31 March 2014

Happy Birthday Doc!

Happy birthday to my amazing husband.

He means the world to me. His kindness, generosity, spirit and love improve not just my world, but that of everyone he meets.

John Hamish Lestrade Watson, I love you.

27 March 2014

Victim of the system, say it isn't so

John has continued with his habit of bringing home waifs and strays. Now his menagerie is - two boys, one husband, two dogs, two degus and a kitten.

Apparently she was wandering about near a crime scene, and hasn't eaten any dead people. She's of the age where her paws and ears are still too big for her. I'm hoping she doesn't still need an adult cat to ...do things for her. Apparently they should eat four times a day. She's eaten some plain chicken so far. Sherlock and John lay on the floor feeding her bits of it. She seemed happy enough.

Sherlock has named her Maftet (he's agreed to a slight spelling change, owing to unfortunate leaps of imagination from the original 'Mafdet'). She's got quite a lot to live up to, with a name like that.

She needs a bath. And I have no idea where she's going to sleep.

We're both off tomorrow, and Mycroft doesn't need picking up until Saturday, so I guess we'll be visiting a vet, and getting her checked over. And then I'll try to make doughnuts with Sherlock, while John plays with her...

At the moment she's gnawing on John's finger.

Work was busy today, getting lots done before being off for the weekend. Had some good results recently, so the team are all happy. Everyone passed the fitness tests, which is also good. happy team, happy DI.

Sherlock wants to go for a nice long bike ride at the weekend, and the weather looks promising, so we'll probably go off on an adventure once we have Mycroft. Just see where life takes us, get some lunch in a pub somewhere, maybe have a walk somewhere new before turning back for home. Sounds good to me! And it's nice that Sherlock suggested it - good to know we have shared interests ;)

And then Mycroft will be home for what seems like forever - nearly a month! Sherlock is not happy that he only gets two weeks. Face like thunder, when we told him he didn't break up until later.

23 March 2014

Still the fox is growing older, As he calls over his shoulder to the night

We went out for a jog today. bumped into a sponsored run thing for Sport Relief, so we decided all to do it - including Sherlock.

He literally ran rings around us. We thought he'd find three miles a bit far/boring. Now we're not so sure. He was so full of energy, dancing about, running off, coming back to us, running off again. He must have done at least 2 miles. And at the end we all got a medal :)

Now, in other news - anyone know where you can get 4 finger nitrile gloves? There's an officer on another force who had to have a finger amputated, and now needs gloves for crime scenes/searches etc. They're stuck!

Found this, and laughed a lot...our two get terrible confused when they drop things and then can't get under the sofa to retrieve them, or if you pretend to throw a ball but don't let go of it..

My cough is...boring. but I feel a million times better. Which is good, as I've got to do my assessment next week. My eyes passed with flying colours - no worse than last time, just reminded me to wear my glasses more. Hmmm.

Got nights soon, too. At least it's not so cold now. The allotment does actually look like someone cares for it again, and we're hopeful that our beans and peas and spuds will all flourish soon. The soil's still a bit heavy - very clay-y round these parts. But with some sun on it, everything (meaning weeds) seems to be doing ok.

We'll get some tomatoes in once we're ready. Someone gave us some lavender the other day, which we've added to our herb-y corner :)

Now, toad in the hole is almost cooked, with roast spuds and parsnips and veggies! Mmm.

18 March 2014

You make my mundane life all worth while

Hello. I'm really, really, REALLY bored of coughing. Why on earth did I smoke for so long? That made me have a sort of...perma-cough. And I barely noticed it. Now, this has been going on...about a day and a half? And I am SICK of it. Still, at least my lungs aren't just big black blobs loitering about in my chest now.

It's probably all the running, terribly bad for you, exercise like that ;)

Anyway, John is tending to me with hot toddies. Sherlock is just telling me I have to be better. Which I will try. It is art club, after all. And days off. I'd say that I'll at least get a lie in... but probably not.

(By the way, whenever John says 'I want a lie in', or the like, I always respond with 'We can't have a lion, wouldn't fit in the flat/a lion would eat the dogs/A lion? Wouldn't that be cruel?' and the like. To which he always (predictable!) Responds by saying 'Lie In!' To which, obviously, I always say 'Lion? Where would you even get one?'...anyway, this can go on for ages, and he gets exactly like Sherlock does when you pretend not to understand him (or just...don't understand him) I can almost see him holding back the urge to stamp his foot...)

I think I might be delirious, letting you in on these odd snippets of our lives...

Anyway, I was horrible the other day. So have a lovely picture of John instead. Because he is.

11 March 2014

Go shave a sheep and knit yourself a sweater

Apologies for the poor quality of this blog. I'm too tired to write much.

So far...we've been rubbish at the training schedule, because I worked too late.

Bryan was in court today. I asked someone who works there to let me know the outcome. Fine and suspended sentence. Not sure how I feel about it. I don't know if prison would do him some good, or put him in touch with some 'real' criminals. Nor do I know why i care.

The weekend was so completely amazing - John worked it all out, with just a tiny bit of help from Mrs H somehow getting us into a corporate box! It was amazing. And we won! And the weather was gorgeous - and Anthea even delivered Mycroft to us, so he didn't miss out! He's home this weekend, so I definitely wasn't expecting to see him - well, I wasn't expecting any of it. It was just brilliant, everything, even my sneaky sergeant fixing the rotas at work.

So...some of you have expressed the need of more pictures of my gorgeous husband.

But clearly if you actually find him irresistible then... you wouldn't be able to resist him. Which would end badly for me.

Therefore I'm only actually using this picture for his (my) own good, right? And he doesn't have any food hanging out of his face! Sorry for the bizarre colour/quality. I messed with my phone setting and don't know how to un-mess.

6 March 2014

Let me steal this moment from you now

I'm not sure of the exact sequence of events, but I think Mycroft sent this video to Sherlock, who then watched it, began speaking at approximately a billion words a minute, and made John and I watch it while insisting we had to try it RIGHT NOW.

This was all last night, where we weren't even trying to get off the sofa.

Anyway, watch it, and if any of you want to install one in your living room and invite Sherlock round, please do!

Anyway, today he's excited about this new reading corner in his school room, which is nice. Apparently it's got snakes and plants and a parrot and a large panda. And bean bags. I imagine pandas would quite like bean bags. It is lovely hat he's so enthusiastic about everything. Except no frog has deigned to spawn in his pond yet, which he's miffed about.

John is in a distressingly chipper mood, given our run yesterday. And announcing things about running up mountains. Yesterday we ran/jogged/walked along a canal. You literally can't get flatter than a run on a towpath...and today he's on about mountains! I couldn't even manage the stairs at work today...and not even little UK mountains. Massive French mountains.

I've absolutely no idea what's going on (as usual), but Sherlock announced earlier that he knows what's happening on Saturday... anyone else know what's happening on Saturday??