28 July 2011

Back to School

Tomorrow we're going to Harrow. I think it'll be really interesting. And I hope Mycroft likes it.

I think this visit is just to meet the Masters and look around, and then later in the holidays there are days when Mycroft can meet other pupils who'll be starting there.

He's been really good with Sherlock so far in the holidays - I know it's only a few days in, but it's lovely to see.

John and I are doing fairly well on the running front. Which is good - I think first practice may be next week. Although he let me off tonight, because I look tired, apparently. I take back what I said about him being a slave driver.

The holidays seem to be filling up with things to do - camping, visiting Nicky and her lot, school things, pond digging, all of that. Wish I could spend more time with them all. It's not too bad when I know they're at school, but now I can just imagine them all out doing stuff without me. But they deserve the fun. Can't begrudge them that - or the time spent together.

Oh, totally forgot (my mind is going at the moment, I swear), I meant to put this up:

You can't see the detail, really. But it's perfect. A tiny girl and a cow. It's painted on a wall in an alleyway that I walk through quite often. It's no taller than my shoe. And the other night I dreamt about it. So I thought I should take a picture before it gets washed away/painted over. I wonder who put it there. And why. I bet most people don't see it.


Bronwyn said...

GOOD LUCK MYCROFT! I will refrain from any hideous jokes about masters and misbehavior. As they are I'm appropriate for younger viewers, and I wouldn't want John or Greg to lose their religion.

John H. D. Watson said...

We can run tomorrow. I'll even wake up early enough to go in the morning before Harrow if you like. (Is it odd I'm almost as nervous as Mycroft about the whole thing? I'm glad Mrs H is coming with us.)

Wish I could spend more time with them all

We wish you could too, but you'll be there for a lot of it. I'm not digging that pond on my own.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Shows you care, I think, if you worry.

Yeah, running would be good, if Mycroft doesn't mind.

And I promise I'll be there for pond digging, somehow or other.

I just had to edit the post, as I'd forgotten to put up the picture which was the purpose of this post originally. Feel like I'm losing my mind, sometimes, honestly. Old age, probably.

John H. D. Watson said...

I don't think he'll mind as long as we shower after.

The cow and girl picture is amazing. They even have shadows!

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

We'll see. Don't want him getting nervous on his own. And you know he'll say it's okay, even if he'd rather we didn't.

Yeah, if I knew how to get the picture focussed down you could probably see her face and everything. I should probably be against graffiti, but not when it's like that.

Small Hobbit said...

That picture is awesome and the cow looks real and not a caricature.

And yes, Mycroft, hope all goes well tomorrow. And that you all have a good day, looking forward to hearing all about it.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Might head to bed, Danger.

John H. D. Watson said...

L - good point. Pancakes aren't the best base for running anyway. And I want to eat a lot of them.

John H. D. Watson said...

All right. I'll be there soon.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

No rush.

(I assumed we'd run before pancakes if we ran.)

Piplover said...

Good luck, Mycroft! I'm sure you'll have a lovely day tomorrow.

Lestrade - That picture is amazing! I wonder who did it? My sister sent me pictures of a person who does little pictures on the gum that's pasted to pavement. Kind of gross, but the things he paints are amazing. London is full of awesome, crazy things.

Amy said...

Wow, that is a beautiful piece of street art! So lifelike.

Mycroft, I hope you enjoy looking around the school. I'd love to hear about it - it sounds so different to the schools most of us attended.

innie said...

That art is just amazing - and it's nice that you've almost got a secret source of happiness. Those kinds of things pop up in the oddest places. On one of my trips to England, I was with a friend who has very expensive tastes (which I, being a grad student in my fifth year, didn't) and as she shopped for expensive stuff, I saw a little silver-plated sculpture of a cow. It's not quite abstract, but it's not terribly realistic either - it's hard to describe. I bought it immediately, because I knew that it would make me smile every time I looked at it. And it still does, eight years later.

Anonymous said...

Greg, what a lovely find to brighten anyone's day! It's one of the reasons I enjoy visiting London; it's a big enough city to have so many little surprise treasures, yet small enough to walk. Plus, London also has people like you to keep it safe to explore for people like me.

Mycroft, I hope the visit goes well for you tomorrow! *shy hugs* Let us know what you think when you get back from the trip.

John, Lady Sibil raises dragons that require dedicated handling, and she does an excellent job of it. Draw what comparisons as you will. :)

-A from NW (who forgot to sign her last Anon post! Oops.)

Ro said...

Argh, my post just got eaten by a hungry internet.

Just wanted to say that I love that little graffito! Especially the shadows. We have lots of lovely graffiti here in Melbourne, and I love to photograph them before they get painted or tagged over. I think my favourite of the ones I've photographed is this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rileyo/3190633816/in/set-72157607021408394/ It's gone now. I wouldn't mind so much if the idiot who painted over it had been more talented!

Mycroft, let us know what you think of Harrow after your visit! It has a great reputation, and looks lovely in the pictures I've seen.

Lupe said...

Good luck, Mycroft! I hope you like your new school. These past couple of days I've covered a conference on history of education, and learned a few things about it. They say that when it comes to a school, a lot of things count. For example, here in Mexico it seems that the better equipped a school is, the better results the students get--so it's not only the books or the teachers or the individual personality of the student what counts. The classroom is of course the most important physical space of a school, but other places like yards, the library, or even hallways are also important not only for the enjoyment of the student but also for their learning experience and their results. So maybe you can do a sort of sociological/analytical exercise during your visit. Observe your new school--what do things like the distribution of space, the way the buildings are, well, built, the furniture, the decoration, the gardens, the yards say about it? Even the uniforms. :) And of course, how do you react to them? There is also the belief, a bit idealistic, they said, but true nevertheless, that schools are a sort of nurturing space where kids of many different upbringings can separate themselves from whatever troubles they may have and focus on learning and growing.

Well, I guess you could summarize this as "see if you like it," but I wanted to point out that "like" takes into consideration many aspects. ;) Good luck! :D

Amy said...

Sorry to switch topics so abruptly, but I just came across a Marmite-vs-Vegemite article and had to share it here!

Mycroft said...

Lupe, thank you. That's very helpful advice, and I've been trying to follow it today.

Desert Wanderer said...

Mycroft, I can't wait to hear your impressions of the school. I'm sure they're nuanced and detailed.

Lestrade, glad to hear someone's getting their exercise in properly. I did a workout on Wed that kicked my tail but shouldn't have. Clearly what I need is a cute doctor-type (or, you know, an inspector-type) to come be my personal trainer. :D

Piplover said...

I agree, Desert Wanderer. I need to get my butt in gear and get some proper exercise, but I don't have a cute doctor or DI to get me motivated.

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