30 April 2015

But every word, Seems so absurd my love

So, spring has definitely sprung in these parts.

Obviously I'd rather not be fishing body parts out of the water - but you know, that's the job I signed up for.

Sometimes crime scenes have their up sides though - they tend to be out-of-the-way corners of the world. Even in the heart of the city there are a few little places that nature still rules.

So these were my recent companions on a crime scene:

Not too close together, I hasten to add, in case you thought the cub was going to have a hearty meal! And the goslings parents were close by, keeping a watch on us as the babies had a sunbathe. 

I showed John, and the first thing he said was 'I bet Maf would have liked to chase those ducklings' (I corrected him to goslings, don't worry). What sort of a monster has my husband become??

Sherlock's eye is looking a lot better. I'm sure in his head he now truly believes the stories he's been telling everyone about how he got it...

And Mycroft and I have tickets to Lords! Obviously we did offer that everyone should come, but Sherlock looked like he was in physical pain at the prospect of sitting still (we've got seats behind the bowler's arm if it's a lefty) and John pulled a face that suggested he'd rather watch paint dry. So Mycroft and I are going - to the test, Eng vs. NZ., third day. Fantastic! I've never been to Lords before, which is ridiculous - it's literally just up the road. We can take some food and a few tins, or a bottle of wine, and enjoy ourselves. Weather permitting, of course. Harrow actually play there -against Eton - every year.

I can imagine Mycroft being a member in years to come, running the country while watching a few overs from the Member's Room ;) (I'm sure he'll tell me not to be so silly.)

We've also been given these - guess who loves them the most? When did such mundane things as coasters start being interesting...I don't think I'd ever seen a coaster 'til I joined the force!