27 May 2014

I'm a man child, I'm a rollin' stone

Today feels like it's been about a million hours long.

Started, and I really wish it hadn't, by a discussion about poo transplants, courtesy of Sherlock (subject banned for the duration of breakfast.) Then a lovely breakfast of pancakes and fruit. A quick tidy up, last load of laundry on, and rooms clean and tidy, everything put away etc... fresh clean clothes (including underwear) packed, and we headed out.

Sky was very grey, but there were only a few spots of rain on our way out of town. Definitely no sun to be baking dry our mudbaths we were heading for :)

We had a small snack, because our session wasn't until after lunch, got all our gear together...and went for it!

To say it was muddy is an understatement. It was completely glorious. You couldn't see anything apart from mud, mud, muddy trees, muddy fences, mud, mud, mud and mud.

Generally brilliant. Occasionally hilarious.

Because the going is, you could generously say, 'soft', I like going fast. We all do!

So when I was half a wheel deep in a puddle, barrelling along... and my front tyre caught in one rut, my back tyre wedged in a different rut... John described the splash I made as I did a front flip over the bars and into the water as 'blotting out the entire landscape'.

That was the point, as liquid mud washed around in my boxers, that my first conversation of the day came back to me...

22 May 2014

Spring was never waiting for us 'til it ran one step ahead

First, public service announcement - Please Vote! Or live with the consequences of other people choosing who represents you. And I remind you, other people are sometimes morons.

Anyway, that done, Sherlock's absolutely outraged that he's been stuck at home, not allowed to the polls with either of us. The ballot paper for the European elections was actually taller than him, I think. And full of horrible parties! Anyway, seeing the number of people who can't tell the difference between white and yellow who were out voting, I'm glad I went ;)

Here's the recipe I'm going to make in a bit for Mycroft - in time for it to mature into it's flavours and be perfect for eating.

Work's been busy, paperwork central, meetings, various levels of outrage at current politics, more meetings... I don't know, it's a funny old job sometimes, being caught between an office and a crimescene. Funny old weather at the moment, too. Big thunderstorms today, interspersed with beautiful sunshine.

Still, next week is half term, we'll get Mycroft back, Sherlock will have yet more time off...but hopefully time he can enjoy, and I'm having half the week off, at least, to spend with everyone, and hopefully give John a bit of a break.

Speaking of, here is John, courtesy of Murray, this time.

17 May 2014

Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me.

I'm feeling almost as sick as Sherlock (he says I'm not, that's ridiculous, he's ACTUALLY ill.)

Arsenal will soon be kicking off against Hull at Wembley. I am terrified. We haven't won any silverware since 2005.

Shit...Sherlock has pointed out he wasn't BORN in 2005. (He's next to me, reading this. He says hello and thank you for all hoping he's better soon. He's REALLY ill. And it's boring.)

Anyway, yes, for the next short while I will be on the edge of my seat (no, probably not liter...actually, yes, probably literally.) because...well...the FA Cup. It's actually a new cup this year - the third, I think? ever made.

I feel so ill. I am so nervous.

To be fair Hull have never won anything..ever. So they're probably more nervous than I am.

For those of you not interested in footy, you can ponder upon whether John actually lied to us all, and learnt his Doctoring in the Navy, not the Army. He certainly seems to have taken note of their training...and he often seems to think I'm in need of artificial respiration...

Sherlock says I'm being stupid :)

He's very poorly, he asks me to remind you. He's a heap of blankets and pyjamas at the moment, with a waterbottle and some fruit within reach.

John's out right now, I sent him out, told him to try and take a bit of time to enjoy the weather, in amongst getting a few bits. He'd do well to stay out while I shout at the TV, really....

And I have a dilemma.

I want to take some time off to spend with John. If I do this next week, then I'll be tending to a sick Sherlock, which I also want to do! But...it won't exactly be the time together with my husband I was hoping for. but then I also feel terrible going to work and leaving John as full time doctor to the small spotty one...

Maybe I'll take a couple of days, to give Danger a few days respite...I don't know. I'm sure someone will tell me what to do ;)

10 May 2014

Because of my shoes, I'm wearing today...

Firstly, most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYCROFT! You have now entered that awkward twilight zone, where you can get married and buy a house - even join the army! But...you can't yet vote for the people who control all of those things...

You can work full time! But you can't buy alcohol or cigarettes... You can fly a glider! But not drive a car.

You can, however....start your scooter lessons. ;)

John and I did a little research the other day, when I was off. Visited a few bike schools. It's amazing how all the trainers claim to be the absolute best when two bikers turn up, one of whom is a DI, asking about lessons for their boy...

So, with Mrs Holme's agreement, John and I have 'given' Mycroft some bike lessons - for him to arrange whenever he wants to. He said he'd like to go to the off road place one more time before he actually starts 'for real', and also that he might not get much time before his exams, but still, he can get his licence all sorted out, and then go for it!

His Mum, in the spirit of allowing her eldest some hard-won freedom, has agreed to match his wages when he goes to work this summer, so he can save up and get himself a nice bike, and any further gear he needs :)  (We can only assume she's also putting swathes of security through their CBT too - only kidding Mycroft ;) )

(although maybe you should get a quad, so the dogs can hang on the back...not sure if they count as passengers or not??)

So happy birthday, kiddo, we hope you enjoy your freedom.

Anyway, on a completely different note...Eurovision!

I hope some of you will join in - I shall be passing comment ;) Murray said he'd turn up 'with enough beer to make it bearable'. Jo and Lisa said they'd probably come, depending on how knackered they are. I think Mrs Hudson will come up and join us, too - she's never one to turn down a nice young Europop moppet in a bit of leather ;) John has rolled his eyes so hard I'm surprised his head hasn't fallen off, but smiled indulgently. Sherlock has promised to dance with me.

Anyway, starts 8pm BST, if you can work it out from that. And you can watch, apparently, on the official Eurovision website. Live, free and legal!

5 May 2014

My feet don't hardly make no sound

We all had a lovely walk yesterday.

I think, if the boys do sort out cloning, that I'd like an Anthea. I have no idea how Mrs H found her, or where, but I'm beginning to think she was actually manufactured specifically for the purpose.

So we biked out to the countryside, and Anthea played dog-taxi, then she looked after all of our bike gear so we could go on a long ramble around the sun-soaked countryside.

The dogs were great, bounding all over the place, having the time of their lives. As was Sherlock.

We all ran amok, but the dogs are so big and excitable that I discovered if you run amok in too silly a fashion, they just accidentally flatten you. And then your husband laughs like a drain. I just didn't see the dog coming - I was halfway through a particularly balletic leap, when WHAM, dog from the side meant I met the turf - luckily not a cow-pat! And then the dog tried to lick me to death - no dog gets to lick me when it's spent half the walk trying to eat rabbit poo, thanks all the same.

Anyway, here are some views.