8 June 2012

Skipping over

Well...I've been thinking about the eight things most of yesterday and allof today. Come up with precisely nothing.

Which isn't to say there isn't a way to win my heart, just that I'm not sure what it is. Apart from, you know, be John. But he already took that basic idea for his list.

Thought about things like 'not mind that sometimes I seem to spend more time caring about dead people than live ones'. But that's not really winning my heart, it's just what you have to put up with if you decide you want to spend time with me.

So, thought I'd skip to things that cross my mind a lot.
1. John
2. The boys
3. Old cases we never solved, the people involved, the victims.
4. Sex. Which I suppose comes under #1, so to speak.
5. My Dad
6. My family
7. The future


pandabob said...

Lets be honest being John is about the only thing you would need on the list and writing it eight times wouldn't have made it more or less the right answer would it :-)

Seven very interesting things for today I like 7 it's always nice when you can find time to think about that :-) 3 is to be expected from a good man doing a job like you do but it must be hard sometimes to have those in your head.

4 comes over, under, before and after 1 right?

REReader said...

Better get this in before I go offline anyway, so, in randomized order:

1. My ability to cope
2. Worries about my business
3. The nature of God and the universe
4. My parents' health
5. Debt/money
6. To-do lists
7. My family

*carefully not reading list over*

John H. D. Watson said...

Ha. You're ahead of me now.

Greg Lestrade said...

Right, did this on my phone, tried to put paragraphs in it twice now. Failed. I'll do it later. Sorry.

Greg Lestrade said...

Danger - I might go back and do the other one. Just, reading everyone else's put me off a bit.

Anon Without A Name said...

It's a shame if other people's lists put you off, Lestrade; I think it's supposed to be supportive, but I can see that maybe it wouldn't always be

I like your list of things that cross your mind often :-) I'm struggling with this one a bit.

John H. D. Watson said...

L - why did they put you off? If you don't mind me asking.

Anonymous said...

Other people's lists for the last one kind of intimidated me. I did it, finally, but I'm not sure it was really the "right" answers. (Which is stupid.

This one intimidates me too, but mostly because I don't want to get any splinters from my various soapboxes.


REReader said...

ALL the lists in this meme scare me--they are rather...exposing. (What ever happened to 10-books-you=should-have-read-but-haven't"-type memes, anyway? Those were a lot easier.) Which is why I won't read mine over--if I did, I think I'd probably take them down immediately.

I hope you don't feel permanently put off, L. :(

Greg Lestrade said...

Don't mind. Been thinking about it and I'm not entirely sure, really.

I don't want to offend anyone, either.

I suppose some of them almost seemed like... things once you were in a relationship that sounded very... rigid. Demanding. Almost ultimatums. I suppose I just don't understand the question, really. I just couldn't think of a way to win my heart. Easier thinking of ways not to lose it, I suppose.

REReader said...

I can't speak for anyone else, and as I said, since the only sort of "relationships" I've any experience with are friendships, that's what I went with--but I interpreted it as "things that made me want to be good friends with different people." So...Like someone's face lighting up when they saw me come into a room, which I think came out "Be happy to see me and show it." I didn't think deeper than that for the 8 things question. If that helps at all?

pandabob said...

They are only ultimatums if they are one sided Greg but I can see what you mean. I try to do all the things on my list for someone else just I want them to do it for me but I also want to do the things they want aswell.

treat others as you wish to be treated is the basis of how I try to live and someone who can win my heart will do just the same :-)

I could make a much longer list of how not to lose my heart!!

REReader said...

(Perhaps that I should also add I don't go looking for all those things from any one friend. It's just things that, when I thought about my closest friends, are what I remember drew me to them in the first place. It was different for all of them.)

Anon Without A Name said...

Hmmm. I can see how lists like that would appear quite demanding; I think it's like Anonybob said, the lists are, by definition, one-sided.

When I was writing mine, I was thinking about people I've loved both in romantic relationships and as friends, and thought about the things those people have done, the way they've treated me.

But yeah, it was a lot easier to think of things to not do.

Greg Lestrade said...

I'm not sure I've ever had any expectations of anyone ever really wanting to win me. I mean, I've probably, historically, been the one trying to do the winning, not be won, maybe? I don't know.

I also hate making any sorts of demands of anyone, I think that's why the question sort of...threw me.

I'm probably not explaining it very well.

pandabob said...

It takes a certain confidence to make requests of someone Greg, we have the advantage that our other halves aren't going to see what we wrote so we can say what we would like them to do without them ever knowing if they don't.

maybe 'eight ways you won my heart' would be a better way for you to look at it. I suspect that was John's view point given what he wrote :-)

John H. D. Watson said...

I suspect that was John's view point given what he wrote

It was. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known.

REReader said...

No, L, I think you've explained it fine. I can certainly see how the "8" lists can read as "8 things you'd better do to win me". But I like Anonybob's formulation (8 ways you won my heart) much better, it's certainly more what I was thinking and it definitely reads like a LOT closer to what John was thinking. Hopefully, probably closer to what most people were thinking...*nods at Anony*

Anon Without A Name said...

Lestrade - I think you're explaining it OK; it makes me a little sad for you though (god, does that sound hideously patronising? Sorry).

I don't demand, for example, that someone respects me. But they're not going to win my heart if they don't. I can't imagine they'd want to win my heart if they didn't. I dunno; all the people love do those things. That's what the question meant to me, but I don't think there are any right or wrong answers, and you certainly shouldn't feel obliged to do it.

rabidsamfan said...

My eight were all things that have happened in the past that made me feel gooey about someone at the time. No expectation that they'll ever happen again, or requirement, either.

