23 October 2011

Marco Simoncelli

Just taking a break from pond-digging and saw that Marco Simoncelli has died at the MotoGP in Sepang. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to his friends and family, and especially to Valentino and Colin, who both must be devastated.

The BBC report.


Small Hobbit said...

I don't cry often, but that news has reduced me to tears. What an utter tragedy.

Echoing your thoughts to all family and friends.

REReader said...


John H. D. Watson said...

and especially to Valentino and Colin, who both must be devastated.

Truly. That's a hell of a thing to live with.

REReader said...


I hesitate to even say this, because it seems trivializing to "use" someone's tragedy, but...that traffic safety lecture the two of you are giving? I remember a race car driver saying that he feels far safer during a race, going at top speeds, than he does on a highway driving well below the speed limit. On a race course, at least he knows that every driver there is not just trained but over-trained, that they will react as correctly as humanly possible. On a highway he is surrounded by amateurs who have minimal training and many of whom have only minimal experience and no talent, and they might do anything. And yet tragedies like this one happen even on the race track. So maybe you could...not "use" this, but it might work in. Because those boys might end up as either end of accident.

mazarin221b said...

It's very tragic. And the UK just lost their very own open-wheel driver Dan Wheldon, whom we had adopted here in my hometown - Indianapolis, home of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500. All of the memorials were this weekend.

As much as I love it and grew up with it, sometimes I wonder if racing truly is worth it.

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