11 June 2013

Didn't hear a gun shot, Smellin' hell or nature

Being all domesticated and doing a spot of sewing. (Sleeve of a shirt that got ripped in a scuffle a few weeks back.)

This has meant that John and I each received the 'gift' of a kumquat which Sherlock had dissected and sewn back together. Yum. Well-handled and post-operating-theatre kumquat is my favourite.

Some of you will read that I had a...conversation with Mum today.

Have since heard back from Rach, and Mum is fine. I mean...well, she's not, but she didn't have another stroke or anything, just the usual. She's...angry about a lot of things. And doesn't yet want our help. Or my help. Not quite sure which. We are too alike sometimes.

Our tomatoes down at the allotment have lots of flowers on them - we spent a fiddly time trying to tie them to stakes the other day.

Here's an Alp. And a bit of a plane wing. Sherlock was rather desperate to be closer to the snow.

Mind you, the night after we got back there was some docu-thing about a pilot who was sucked out of his plane when the windscreen burst out, at 17,000ft, and only saved by one of the cabin crew grabbing his legs and hanging on to him until they landed...it was sort of interesting, in an overly dramatic way - but I'm glad we didn't see it before we flew anywhere.

And a view from a little village near where we were in Italy. Really feels like we were tucked up just under the clouds. Stunning little place, 360º view of the surrounds.

Now off to snuffle around the kitchen cupboards for something tasty to eat, as the jammy dodgers are a distant memory and John's tucking into his chilli-choc truffles (their temp rating was 'your chair will be on fire'....I'm not scared by that. Much.)


pandabob said...

Did you find something tasty in the cupboard?

I'm sorry about your mum, its a tough time and I'm glad you're surrounded by the loving people you deserve while you try to deal with it :-)

Greg Lestrade said...

Found a muffin that Sherlock had drawn a star on in blue food colouring and a pot of amaretto and apricot jam that I was saving for a bakewell tart...but have now eaten some of.

pandabob said...

you have interesting things in your cupboards and all connected to baking! Its no wonder you need security on the door ;-)

Small Hobbit said...

Yeah, I'm sorry about your mum, too. It's really hard when you want to help and she's rejecting it out of hand. Although it does sound like her way of coping is to deny what's happening and therefore she resents anyone who in anyway points this out. Which doesn't help you at all.

As anonybob says I'm glad you've got people around you who not only give you love, but are also happy to receive it.

REReader said...

Sleeve of a shirt that got ripped in a scuffle

I read that as "soufflé". Which would have been interesting to eat, a soufflé that can rip a shirt... :D

Just when did Sherlock do that muffin art? (And by "muffin", do you mean what I mean--a cupcakey kind of thing, only not as sweet, generally eaten for breakfast, like these? Or something else?)

Greg Lestrade said...

I don't know when he did it. Today or yesterday - we haven't had them that long!

And no, I mean these:


Which we just call muffins and the rest of the world I think calls English Muffins.

SH - John may not give me as much love now his next bakewell tart won't be quite so jam-laden ;) But yes, I'm lucky to have people around me, and people willing to help her when I can't.

John H. D. Watson said...

The truffles more than make up for a lack of jam. Haven't noticed them setting my chair on fire just yet...

Greg Lestrade said...

I'm sure it takes a little while...

coming to bed? Try not to commit arse-on on the fnug, either? ;)

John H. D. Watson said...

I shall do my best. Though obviously if the worst happens, you can only blame yourself...

Yeah, bed.

Greg Lestrade said...

And Sherlock! Although he'd probably quite enjoy being blamed for the next great fire of London...take a certain pride in it.

C'mon. Last one in the bathroom is a sea cucumber.

Olli said...

L, your blog titles have been cracking me up this week!

Sorry to hear about the conversation with your mom. Families are hard. (I have a mostly great relationship with my mom, and still managed to have one of those phone calls just now. I can only imagine the patience and love it takes to deal with that over and over for years on end.)

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