23 May 2015

It’s not because I’m old, It’s not the life I led

A quick Eurovision post! I will update this with pics from the cricket etc., but wanted to get it up so you can comment on it, so to speak!!

Apologies for the delay. I've managed to delete all the photos off my phone and completely failed to get them back. So...

Here's one Mycroft took from the cricket - which was great. We had a lovely time, Mycroft almost couldn't cope with some of the style choices on offer though... They were bad.

That's us batting - just at the start of the innings, and a very attacking field by the Kiwis.

Rain stopped play for a little bit, but we only lost about 2 overs in the end, as it meant lunch was called early. And we didn't get too wet - well, I got a bit wet as I went for a coffee... but when I got back Mycroft was sitting serenely under an umbrella. So we huddled.

John and Sherlock also had an eventful day - they found a poor little wren, which had flown into a window They cared for it until it flew away, though! Look how tiny it is.

Mycroft is doing his bike training on Tuesday - and then we'll be off looking at bikes!