4 November 2012

I Am Staying Right Beside You

I was going to post a picture of some mice on the tube. One was down in the pit, eating a bone - chicken, I imagine, and then a little, young mouse, was peering down from the track, but couldn't get down there. You could see the longing in every line of its tiny body. But they were both brown, and it was a little hard to see them on the picture.

But then I showed Sherlock these pictures and he said I HAD to post them.

Fireworks over London last night, from India98:

And then...fireworks over London on India98's thermal cameras:

We're going to go up to Mycroft's place tomorrow to see the fireworks there. Sherlock is wildly excited. Especially because he wants it to snow (although snow clouds wouldn't be good for fireworks...I don't think.)


KHolly said...

That thermal picture is so cool! Thank you for posting it Lestrade.

And thanks to Sherlock for talking L into posting it. And thanks to India98 for sharing in the first place.

John H. D. Watson said...

I love the thermal one.

And I hope the second mouse got a bone of his own later...

Greg Lestrade said...

got a bone of his own later...

...so to speak.

It's nice, isn't it? I think they get a bit bored up there doing the crowd control stuff. Plenty of time to take pics.

REReader said...

That thermal photo is extremely cool. (Or warm? :))

A few decorative snowflakes might not interfere with the fireworks! Although I'd think clear might be better for seeing them. Either way, it surely sounds fun!

(I don't want mice in the house, but they're not bad otherwise.My office mates at Cornell made a semi-pet of a field mouse, and it was cute. However, we don't have mice in our subway tunnels here, we have RATS--big, ugly, aggressive Norway rats. I am not okay with those!)

Anonymous said...

The mice sound cute. The mice in the subway here in Boston are cute too. Their tails are longer than their bodies, and I swear their eyes are almost as big as their ears, and they creep along with admirable caution in the shadows of the rails before flinging themselves across the cinders for whatever bit of food has caught their attention like tiny darts. I grew up in Denver where the mice are like jackrabbits, all gangly legs and frantic skittering.

But I like the firework pictures. I didn't know you celebrated Guy Fawkes early, but I suppose it's easier for some folks than watching them on a school night. I don't know if you should hope for snow or not, though. I've seen fireworks in the snow. It can be a neat effect if the snow isn't too heavy and there's a breeze to carry the smoke aside, but clear nights are still best for all the colors.

rsf (who has internet again, yay!)

pandabob said...

I love Fireworks but somehow they always look better in pictures than they do in real life, you don't get the big bangs and that strangely nice smokey smell though :-)

I hope you're having a nice day whatever you're doing and that snow stays away for a few weeks yet however much Sherlock might think he'd enjoy it ;-)

Greg Lestrade said...

There are rats all over London, but you don't see them in the tube much. Not when it's busy, anyway. Whereas the mice are fearless. Guess the rats feel too exposed.

RSF - yeah, it's celebrated on the weekends near the 5th, as well as the day itself.

And the not-wanting-snow is more to do with the really big fireworks going off above the clouds if there are heavy low snow clouds about. There's no fun in that.

Anonymous said...

True. Fireworks in a heavy fog aren't much fun either.

Here's a question for later this month: What other wildlife do you see in London? (For example, Boston has skunks, hawks, and the occasional imported opossum.)

Anonymous said...

*headdesk* yes, that was me.


Anon Without A Name said...

I'm guessing you should be safe, don't think there's snow predicted for London tomorrow, is there? Mind you, I don't think it was predicted for the Westcountry this morning.

Lovely photos, BTW :-)

Greg Lestrade said...

Cheers for the question, RSF.

Nameless - if we did, with Sherlock at school but us off...there would be hell!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the wild turkeys of Brookline, RSF, they can be quite intimidating when you're trying to walk down Beacon Street!


Anonymous said...

This is true, AftSO. And they're much bigger than you think they're going to be.


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