7 September 2011


Well, I'm here. Rome. Waiting for someone to tell me what's going on. Was met at the airport by a bloke called Paulo.

I think I'm getting a car, being sent East to L'Aquila, where apparently this guy was spotted. Or they think he was. All pretty confused, really. I'm still trying to work out exactly how the police here work. It's quite different to the UK. And it's taking me a while to get used to speaking Italian full time.

It's hot here. About 30. Big difference from the grey cool England I left behind.

Flight was okay. Never flown posh class before. God knows what first is like if that was business. All I could think about was leaving John and the boys though. Even though I know Mycroft isn't even there, still don't want to be so far away.

And I desperately want to help John out with Sherlock. As if Mycroft starting school wasn't enough of a change for him to deal with. For us all. Sherlock, I'm sure John wouldn't mind if you wanted to get into his bed. He's probably lonely without me or Spider. He'd really like a cuddle from you.

John, being utterly amazing, found time last night to borrow one of Mycroft's old iPods and put a load of my music on it. He gave it to me at the airport. Said he hoped it made me feel better, like I'd said yesterday, talking about moving to new places, when I said I always unpacked my record player and music first. I'm constantly amazed at how kind and thoughtful he is, when I'm abandoning him to God knows how much stress, he still does things like that. I really didn't want to let go of him and walk through to departures.

Just hope we can catch this bastard and I can get back home. Please.


John H. D. Watson said...

He's a bit better after all the helpful advice over my post. We made dinner together (peas and cheese toasties, naturally), and now he's drawing for a bit before bed.

Did you get through security okay with Spider?

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Spider was x-rayed and squashed and squeezed. Think they thought she was full of drugs. But we got through fine.

Glad he's a bit calmer. Must be tired out. I wish there was something I could do.

John H. D. Watson said...

Can you call and talk to him for a few minutes before I try to get him into bed? I think it might help.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Of course. He sleeping in his room, or yours?

John H. D. Watson said...

Mine. He says everything's too quiet to sleep in his. I sort of know how he feels.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

I hope it makes you both feel better. I know how he feels too.

I'll tell him how glad I am to have Spider.

John H. D. Watson said...

Heh. That sounded like an interesting conversation from this end. Did he make you promise to bring him something?

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Well, started off with gelato, which would prove rather difficult. We've settled on biscuits and drawing equipment. He sounded really tired. Hope that means you'll get some rest.

John H. D. Watson said...

I think we're going to have the same bed time tonight, in about ten minutes. Thanks to the rain, there's not even tennis to keep me up.

Are you wherever you're going for the night yet?

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Right. Good idea.

No, need to drive for a couple of hours. Should be there for about one my time. Midnight yours. Then find my hotel. Heading to their local nick early tomorrow morning.

John H. D. Watson said...

Good luck. Call me in the morning if you have time?

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Will do.

Good luck to you, too. Give Sherlock a big hug.

Hope you're okay, Mycroft.

Wish I was with you.

John H. D. Watson said...

I will. Goodnight, love.

Goodnight, Mycroft, hope everything's going well at school.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...


Call any time. I mean it.

innie said...

John, that was lovely of you to do - you're a sneak attack of awesome so often it should stop being surprising, but it doesn't.

Sorry, L, I think I might have planted the "drawing equipment from Italy" idea into Sherlock's mind, but I have a feeling you don't really mind.

I hope you find the girl safe and sound and get to go home soon!

Becca said...

Lestrade, that sounds like an exhausting day, even if the flight was nice. I hope this case ends as quickly as the last time you were out of town. (With less sitting injured in a ditch, please.)

John, I am bummed to have no tennis! And tomorrow isn't looking very good either. They have just announced plans to have a stadium with a roof, which I think is a terrible idea, as the current one cannot support a roof, so step one is tearing it down.

I am even more displeased by the rain, as it is currently coming through all three of the windows in my apartment. I think maybe the hurricane nudged something out of whack, though my landlord's love of buying the cheapest possible everything may also be the culprit.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Danger - hope Sherlock went to school okay. He seemed a bit calmer this morning when I rang. Although maybe he was just tired. Hope you get some rest whilst he's gone.

I'm off into the forest. Don't know how much phone signal I'll have.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Innie - don't mind getting him drawing equipment at all. Happy to do so. And John is amazing. My hire car lets me plug the ipod intothe radio, saving me from euro djs and reminding me of home.

Becca - hopefully no sitting in ditches at all, no.

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