28 June 2011

Thunder, Lightening, a little bit...exciting?

Excellent things about today:

  • John.

  • Proper thunder/lightening/rain storms.

  • John.

  • Large portions of the tennis being rained off. (explanation below)

  • John.

  • Strawberries, cream, Pimms with the works (cucumber, fruit, etc.)

  • John.

  • Getting rid of the bloody knee brace, having it replaced by a much smaller support.

  • John.

Bad things about today:

  • John torturing me by utilising the ancient art of Fy-Syo, a brutal dark martial art designed to inflict pain on unsuspecting folk whilst they're helpless.

(John maintains it's called Physio, and it'll help me get better. Bloody doctors, think they know everything.)

So, all in all, a bloody brilliant day.

And thunderstorms are rather...exciting. I mean, you know, when you're alone in the house with someone as bloody gorgeous as Danger is, and there's only centre court playing, so he's not too distracting, and there's food and alcohol involved... (apparently he's not THAT hard to distract, either...)

Anyway, yes. The boys are home now, and Sherlock is full of facts about lightening. Most of which he's arguing about with Mycroft.

I hope Anthea coped with the dogs okay. They're fairly excitable at the best of times...

In other news, the Poll was very close. 51 of you said 'Yes' to Sherlock getting Degus. Whilst 42 of you said 'Yes'. I did say that the first 'Yes' should have been no, so I guess the answer is 'No', Sherlock...


crankybookwyrm said...

I love storms. When I'm home and I don't have anywhere to go or anything that has to be done. There's something brilliantly exciting about them.

(As long as I don't have to drive or get anything done. One of the drawbacks of the internet is that I don't get snow days anymore.)

Sherlock said...


John H. D. Watson said...

Sherlock - you realise those poll results have no bearing whatsoever on whether you actually get degus, right?

L - I was going easy on you! You ought to have the woman I had for my shoulder when I got back. She was evil.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

I know you were. But there are more pleasant ways you can make me groan when I'm flat on my back with my legs in the air...

You can keep all evil women away from me, thanks. I'm sure she was just doing her job.

Sherlock - having a poll that only has one answer as an option is hardly 'fair'. And I think it's up to John to decide upon any Degus, once he's read and considered your report.

Anonymous said...

I love thunderstorms. We don't have them very often where I am, so when I was stationed in Korea and Arizona, I used to sit on the steps outside with a cuppa and just enjoy it.

I was in physical therapy for a year, Lestrade. There's a reason we called it Pain and Torture, lol! If you have to get the electrode thingy, like I did, make sure the person knows what they're doing so you don't get burned.


Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Yeah, we don't get them too often. Not proper ones, where the Earth moves...

I'm fairly sure the NHS wouldn't pay the bill for anything involving electrodes...and I don't think I'd need it. Just John, manipulating me. I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow.

And if it wasn't him doing it, I couldn't be such a baby and moan that it hurt. I'd have to man up and try to impress some fit physiotherapist. My last one was Italian. Called Fabio Ferrari. I'm not making this up...He was short, and cute. John is taller. And cuter.

KHolly said...

I would kill for a thunderstorm right now. It's 97F and muggy. Though to be fair that's better than it was a month ago (104 is the hottest we've had so far and I'm not actually living in the South). My converter says that's 36 for those on the Celsius scale.

I think what I really want is to be at my brother's house in the mountains watching a storm come in over the lake. That would be nice. I don't think they're having any storms but they will probably all go to the house for the upcoming holiday. Sigh.

Rider said...

Physiotherapy is the profession for sadists. Who doesn't want a job doing something they love?

Good news about the brace Lestrade, you'll be back on the bike soon! You should nip down to the Yard and sit on it to check.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Rider - I shall. As soon as Doc Danger turns his back. Checked on it yesterday, and it's fine. Thank God it was parked in the Yard, not on the street.

KHolly - the problem here is the muggyness. It's only been low thirties, but so sticky.

Piplover said...

For some reason it's not letting me log in to comment. This is Piplover again!

The electrodes were to stimulate tissue and muscle regeneration, I think. They weren't very clear. It felt like a band aid being ripped slowly off for 20 minutes. I hope you get to skip that and just have to deal with John manipulating you. Oh, what a hardship, lol!

Is the storm still going or has it blown itself out? Ermm, that sounded a lot dirtier than it did in my head, lol.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Piplover - Yes, thoroughly blown out. And the storm. Hah. Um, I think it's passed, yeah. Although I've thought that a few times, before it's all started up again. Still bloody hot though.

Don't think I need any of that sort of stuff on the knee. Just for it to calm down and remember it's a joint, not a static thing.

Rider said...

You need to explain to Danger that you won't be able to check if you can sit on it properly unless you are wearing your boots and jeans. May as well wear the jacket and helmet too as they make a difference as to how you sit on the thing.

Plus you will need to check you can operate all the controls.

It has been sitting a bit, might need to be started...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Mycroft hasn't popped up to correct your spelling of 'lightning', but maybe he decided to stay away for his mental health. No pubescent child wants to think about their parents or parent substitutes doing anything in bed besides cuddle.

A good storm is awesome. And yay for less restrictive braces!

Anonymous said...

When I had my first knee op (yes first.. long story) my physio said that if i didn't hate him when we were finished he wasn't doing his job right! I was just grateful he was a big lad when I passed out and he caught me before I hit the deck!!

He made me jump on a mini trampoline and then hop down the room.. didn't understand why I would only hop away from the mirror and not towards it (I assume the women at least will guess why!)

Glad you're beginning to feel better.


Bronwyn said...

Sherlock, I voted for both yeses (yesses?) because everyone should have pets if they so desire. I have two enormous cats. One is 37 inches long not counting his tail and weighs 22lbs. The other is 39 inches long and a mere 18lbs. I can only hold one at a time. At least degus are smaller.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bronwyn, Sherlock. Pets are marvelous. If you take care of them and are gentle and loving, they will take care of you, too. I have two enormous cats, about the same size as Bronwyn's, and even though I can only snuggle one of them at a time, they keep me very happy and are fun to play with.

Bronwyn said...

Freakishly huge cats are the best cats. Even if finding a litter box large enough was a major challenge.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Iamshadow - bloody computers! i was certain it was lightning, and the Google 'corrected' it. And I didn't have the confidence to argue, so changed it. I'm bloody changing it back now.

Bronwyn - everyone old enough to realise what a responsibility pets are should have them if they so desire. The rate Sherlock gets bored with things is a bit of a worry. He might get pets. He might have to wait.

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