23 June 2014

But, keep it up, honey, You're the best time I've ever had

I got a score right! It's been a while ;)

Tennis..not so good.

Baking, very good!! Tried a new recipe out, after Sherlock said he wanted banoffee pie, and this was the result...

Not that there's that much left now! And rightfully so, all that fresh cream...anyway, it has fruit in it, so it's healthy, right?

Work's been busy, and I've got some time off at the end of this week - Thurs-Sunday, so I can spend some time with John, and be around for Mycroft's return!

I managed to get to the gym in my 'lunchbreak' today - we've got one at the yard. Of course, the result of that was just being completely starving for the rest of the afternoon, so...well, that wasn't the intention.

Last night Maf was pouncing on one of her toys and attached herself to the carpet - she does that often enough, but this time she struggled free and ripped a claw. She then shot off, limping, to hide under the kitchen cupboards. John, being cat-extractor in chief, went into action.

I gave helpful advice. Like 'grab her!'.

He managed to get her out, and I tried to hold her while he had a look at her paw, but she's like a greasy eel, and in the end we had to cocoon her in a towel. She didn't take kindly to it, and bit me. But John did finally manage to get most of her in the towel, with the paw in question out of the towel, and removed a scraggly bit of nail, stopped the bleeding and then taped one of Sherlock's socks to her leg (not to her fur, obviously) so she couldn't lick it. Anyway, she seems okay today, just limping about, but John says there's no swelling or infection, so we're just going to try and keep her claws a bit shorter to stop it happening again. She generally doesn't mind being held and stuff.

17 June 2014

Now, when twilight dims the sky above, Recalling thrills of our love

Well, Brazil haven't had a dream start, have they?? Mind you, neither have England.

Work is busy - it's been hot, money is tight, the football is on, summer holidays are coming... it's all a perfect storm for frayed tempers, too much alcohol, too little...I don't know, care? Empathy?

Have mainly dealt with serious assaults, recently. Mainly fuelled by drugs or alcohol and over money. It's all very...tiring, I guess. The daily grind of people stuck, living in the same places as their attackers, sometimes even with counter-allegations, sets of neighbours at war, people in the same house at war, kids at war. It really just gets you down.

However, returning home is always lovely, with the footy, Sherlock leaping about, frequently topless, as if getting fully changed after school is just too much time wasted.

Sometimes pursued by Maf, if her Mafness isn't too busy having a snooze in the sun. Although she is a bit brighter and less destructive now she's lost her lampshade.

Here's a pic of Mycroft's latest effort, given that I imagine not many of us will ever see this for ourselves...

13 June 2014

Then I awake and look around me, at the four grey walls that surround me

Well...football. Silly old game, eh?

I love the recent quote on the pitch England have their first match on (much has been made recently of the fact it doesn't look very good) "It's looking a lot better today, a lot greener...that's because they've painted it." Ah well, as long as it LOOKS okay, what else matters?

Oh, crap...torn now. Want the Dutch to do well, as they're mine in the sweeps! But I wanted it to end 1-1 for our little competition. (okay, with this scoreline, I'm quite enjoying it again!!) And I LOVE the spray for free kicks. We should definitely get that over here.

Today has been a tedious one where I decided I had to clear my paperwork piles of 'non urgent' things, because it couldn't really get any bigger without being a health hazard.

My signature is on a par with a doctor's - just a squiggle, doesn't even resemble anything any more. So I've been squiggling, adding notes, and staring out of the window waiting for home time.

And now I have what feels like the start of a migraine.... will it stop me drinking this nice mojito? Probably not...

For those of you struggling, the last lyrics which formed the post title were Oasis, and some of the video for the song were filmed at Southend, where we were. :)

8 June 2014

The day's moving just too fast for me, I need some time in the sunshine

This morning we escaped the city, the buildings, the crime, the grime...and went to the seaside.

Sherlock, reliably, woke us up horrifically early, and was only pacified by offerings of food and drink for a very short while.

We dragged John out of bed, stuck him on his bike, mounted up on mine and....got as far as The City. Where we stopped for coffee and food, given John had woken up, and it was definitely going to be a multiple-coffee sort of day.

It was nice being out so early, passing all of the sights in London with the roads virtually to ourselves.

Then, with the sun already beating down on us, we were off.

It was still surprisingly quiet when we reached our destination - Southend. Home of the cockney beach-goer ;)

The water was flat calm - we'd actually arrived at slack water, so even flatter than it was the rest of the time.

3 June 2014

Where you come from? Do you put the kettle on?

for those of you asking, the cock-up tin at work is where people have to donate money when they...well, clue's in the name, cock-up.

Cocking up involves losing equipment - cuffs, radios, phones, warrant cards, cars, big keys, all sorts. Suspects, sometimes.  Forgetting things - lots of the above, plus warrants. Breaking things - most frequently cars.

It's used to buy us a few rounds of drinks at Christmas, the rest goes to COPS.

And yes, I've made quite a lot of donations over the years.

Anyway, i got the Netherlands in the sweepstake. Not too shabby.

Sal got Iran. Don't talk to her about it.

But definitely sign up for Joolz predictions game!

It's just for fun.

Tomorrow, poor little Maf is going to be...coming back from the vet with less than she went with.

She's sitting on John right now, getting her ears scratched, blissfully unaware. (She may read this later, and terminate us in our sleep. If so, good bye. Nice knowing you.)

I do feel sorry for her, even though I'm sure it's for the best. And she definitely needs the op before the dogs and everyone are back home and it gets manic again. She'll need some time to sit about looking sorry for herself, probably in a cone of shame, being spoiled rotten.

We've had an epic bedtime battle tonight - because Mycroft told Sherlock that, technically, London would not enter night-time again until...July sometime. Sherlock thought this meant he didn't have to go to bed. He still does. But still, interesting to know that we're far enough North that we don't technically enter 'night' for a portion of the year.