26 April 2013

The cycle cycling, There's a face with new eyes

I'm tired. Was completely knackered last night and then didn't sleep too well.

Anyway, today's been a world of excitement for Sherlock - the eggs at his school hatched this morning, and it sounds like those poor chicks had thirty odd school kids staring at them as they took their first steps into the world.

He says they're different colours, and he's not sure yet if they'll grow into different types of chicken or not. I guess this is all the big plan to have the kids study them and note down the changes and stuff.

Can't remmeber what I was going to say now.

Oh, eggs. I found this the other day -

I think it's a duck egg. It was by the river. Obviously it's been eaten by some predator.

I showed it to Sherlock. We had a long chat about it. He started off, from the perspective of an egg-rearer himself, of thinking that whatever ate it was in the wrong. Now he isn't so sure. Dunno, is seven too young to be discussing life and death like this? I don't think so. Not with him, anyway.

And here's some blossom, from someone else's tree at the allotment. The sky really was that blue though.

Think it's going to be good, that place. Not just for the growing. Last night I dropped in on the way home and did a bit of watering. Was nice just to...be somewhere peaceful, doing something fairly mindless, inbetween work and home. I liked it.

Also, thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. I don't really know what to say to some of them, but I appreciate them all. Makes me...well, helps, thinking I can talk about things here. Helps even more that my experiences might somehow help other people. I know it's not that simple. I mean, all I learnt from Mum's experiences was how to hide things, lie and blame myself...but, well, it's a nice thought, anyway.


John H. D. Watson said...

Nice tree :)

all I learnt from Mum's experiences was how to hide things, lie and blame myself

I think it's different when you're a kid - the things your parents do are just...the way it's done, and you don't really think about it until you're a lot older. I didn't anyway.

Time for bed?

Greg Lestrade said...

Mmm. I dunno. We had a lot of people...well, I always considered it interfering, because that's what Mum said it was. And learnt early on to lie to people who came to the door for money, and say Mum was out. And we all knew every single spot in the house you could hide and not be seen from any window, if someone came around. And when I was older, I knew the lines to feed teachers who asked questions about home. Think I always knew not everyone lived like that. But I was also taught they were the enemy, not trying to help.

And I know now that it was her way of trying not to scare us, but whenever she got in fights with her blokes she'd always assure us it was her fault for doing something wrong, and if we were good we'd be fine which...might have been okay at the time, maybe, in that it probably saved us from getting smacked about any more than we did...but didn't exactly leave any of us with the best understanding of how relationships should work.

Yeah, bed's probably a good idea.

pandabob said...

That is a beautiful picture of the tree Greg :-)

The allotment is sounding like it has far more uses than you could ever have thought of when you sorted it, I'm glad its going so well for all of you.

I hope you both sleep some and you have enough energy to keep up with Sherlock tomorrow :-)

Kestrel337 said...

Working with growing things is good for everyone.

No, seven is not to young to learn about the cycles of life and death or the natural patterns of predator/prey. Though I have had to discuss with my own kids why the other children aren't 'stupid' for being angry at the wolf when it eats the baby deer, or some other such thing from nature films...

Hope you all sleep peacefully and have an amazing tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It is slightly belated, but I dont suppose you can get a crew of police together and raid Bry's house? Or the gallery, and seize the pictures?

Tell him it's a drugs bust. If you actually find drugs, added bonus. If you don't, you have all the negatives. I know that's stooping to his level and all, but still….

Greg Lestrade said...

I could...but it would be completely illegal. I could never get a search warrant, and while it's completely possible he'd have a small amount of drugs it wouldn't be enough to raise any sort of charges against him. I also couldn't get a warrant based on a suspicion of there being drugs on the premises, because I'm homicide and serious crimes, not drugs. And I couldn't remove things from the property that were irrelevant to any investigation... so, yeah, that was probably far too serious an answer, right?

pandabob said...

I don't think you ask a policeman a police question without expecting a serious answer Greg ;-)

How goes the day? We have pouring rain so we're staying in and baking :-D

Greg Lestrade said...

It's a bit overcast, but a bit sunny - chilly wind here though. John and I went for a run around the park this morning - Sherlock 'encouraging' us by cycling ahead and telling us we were too slow :)

Having a bit of a lazy day. I need some new shirts for work, so a bit of shopping planned after lunch. And Sherlock could do with some new shorts and he wants some shirts, too. And of course, coffee :)

Greg Lestrade said...

Mycroft sent me a text. 'Not pink'

Then another, a few minutes later, saying 'not even pink stripes'

So I can assure him these stripes are fuschia

pandabob said...

Such a vague description from Mycroft is surprising and does, as you have proved, allow a lot of room for movement ;-)

I'm glad you're having fun

Anonymous said...

I actually find serious answers to joking questions slightly comforting, though on only one cup of coffee I cannot articulate why that is.