For tonight. Hm...

1. Sudoku (yes, I want to write a book...)
2. supper
3. my best friend
4. my mom
5. the insidious destruction of the public library as the archive of the commons
6. roleplay gaming (My GM is waiting for my list!)
7. summer reading programming

Anon Without A Name said...

1. My husband. And all that that implies. He's on my mind an awful lot :-)

2. What I'd do if something happened to him (I have no idea if that's me not taking him for granted or just me being morbid).

3. Work, and all they ways I think I'm getting it wrong.

4. Work, and why people think I'm doing OK or better.

5. How the bloody hell to keep fooling people at work.

6. My friends, what's going on in their lives. Lots of them are going through big life changes, and I worry I'm losing touch with them, and not being there for them.

7. Time really does speed up as you get older. It worries me, sometimes, how fast life is going past.

Desert Wanderer said...

Maybe the question is better: "Eight times you realized you were in love with John Watson"?

My 7 things:
1. Work, generally my subordinates and whether I'm being good enough to/for them
2. Mistakes I've made
3. Music
4. My mental tally of which of my friends are where
5. My family
6. What I'd do if I lost my job
7. A general desire to be better

Desert Wanderer said...

I didn't intend to steal from your list for #7, Doc. Sorry.

John H. D. Watson said...

Perfectly all right. Nice to know it's not just me.

Greg Lestrade said...

As long as you both know it's hard to improve upon perfection ;)

I'll give the eight more thought but... Don't hold your breath, anyone. I'm not sure it's a question I can answer.

Pommery said...

I'd say these are what flash across my mind at least once a day. Not very deep.

1. Need. Tea.

2. I bet you this was on QI.

3. I bet Bill Bryson wrote a book on it too.

4. I really hope everything turns out okay.

5. The environment minister is in desperate need of a swirly.

6. I didn't vote for them (federal).

7. Crap. I voted for them. That's embarrassing (provincial).

piplover said...

Here's my list. I have really random thoughts, I've discovered.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1) What is my country coming to? It frightens me if I think about it too much. Literally frightens me, when I think of the rights being taken away, the elections being purchased, and the general apathy that seems to keep people from rising up against it.

2) If I had been born in a different era, would I be the same person I am today? Would I be stronger? Or weaker? Would I have the same viewpoints I do today? I think a lot in hypotheticals, lol.

3) Will I ever find someone I can trust enough to date again?

4) What would my life be if I hadn't been injured. Where would I be now?

5) I love chocolate. Yes, I think about it a lot. Hmmmm, chocolate.

6) Some days I think I have too much tea. I contemplate my tea cupboard (yes, I have a cupboard devoted to my tea) and wonder if I have too much. Then I select my favorite tea and figure you can never have too much.

7) Why I hate my job. It's not, per se, a horrible job. But it's not the job for me, and each day, when I have to force myself out of bed and drag myself in, it just gets reinforced I need to find something else. But I also think I need to try and change my view of the work, and accept what I cannot change for the moment. I'm still working on that, which is why it probably crosses my mind a lot!

imachar said...

Greg - I can understand finding the other lists intimidating - I'm trying to walk a fine line between flippancy and honest self-revelation and the depth of other people's responses makes me think I'm not doing a very good job. Nonetheless, this has been a great exercise in clarifying a lot of the stuff in my head.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot - this wasn't too hard since I live in my head a lot and have a pretty constant sense of what I'm concerned with at any given time.

1. I miss the UK – more and more every day as I watch the growing insanity that passes for political discourse in the US.

2. I love my job, but it’s getting more and more difficult every year and I’m not going to be unhappy when retirement finally rolls around.

3. I hope the cancer doesn’t come back (I have this thought every morning when I take my meds).

4. Hope Mum remembers to keep her phone charged.

5. In the grand scheme of the world’s population I am an extraordinarily fortunate person.

6. Publish!

7. My husband and child.

Desert Wanderer said...

For what it's worth, imachar, I think you're doing a fine job. It's not like this is a graded assignment, or anything. It's not even pass/fail!

Although I'd be interested in seeing what kind of courses Professor Lestallion and Doctor Hotson would teach. Applied lubricology? International...relations in the late 20th and early 21st centuries? Techniques in genius management?

rabidsamfan said...

Oooh, DW, can I sign up for those classes? Or at least get my hands on the syllabus so I can ferret out the reading?

And Pommery, the combination of your last two made me laugh out loud.

Anon Without A Name said...

Pommery - I can't believe I didn't put tea on my list. OTOH, it's not something I think about, it's a bit more autonomic (is that the word I want?) than that. Like breathing, or something.

Mmmmm, tea.

DW - Logistics management? Advanced riding (with special focus on posture and stamina)? Cat Herding?

Pommery said...

Nameless- 'I Need Tea' is without a doubt the first coherent thought that enters my head upon waking. After that it's very much an impulse governed by addiction. (Also: Tea solidarity ftw! *fistbumps*)

Nicky said...

I had no idea you thought about our father a lot.

Is it because of the boys? I know I thought about him more when I had my two.

Have as good a time as you can, all of you. Lots of love.

Kira said...


1- Have I taken my meds (v important else bad things happen!)

2- Will I ever manage to get a job again

3- My family, hoping that they are OK and worrying that they aren't.

4- Debt and money (see #2)

5- What the F**k is the government up to, this crowd of numpties shouldn't be leading a conga let alone a country

6- TEA, need tea

7- Remembering that faith will see me through

Hope you are all loving my old homeland!


Greg Lestrade said...

Nicky - yeah, it is. The boys, my life, stuff like that all changing.

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