10 May 2012

I'm Glad It's Your Birthday, Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Mycroft!

Not sure about him, but we've definitely had a brilliant present in that he's at home with us! And taller than ever...

Fourteen. Unbelievable! Where does the time go??

Tomorrow we head off to Nicky's, with hounds and chaos in tow. Depending on the weather we might hit the Camera Obscurer and the observatory... or we might not :)

Carla and Mycroft have Skyped regarding the menu for tomorrow night already, so it looks like the rest of us will be getting the evening off!

The murder that got me out of bed the day before yesterday...or was it yesterday? It's all blurring into one... anyway, it isn't solved, it's very brutal, and the torrential downpours washed away most of the evidence. So it's not going too well. We're waiting on forensics now. (It isn't like on TV - we often have to wait a week to get forensics back, not ten minutes.) But we're all still busy as we've copped a stack of cold cases to review.

It really does feel like it may never stop raining. My bike gear barely dries before it's soaked again.


pandabob said...

I hope the weather is better for your trip tomorrow and remains that way for the whole weekend :-)

The advantage of having to wait for forensics I suppose is that, hopefully, you get an undisturbed weekend of fun :-)


Small Hobbit said...

Have a great weekend all four of you (plus dogs). Hope the weather is good for you (especially Saturday, but then I'm biased) and that you get to do lots of fun things.

Anonymous said...

How tall is he? Taller than John? :)

I hope you all have a perfect trip.

John H. D. Watson said...

No, he is not taller than me! ...Yet.

Greg Lestrade said...

(The dogs are though.)

(And now I have to run away.)

John H. D. Watson said...

(He won't get far. He's got no shoes on.)

Ro said...

Happy birthday again, Mycroft - in an actual birthday post. I bet you're loving being home again, and really looking forward to catching up with Carla and Nicky.

Thanks everyone, for your kind thoughts and well wishes.

Oh, and Mycroft, thank you for the birthday wishes. It's mine right now, actually, as it's the 11th here in Australia. And where you're 14, I'm now 41!

Greg Lestrade said...

(Barefoot running is the new trend.)

You should catch me and drag me to bed, Danger. Sherlock will doubtless be leaping on us and wanting to leave at about 5am.

John H. D. Watson said...

I'll do that.

Ro - happy birthday!

Anon Without A Name said...

Happy Birthday Mycroft! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :-)

Lestrade - perfect card :-)

Happy Birthday, Ro!

SH - if I don't get chance to say this before the day, I hope the wedding goes wonderfully, and the weather holds for you.

REReader said...

Great card, L, most extremely appropriate!

(I'm sorry your case isn't going well. Hopefully forensics will come up with something helpful.)

Sherlock, if you are really up and about now, you could talk to us instead of waking up John and Lestrade. I know I'm in no way an adequate substitute--for one thing, I can't send you breakfast over the internet!--but I'll be up quite a while yet.

(There's no point in saying anything to John at this hour, so I won't...but good morning, whenever you surface, John! :))

Have a wonderful birthday weekend, Mycroft--and a fun weekend, everyone!

Greg Lestrade said...

We have woken to clear blue sky and sunshine! Well, Mycroft Sherlock and I did, then we made breakfast and went and sat on John to eat it :)

Hopefully we'll be off fairly early today, avoid the Friday rush.

Ro said...

Cheers, guys! Have just got home from an Italian restaurant which does gluten free stuff, and am as full as a goog. I may explode. Instead of dessert I finished with an affogato with Kahlua, which has pushed me right to the edge. I may explode. What a way to go, though! :D

Have a great day, guys!

REReader said...

Happy birthday, Ro--and please don't explode! :)

Have a great trip guys! Are you heading out this morning, or do you have to go in today, L?

pandabob said...

I hope you're having/had a good trip and that the weather has held as necessary for you :-)


Small Hobbit said...

Thank you for your good wishes Nameless. I am looking forward to it, although the thought of having to deal with both my mother-in-law and my batty aunt are making me slightly nervous. But then what are weddings without the awkward relatives?

On the other hand my daughter's come home for the wedding so we spent ages last night talking about her placement in the neo-natal ward.

REReader said...

The wedding is tomorrow, SH? Mazel tov and all the best--and I hope you are able to focus on the happy and brush off the awkward relatives! (We have plenty of those a family weddings, so I know just what you mean... :))

Anon Without A Name said...

But then what are weddings without the awkward relatives?

So true! We tried to avoid the issue by not inviting any relatives - and one turned up anyway.

I'm off to a friend's wedding today too - looks like our happy couples got the good weather, at least :-)

Have an excellent day!

Desert Wanderer said...

SH, have a good time at the wedding! Hope the weather holds out for you.

Small Hobbit said...

Thank you all. I'm currently giving the dark clouds my best nanny!John glare so that they'll blow over. It'll soon be time to get into my outfit, so have a good weekend L, J, Mycroft and Sherlock and all badgers and I'll see you on the other side. *Makes mental note to take tissues*

Greg Lestrade said...

Good luck to you and yours SH! I hope you all have a brilliant day.

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