10 August 2013

I go walking in my sleep, Through the valley of fear, To a river so deep

John's on his way over, so this'll be a bit of a quick one.

He's had a shit few call outs. And of course I want to fix everything, while knowing I can't. It's horrible seeing what happens behind closed doors, or out in public, to people going about their lives, to people with troubles, people facing hardship...people who could easily be us, or someone we love. Sometimes it's a shit job, seeing that. And all you can do is try and help just a bit.

This morning John seemed like he could do with a lie-in and some peace and quiet. So I said I was going for a run, if the boys wanted to come and walk the dogs. This turned into 7 of us running! (including dogs, which I will, because they were bigger than some of the human runners. And also faster. Much.)

Anthea mainly left us all for dust. Sherlock got bored after a bit and climbed a tree and threw things for dogs. The rest of us trudged around. Well...jogged. With a spring in our step. Honest.

I sort of hoped people would think Anth was a film star.

Sherlock made John a purpler Orange cake... it's actually lovely, despite slightly incongruous colour/flavour combos.

I can't believe what's going on in Russia. I'd urge you to sign petitions, at the very least.

First call out tonight was to a messy firearms/mental health/siege situation. I went along as bronze comm. thankfully it all ended quite fast and peacefully, thanks to some very good negotiating. I was incredibly pleased. It had horrible potential.

Still don't think I'll ever feel 'normal' having a weapon issued to me. Or facing down a situation wearing a vest. Certainly leaves your head feeling very exposed.

And finally, you should all go to Google and ask it what the national animal of Scotland is.


John H. D. Watson said...

Love you. Thanks for letting me come over. I'll save you some cake.

Anonymous said...

It's a unicorn, isn't it? (And don't they have several?)


Greg Lestrade said...

No problem. You know what this place is like on nights - just a few sleepy coppers lit by the glow of computer screens. It was nice to see you.

Call if you can't sleep?

Ella - yeah! I admit I didn't know if it was official or not...

John H. D. Watson said...

And don't they have several?

Several unicorns? I hope so. ;)

L - it was nice to see you too. Might call in a bit if sleep doesn't happen.

Greg Lestrade said...

well one unicorn would get lonely, that would be sad.

Danger - can guarantee seeing me in a creased sweaty shirt wasn't as nice as seeing you striding through the office in your bike gear. ;)

Greg Lestrade said...

...and I'm off again.

If you call and I don't answer I'll call you back. Do that...thing with the phone where it only makes a noise when I call twice. And I won't call twice, so I won't wake you :)

No firearms this time, just wanted person been seen.

Greg Lestrade said...

I need the boys to invent an alarm clock that silently keeps you awake. electric shocks maybe?

Anonymous said...

They make alarms for Deaf folks that involve vibrating pillows. :)


Small Hobbit said...

I like the way Google knew within the first few letters that I was looking for "national animal of Scotland" - clearly your blog is all powerful ;)

And can you comment on "The unicorn is chained, because according to folklore a free unicorn was a dangerous beast"?

Hope you managed to get home at a reasonable time, L and that you got some sleep, J.

Greg Lestrade said...

Ella - a pillow would definitely encourage me to sleep though, and I need something to keep me awake!

Someone is digging up the road outside our flat.

But I've slept a bit. So now time to face the day.

Sherlock said...

I got a wind up torch so I can see things when we're camping and it's only small so I can keep it with me all the time.

pandabob said...

that sounds really useful Sherlock :-)

I'm glad you got some sleep Greg and I hope the day has been a good one for all of you :-)

rsf said...

How many minutes of light do you get for a minute of winding, Sherlock? I have a flashlight that you shake up and down for a minute and then it works for about fifteen minutes (only it gets dimmer after about ten.)

Sherlock said...

it says on the packet you get up to 30 minutes of light for 1 minute of winding and it's got a glow in the dark strip on it so I can find it in the dark.

rsf said...

That's helpful. At least it's helpful if you've left the glow in the dark strip out in the light to get charged. Did you go shopping for any other camping gear, too?

pandabob said...

Are you back at work tonight Greg? I hope it goes well if you are :-)

Do you have much planned for the evening Sherlock?

Sherlock said...

He has gone back to work and he promised it would be really boring and he's writing his seminar again. I want to make more cornflake cakes to take camping and John said maybe so hopefully he means yes and John says we need to pack.

pandabob said...

Cornflake cakes for camping sound like a really good idea Sherlock but making sure you have everything packed might be a good idea as well :-)

Greg Lestrade said...

I do promise it's incredibly boring. Hope you're having a nice evening though. And be good for John.

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