24 December 2016

Night is falling and you just can't see, is this illusion or reality?

So, Happy Christmas! Merry festivities. Have a lovely holiday season. All that.

Here's the traditional baubles post. Just in case you thought you'd avoided it. And other musings.

I promise the third one isn't an earring.

So, Rick Parfitt. RIP. What a rocker. Sherlock and I had a singalong earlier.

Mycroft is cooking tomorrow, because I'm working. Sherlock has graciously allowed that John could bike over to see me in the afternoon, providing he returns with any interesting gossip regarding murders, of course. Sherlock has also announced he will make cheese and cranberry parcels for a starter. And they are both currently making a trifle. I'm fairly sure this is partly a gambit on Sherlock's part to stay up late.

Nicky rang earlier and we had a laugh about the year Mum defrosted bread sauce instead of brandy butter and covered the Christmas pudding in it. We all pretended not to notice. Even her. Or she was probably too pissed to notice. There was brandy on it too.

She's doing okay. We'll go and see her between now and New Year.

We're having fish tonight, which is a more Italian tradition. Mycroft and Anthea might go to midnight mass. Well, other people might, too, but they were conspiring about it earlier. Sherlock announced it was stupid, and then proceeded to ask a lot of questions about it. Then got distracted by putting Christmassy stuff under his microscope.

Work has, of course, been manic. Nothing like enforced family get-togethers and cheer to make people decide they'd rather spend the next few years in jail.

The boys have very graciously announced that we will wait to open presents (some presents, Sherlock interjects) until I get home.

Mycroft has helped me to add this:

My present from John!


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Greg Lestrade said...

He is a bundle of energy and giggles, yeah. Completely taking in his stride that he has temporary siblings coming and going, too.

...Sherlock has been looking through Twitter's 'Museum101' tag.... if you have a strong constitution check it out.

REReader said...

...that's a lot of creepy, that tag.

(And we're over 200 comments, oooooohhhhhh nooooooooooooo......)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, remember when the blog might flop over to 200 in just a few days? I think it's a good thing that life is no longer quite so eventful - or at least, the events are less often riveting dramas. Congratulations on the home and family you & John have created together. Not just to your own benefit; Sherlock and Mycroft have had and will have such different (dare I say better? I dunno, but certainly happier!) lives because of you two.) Well done, guys.


Greg Lestrade said...

They've brought us such happiness too - it's a thing which is greater than the sum of its parts, our family unit, I think. It's an absolute privilege to watch them grow up.

REReader said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us, too--it's a privilege indeed, and a joy!

Greg Lestrade said...

Sherlock gets to spend a day in a secondary school this week....so prepare for extreme excitement or a small apocalypse. We wait and see which.......

Lancs. Anon said...

What makes you think it will be one or the other? Quite capable of being both I would say. But, Sherlock, think of the better class of science you'll get to do!

REReader said...

What a good idea--the more information the better when making decisions, so this will be a data-gathering expedition, very scientific!

REReader said...

(Also, I think it is well past the time the flu should be hanging on and it should GO. That is all.)

pandabob said...

That sounds like an awesome way to spend a day, I hope he has fun :-)

My eldest had her first high school visit a few weeks ago and they were taught how to safely use Bunsen burners! Needless to say they all think high school will be awesome now :-D

Anonymous said...

I hope Sherlock is as positive as your daughter, pandabob!

Does he visit more than one school, or is this a visit to the one which has been chosen?


Anonymous said...

RR, I hope the flu will leave you all alone, SOON.


REReader said...

TY, fA!

I hear from my Twitter feed that today is World Book Day UK--yes? If so, did Sherlock go to school dressed as a character? (I love that idea, the US should do it!)

REReader said...

Oh, and has the day at secondary school happened? How did it go?

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