15 April 2011


Because you lot probably know more about it than usual, and because of how it affected Danger, just thought I'd say that we did arrest someone for the murder of the young boy on Wednesday.

I'm satisfied he is the murderer. I'm not satisfied that the motive was his own. We're continuing the investigation. It's all incredibly sad.


KHolly said...

Thank you for doing a difficult job that needs to be done. You are making your corner of the world a better/safer place if that helps mitigate the emotional toll it must take.

John H. D. Watson said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - to all coppers - for helping make this a safer world for the rest of us.

I'm not satisfied that the motive was his own

I know you can't say much, what with it all being sub judice and that, but, does that mean you think that someone was directing the murder? Because that would be even more horrific.

Greg 'Orio' Martin Finchley Lestrade said...

As you say, I can't really tell you much. But I don't feel that the suspect acted alone. I mean, I know the final act was him. So yes, in essence, I believe someone else is behind it. Which means I need to find out their motive. And arrest them.

It's actually quite a lot more complicated than that, but I can't tell you how.

Sometimes motive is easy. When children are concerned, it's always difficult - if not impossible. He was so young.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, that's... well, I'll stick with horrific. And reiterate my thanks.

Bronwyn said...

Oh Lestrade, I'm so sorry. And I hope you find the sick bastard and lock him away in a very deep, very dark hole somewhere. I just don't understand such people. I've taught forensic science and criminal studies for years and I still . . . just don't get it. I couldn't imagine doing your job. I'm glad you do, though. Thanks.

Amy said...

I hope the rest of the investigation can be cleared up quickly. How absolutely awful.

Just a thought - have you spoken with Anthea about the boys' current security arrangements? It might help set Danger's mind at ease about their safety.

Greg 'Orio' Martin Finchley Lestrade said...

Amy - thanks for the thought, but I'm pretty sure the boys are safer than the Queen. I mean, within reason. There's a balance to be struck - we don't wan them prisoners of their own security.

Sadly, most murderers and victims know one another. It's not random.

Bronwyn - it's less 'finding' and more 'proving' at the moment, if you see what I mean. Easy to prove someone was on the scene at the killing. Harder to prove they were the one directing it from afar.

It does mean I'm working the weekend - and I'd really really rather be spending it with John and the boys. But I'd also like to charge the bastard and get him in court, so here I am.

When everything was going wrong last weekend and a few people told me I should get back to London and stuff the conference, because John and the boys were more important...well, yes, more important to me, personally, definitely. But actually, my job can be life and death, and nothing that serious going to happen to J, M and S. I'm very, very lucky that John understands that - even if it is hard to bear sometimes.

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