy whiskers are a bit ratty for me!

Still, it can be quite nice not to have all the thumping and bumping coming from upstairs.

He said I should talk about my day or the like. Well, today I've been trying to choose a hat. I do like those fascinators, you know, with feathers! but I'm not sure they're for me. I think such an important day demands something more traditional, so something with a nice brim, and maybe a little bit of fancy on top.

It's so lovely, to see two young men making such a commitment - honestly, I love them both like sons. Although obviously if they were both my sons we wouldn't be having a wedding! So lucky they aren't. They're both terribly good for those two boys though, as I'm sure you all know. Little Sherlock was too much of a handful for me, if I'm truthful. So much energy. And Mycroft was always buried in his books at the manor, and fearfully serious. It's nice to see them both growing up with the Doctor and Detective Inspector, getting their confidence and growing into fine young men.

I hope we can have a nice chat now. Such a shame we can't share some tea and biscuits too. I made some lovely shortbread today, with chocolate chips - I shouldn't, I know, but you've got to enjoy life, haven't you? At my age a few chocolate chips is hardly going to make the difference now, is it?

Now dears, Greg wrote this next bit himself, so you mustn't think it's me saying such wicked things about Doctors. I never would - very hard working, they are.

Hey everyone - and hello Mrs H. We thought, as we're away and maybe still fighting a soggy tent in a gale, that Mrs H could do a quick blog!

She's agreed to help keep you guys in the loop on the big day, so we thought she needed some practice ;)

Mycroft found this the other day - absolutely perfect, I think you'll agree?? You should try deciphering our shopping list if you don't. Bletchley Park would struggle, I reckon.

10 August 2013

I go walking in my sleep, Through the valley of fear, To a river so deep

John's on his way over, so this'll be a bit of a quick one.

He's had a shit few call outs. And of course I want to fix everything, while knowing I can't. It's horrible seeing what happens behind closed doors, or out in public, to people going about their lives, to people with troubles, people facing hardship...people who could easily be us, or someone we love. Sometimes it's a shit job, seeing that. And all you can do is try and help just a bit.

This morning John seemed like he could do with a lie-in and some peace and quiet. So I said I was going for a run, if the boys wanted to come and walk the dogs. This turned into 7 of us running! (including dogs, which I will, because they were bigger than some of the human runners. And also faster. Much.)

Anthea mainly left us all for dust. Sherlock got bored after a bit and climbed a tree and threw things for dogs. The rest of us trudged around. Well...jogged. With a spring in our step. Honest.

I sort of hoped people would think Anth was a film star.

Sherlock made John a purpler Orange cake... it's actually lovely, despite slightly incongruous colour/flavour combos.

I can't believe what's going on in Russia. I'd urge you to sign petitions, at the very least.

First call out tonight was to a messy firearms/mental health/siege situation. I went along as bronze comm. thankfully it all ended quite fast and peacefully, thanks to some very good negotiating. I was incredibly pleased. It had horrible potential.

Still don't think I'll ever feel 'normal' having a weapon issued to me. Or facing down a situation wearing a vest. Certainly leaves your head feeling very exposed.

And finally, you should all go to Google and ask it what the national animal of Scotland is.

7 August 2013

We are sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free.

Had a brilliant day yesterday. We went 'for a walk'...which ended up with canoeing on the Thames! It was brilliant (except John's phone drowned) - but yeah, loads of fun. The dogs swam and ran about, we paddled, got splashed, did things wrong, had a laugh... We saw duckling and cignets (quite big now) and said hello to other boat-users. And then we came back home and the boys made dinner, and a cake! And also gave me very nice presents - tickets to see Arsenal, and a little camera for my bike.

I've got next week off! Nights, then off for 5 days (two from this week, three from next, jammed together.)

Slight crossover between Danger's shift on Friday 4-10, and mine, 7-7...but we'll work it out :)

Sherlock's ideas for camping are getting ever more elaborate. Desolate islands and things...