Does Mycroft not like pink, or does it not match your colo(u)ring?

Anonymous said...

u know Lestrade, you staying with Brian was different to what your mum did. You putting up with him didn't hurt anyone else there were no children involved so u made a decision for you. People who stay in abusive relationships when people are hurting their kids is a hole other thing.

John H. D. Watson said...

I dared him to get the one with purple stars and wear it to visit Mycroft tomorrow, but he refused...

Greg Lestrade said...

Spandrella - I think he objects on numerous grounds. But it doesn't suit me, so he's safe.

Anon - I can't really agree with you there. There are many, many different reasons people don't or can't leave a relationship. I might be persuaded that people who abuse others when there are children involved are a lower form of life than other abusers, but that would really depend too. Every case is different. I would definitely never blame anyone for not leaving a relationship, because there is always a reason and often it can be very hard to understand from the outside, but it's always there.

Danger - I don't think Mycroft has banned purple though? I can't help but sort of listen to him. He does have very good taste, if a little more formal than my own.

John H. D. Watson said...

I think he'd ban any colour of stars on sight. I sort of liked it though.

Greg Lestrade said...

I luckily for him I don't think work would approve. I'm happy with the two I got. Very subdued.

Sherlock can fight his own battles for the ones he chose :)

Anonymous said...

As far as to why people stay in abusive relationships and whether they have reasons, or what those reasons are: I don't think it matters, and I don't think it's for anyone to judge. I don't think that helps the person in the relationship to escape their situation. Sometimes, one of the things that keeps a person from reaching out for help is the fear of being judged or of embarrassment, even if that fear is unfounded (see: Lestrade and Nicky). People need support, practical and emotional, not a homework assignment asking them to provide and defend their reasons for doing what they do. If we're going to demand that people provide reasons and defenses, I think demanding that the SO explain why s/he is abusing his partner is a much better place to direct that sort of attention.

(And I'm not saying that John or anyone else on this or the other blog has done the above, I think I'm more responding to what seems like society's collective opinion on the matter, and to my own past experience, so apologies if it seems disproportionately emotional.)

My mom stayed because she was afraid that if she left, my dad would do something worse. And sure enough, he did, so her fears were entirely justified. The only reason I'm alive is because of some courageous police officers and a lot of dumb luck, and not any other reason. For whatever that's worth.


pandabob said...

so what sort of shirts did Sherlock choose?

Greg Lestrade said...

Bright ones :) checks in bright colours. They're nice!

Just read that one UKIP candidate is saying exercise will prevent homosexuality...Danger, you still love me after our run this morning? ;)

pandabob said...

They sound lovely :-)

How could getting hot and sweaty with a group of other men prevent homosexuality or was he not advocating team sports?

(he's an idiot obviously)

John H. D. Watson said...

you still love me after our run this morning?

Yes...but will you still love me if I suggest we ought to increase the distance next time? I think we're both ready for it.

Maybe he's talking about post-team-sports... I've seen things in locker rooms that would prevent me wanting to have anything to do with the people doing them... Teeth should not be used for trimming toe nails. Ever.

Greg Lestrade said...

Yeah, we should. Probably. And give Sherlock a whip or something.

Nah, he's ...well, yeah, and idiot. But then this is from the party whose members have also said homosexual people are more likely to abuse kids and have sex with animals. Only animals of the same sex though, I presume?

I agree teeth should not be used to trim toenails. Although it's slightly better if the teeth and toenails belong to the same person, I presume?

Anonymous said...

Teeth should not be used for trimming toe nails. Ever.

I…wait, what? D:

pandabob said...

you have to wonder how these people get the air time don't you?

I would agree John about the teeth and toe nails thing but the flexibility it would take to get feet to mouth might be fun to experiment with ;-)

John H. D. Watson said...

I…wait, what? D:


Sherlock said...

I can get my toes in my mouth I can eat a banana holding it in my toes.

Greg Lestrade said...

...and he can.

I think I can get...close to my mouth. With a bit of pre-strethcing, probably in it.

Odd, usually manage to put my foot in my mouth with very little thought... ;)

pandabob said...

Thanks for the information Sherlock ;-)

Anon Without A Name said...

Are we still talking about feet, Lestrade?

Greg Lestrade said...

Hah - definitely! I can't flatter myself to pretend any different :)

REReader said...

checks in bright colours. They're nice!

Excellent! I strongly approve of a pop of bright color in clothing. (I know, it's very un-New York of me, but I love it all the same!)

I can't say I've ever tried to eat a banana--or anything else--by holding it with my toes, but I certainly can bring my feet all the way up to my mouth. Can't quite manage behind my head, though.

Odd, usually manage to put my foot in my mouth with very little thought... ;)

Hee! Definitely applicable to me... ;D

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