7 June 2013

As the moon hung proud and bright

John got called out a bit ago. I'm glad, really - it would have been a let down, for his first shift not to have a call out. He wouldn't have slept regardless, I'm sure!

Sherlock was already in bed, and didn't wake up when he went in to say goodbye, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't get up sometime soon to check on the situation. We searched his room for alarms, but he could have hidden one somewhere.

So...all new to me, this thing of being the one left behind. I've done some chores, and now my time is my own.

Been thinking a lot about Italy. About how it makes me feel.

I'm so glad I got to share it with John and the boys. I'm glad my family over there have met them, have seen that part of my life. I know they don't all approve - or even understand. But I'm glad they know.

I do wish that my grandparents had been around to meet them all. They took good care of me and Nicky. They helped us out a lot - coming to terms with what my dad did, and giving us a sense of identity.

Here's part of the cemetery where they're interred. We went to visit.

We put some flowers up for them, and John and the boys could see their photos. Brought them as close together as possible, I guess.

And here's the back of the family house - taken from the city wall above. My grandfather built this house - it was the first one on the road.

We used to play on the terrace there. I don't know who lives there now.

A lot of going back there...it's odd. So much is the same, the bits that are different feel all the more different.

Anyway, should probably get on with my paperwork instead of thinking about all this.

Next time, on the photoreel - we stopped in Ravenna on the way back to the airport, on our last day. Saw some mosaics that were just...totally amazing. I mean, unbelievable. I'll post some of those.

Last night dreamt about giant weasels. I ate one.


pandabob said...

That's great news for John :-) I'm so glad he got a call, it gets the first one out of the way quickly :-)

Your trip to Italy seems to have been amazing in so many ways, I'm really glad it went well for you and I am really grateful that you're sharing pictures with us :-)

Good luck with the paperwork and with getting some sleep tonight.

Greg Lestrade said...

Yeah - I definitely won't be sleeping until he gets in touch, but I'm glad he got a call out. Hope it's something 'easy' to get started on.

I'm grateful you don't mind us sharing the pictures!

Thanks. Paperwork going okay. No sign of Sherlock yet...

rsf said...

I love all the pictures. It's strange going back "home" when you're grown, isn't it? Your grandparents sound like they were good people -- I bet they'd have really loved John and the boys.

Good luck with the paperwork. I hope John calls soon.

Greg Lestrade said...

They were good, in their own way. I hope they'd have...well, at least appreciated how happy John and the boys make me. I'm not quite sure what their reaction would have been. They were pretty traditional.

Fio's a (very lapsed) Catholic. When I told her I'd been worrying about letting everyone know about me and John, she said 'God is in my heart, not my head. As long as you don't do evil, he should love you'...so...I hope they could find it to feel similar, certainly.

John hasn't yet called...I hope it's because it's interesting. I also hope it won't keep him out all night!

Piplover said...

I'm glad got a call, though I hope he doesn't have to stay out all night, or it's not a really bad one. Fingers crossed!

Those pictures are beautiful. I'm glad you got to share that part of your life with John and the boys.

It makes me all the more determined to visit Italy next time I visit my sister if I have to drag her kicking and screaming.

John H. D. Watson said...

Went straight from one to the next...bit crazy. I hope you're asleep, L, but if not I should be home soon I think. Soonish anyway.

Greg Lestrade said...

Not yet. but should probably head that way. Hope you're having a good time of it. Miss you.

John H. D. Watson said...

I miss you too, love.

John H. D. Watson said...

And home, finally, bit later than anticipated. Found L asleep on the sofa, hugging his guitar. Will now put them both to bed.

Olli said...

L: MOAR PICS PLEASE! No, we don't at all mind you sharing. I like the photos of "your" Italy, with the house and the cemetery and all your memories.

It's hard to change people's conceptions of you... I wonder how that contributes to your family's befuddlement at John and the boys. There's so much to admire about you, your honesty and your commitment to family. I think that anyone who's paying attention can't help but be impressed.

I am eagerly awaiting photos of the new bike!

Kestrel337 said...

Hope the first call out went well and that Sherlock, at least, got enough sleep.

I often envy those who are able to revisit the special places from their early days. Mine are all gone, lost in a development.

You...ATE a weasel? That beats writing very serious papers (like, higher degree type things) about the best popcorn popper. I guess. Dreams are weird.

pandabob said...

I hope you all got enough sleep one way or the other last night guys.

I'm glad you got started with work John and you weren't just hanging around waiting for the call all night :-)

Anonymous said...

Did Sherlock have any trouble waking everyone up after a night of little sleep?

Greg Lestrade said...

He did. He was very good though, and sat on John, quizzing him thoroughly, while I got him sliced banana and nutella on toast. And then later (quite a lot later) we all got up and I made pancakes.

And now....well, right after lunch, bike time! :)

Olli - there will be more pics!

Small Hobbit said...

Looking forward to more pics, both of Italy and the bike.

J - glad the first day went well and everyone survived.

L - you didn't tell us what the giant weasel tasted of!

Greg Lestrade said...

Bike is amazing - John rode over here, Sherlock and I got the tube with all our kit, so we can now ride!! (Probably to see Mycroft.)

Weasel tasted bad. And then loads more weasels turned up, and I had to apologise for trying to eat their friend.

Sherlock said...

I like Lestrade's new bike it's great and it's red and black and I think it's more comfy than his old one.

pandabob said...

Red and Black sounds lovely Sherlock, did you get a long ride on it?

Greg Lestrade said...

Not long enough ;)

But it is lovely to ride. Although I might need to adjust the suspension a bit. I'll give it a few days ride around town first though.

Mycroft and John say it's comfier too - so everyone seems happy!

pandabob said...

I guess there is never a long enough ride really ;-)

I'm glad everyone approves of your new bike Greg, it's good to know you can all get back on the road together again :-)

Greg Lestrade said...

Yeah - glad we were in Italy inbetween ordering it and buying it. I might've climbed the walls otherwise. Pretty much back to normal after the crash, too. Sherlock has even stopped examining me, as the bruises have all gone now.

pandabob said...

please don't go getting any new bruises just so Sherlock has something to study ;-)

I'm glad you're better from the crash and I hope the git responsible paid some price for it!

Greg Lestrade said...

I'll try!

He got disqualified and fined. About what I was expecting.

pandabob said...

its good to know things work out as they should sometimes Greg :-)

I hope you've had a nice evening together without having to worry about phone calls ;-)

Greg Lestrade said...

Yeah, we have. Guess the time we get together is going to get all the more special.

rsf said...

Hooray for new bikes and long rides!

REReader said...

I like Lestrade's new bike it's great and it's red and black

Just like your jacket, Sherlock!

Congrats on your new bike, L, it sounds perfect! (Although I do think that that "driver" being disqualified and fined is a bit inadequate, even taking the kicking into account!)

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