Then I've got a conference thing. Three days, Mon-Weds. I've got to run a seminar on cross-border policing with Europe...so got to write that between now and then! I've worked quite a lot of cases with Interpol and Europol, so I don't mind - some forces barely ever have to do anything like that.

I thought about working for Europol after a split with Bryan. Seemed like...seemed like it would make a good change, get me away from everything. Bit of a new start. I got a few job descriptions and things for posts they had open at the time. Serious organised crime, trafficking of people or weapons, that sort of thing. But...I don't know. It obviously wasn't right because I never quite got round to applying.

John has a new phone. He's accidentally called me twice, and sent me two text messages 'Oooio opinion popping' and 'Gggghgyhf gadget hugging jug'. And his swear words cunning disguised into other words has increased 'Fuuu..oooh, why won't this work?' and 'Wan....ted to get on the internet, not ask you a question, stupid phone!'

Mycroft, as always, is a saviour. Whereas Sherlock just wants apps and to find out new things to do on it.

Anyway, for a while now I've had this photo of John which was...just taken at the wrong moment. You know the sort, where you're blinking? But...he's got his tongue out, in a cute way. so i didn't delete it.

4 August 2013

We got the groceries you got the cake

Hello it's Sherlock because I've got pictures from visiting the butterflies and I wanted to post them so here they are. Lestrade sent me that title he said it was about butterflies but I think it's about cake. They were at the Natural History Museum and so if you're in London you should go and see them too before the winter comes. When you go in it's hot and there are butterflies everywhere and you have to be careful not to tread on one. You also can't touch them but they land on you and that's okay. There's a mirror at the end, and if you don't have any friends you have to look in it all over you in case you have a stowaway because if it went with you outside into London it might die because there wouldn't be any others like it and it might be cold or not find anything to eat. So you have to be careful.

It was great and you should definitely go. and now John says I have to put a cut in here but definitely LOOK AT THE PICTURES BY CLICKING because they're good.

2 August 2013

your heart is in good hands

My better half. My husband to be. My partner. My boyfriend. He's a God. He really is.

Last night he made me get dressed up (well...okay, made me not wear my scruffy shorts and flip-flops), got me on the back of his bike, and took me off 'for dinner'. Except, when we got there, he produced a bag...and we weren't just having dinner, we were having a night away!

(I explained to Daniel. Showed him a picture of John. He obviously understood. I think I need to get M to send him somewhere far away for a bit... didn't like the look in his eye ;) )

We went up to our room to get out of our bike gear, and freshen up a bit, then headed downstairs.

The food was glorious. I went all out with seafood. Then, after dessert, we sat outside and had drinks as the sun set on a blazing hot London.

This morning we had a lazy morning in bed, a big breakfast, and then did a few things until we tracked the boys down :)

They'd had a good morning together - minimal bickering, both getting to do/see things they wanted to.

I've had to make a few brief calls for work. Basically, one of my officers discovered, a short way into an investigation, that the victim, her husband and their kids were known to her. From her own kids school - her daughter is in a class with the son of the family. Due to come to her daughter's birthday party in a few weeks. And now...now the Dad has hacked the mother to death in front of the kids. How do you begin to make sense of that as an adult, let alone a 7 year old? As my officer said 'At the weekend I was telling her not to be scared of werewolves. Now I'm telling her not to be scared of Daddies.'

I've interviewed a lot of kids who've seen terrible things, over the years. Always difficult. You don't want to make them relive it, but sometimes they're the only witnesses you have. And now...with our boys. It's just... You just never want to imagine that situation, ever.

Anyway, happier things! The wedding, as John said, is this month. We are...largely organised. Venue, date, each other, clothing, food, people, more people, people with things to do...music, dancing, first night together...all sorted!

I don't know where are rings are. I know where they were, but I'm hoping someone else knows where they are now! Mycroft, you got them? You will, afterall, have them on the day. (And I can't think of anyone I would rather have in charge of them.)

Murray, when are you free?