12 January 2013

Step from the road to the sea to the sky

Today Sherlock has been mainly wishing for snow.

In talking about that - and underwear, oddly, I found this site with before and after pictures of the snow last Feb in the city my family are from. Not particularly so you can see the snow, but just because lots of them are great shots of the city!

And from that city, to this one. London, yesterday morning:

The Met police helicopter provided that one - beautiful, huh?

Last night John took me out on a date - so I did the proper thing, brought a suit home form work, sneaked into the house, changed in Mrs Hudson's flat, sneaked out again, then rang the doorbell to 'pick him up'. And gave him a bunch of flowers, because I'm a soft sod when it comes to John.

Anyway, he took me to a crazy restaurant and we ate lots, drank a bit, got the tube home and didn't actually go to sleep until the early hours - when some of us had to be up before dawn! So I've spent today yawning a lot. But he's well worth it ;)

Had two good results today, which made everything seem worthwhile at work.

And the Super sent me an email about some 'social media and policing' event...not sure I have to go, but he said something about how he thought I knew something about it, and maybe I should. I wouldn't mind, it's only a day long course...might be interesting.

I've also got to do a first aid refresher at some point soon... it never stops!


John H. D. Watson said...

Sneaky. :) The flowers were beautiful, and so is that picture. Like Atlantis or something.

Greg Lestrade said...

It is. Almost wish I was a chopper copper for views like that.

pandabob said...

I'm glad you had a great date and a successful day :-)

The social media and policing event sounds really interesting ;-)

Have a good night, with more sleep maybe? ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing website. I love how you can slide the picture from before to after.

And the picture of London is neat too.

I hope you enjoy the training. At least your training sessions sound like things that you can use. We get asked to go to stuff which was designed for business managers, and never even get things as basic as first aid.


Anonymous said...

I should add that while I like snow, ten feet of it all at once is a bit much, even in places where the roofs are designed to shed the stuff. I just saw your comment in the previous post about the city losing power and having roof collapses, and I sympathize, having been through the aftermaths of blizzards several times. I hope all your relations came through all right!


Kestrel337 said...

Wow, 10 feet? Our domed stadium lost its roof from only about a foot of the stuff. Lots of folks without power after that storm, and it was pretty difficult.

Love the shot of London. I didn't think of Atlantis, but Avalon.

pandabob said...

Was more sleep achieved?

Have a nice day all of you :-)

Greg Lestrade said...

Yeah, bit more!

I hope you have a nice day too.

RSF - I think some of my cousins lost power and water and were cut off for a bit, but yeah, fine once they could get about again. None of them live right in the city anymore.

Tina said...

We´re promised (aka threatened with) some snow in the next few days, but it´s supposed to be just some few flakes. Doesn´t mean there won´t be chaos on the streets when 75% of the drivers suddenly realise it´s WINTER, but, well,ok. I just hope it doesn´t suddenly start snowing without stopping like it did two years ago. Yes, it was lots of snow, yes, the children had fun, but if you have to get to work - could be a problem.
Anyway, I hope Sherlock gets his snow! Just don´t send to much over here, ok?

Greg Lestrade said...

Yeah, if any settles in London it will be complete chaos...but I do sort of hope we get some, because Sherlock will love it so much.

Small Hobbit said...

I have no particular use for snow this coming week, so I could probably manage without it. Although I do appreciate that there are many who would like to see some. The local weather forecast says it will feel cold. Yes, it is January, that isn't a surprise.

Just been reading the report that says that after all policemen are not getting younger, but that the number of young policemen (using the term generically) has halved in the last two years.

Greg Lestrade said...

I saw that on the BBC SH. Yeah...well, what did they think would happen? Can't afford new recruits, can't make old ones redundant...

REReader said...

No doubt it's your faults for not getting younger? Pft.

I find Sherlock's enthusiasm infectious and I hope he gets enough snow to play in! (Although perhaps not so much as to make getting around unpleasant. Sorry. ;))

REReader said...

Oh, I meant to say, the photo of London makes it look magical --like Brigadoon, perhaps. Not quite real.

Greg Lestrade said...

I don't think they wanted anyone to know. The BBC found out after an FOI request.

Piplover said...

Friday it snowed for about two hours, and was very lovely. Then it all melted. But for those two hours work was very quiet and nice.

I hope you get a bit of snow, for Sherlock's sake. Hope all of you have a good day!

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