12 May 2011

Hugs, Hudson and Homebaking

For some reason (we don't know why, but we're not arguing) the one person Sherlock never falls out with is Mrs Hudson.

So last night, when Mrs H came upstairs and told Sherlock she'd like his help baking, he jumped at the chance and the other three of us all breathed a little sigh of relief.

It meant we got to talk to Mycroft about school some more (they have a clay pigeon shooting club - he'd like to join, but is worried other people will have done it before, and he hasn't. A trip to a shooting club will now be undertaken in the summer! I think Sherlock will enjoy a bit of air rifle target shooting, too, if we can swing it. Lots of places have facilities for both. He's far too small to handle a shotgun.)

Mcroft also walked into the kitchen last night when I was giving Danger a big hug, because he's stressed and doesn't know what to do. Danger just held out his arm to Mycroft, and after a moment of hesitation, he joined in. Group hug. And don't tell me this is embarrassing, Mycroft, because it isn't. You're never too old to need a hug. Fact.

By the time Danger headed downstairs to fetch Sherlock for bed, I think S was so worn out he'd forgotten he hated us. He let Danger carry him all the way up to his room. He was clutching a rather sticky skull he'd made with icing (sugar craft, I think Mrs H called it?) anyway, she made flowers for the cake, he made a skull. Whatever makes him happy right now is fine by us.


mazarin221b said...

Can we do group hugs over the internet?

Regardless, I figured John was being so quiet because he's completely stressed out and incredibly busy. Thanks for the updates, L. We're all out here supporting you guys.

(And I bet Sherlock makes the best sugar skulls.)

Lawless said...

I bet Mrs. H knew you guys needed a break and Sherlock a distraction. Hurrah for Mrs. H and her intuition!

Also, yay for hugs and sugar skulls, though now I'm imagining a cake decorated with skulls. He might consider it an appropriate way to decorate a birthday cake for you.

Virtual hugs to you all.

Paula said...

Awww. Please accept my comment as a virtual group hug.

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Lawless, I think Mrs H knew we all needed a break from each other. Sherlock needed to have some fun without us with someone he knows well and trusts, we all needed an evening off. I have a sneaky suspicion John was involved in the planning too.

Thanks for the hugs everyone, and we'll pass them on to S too, if he let's us.

Mazarin, I don't think Danger likes updating when he's stressed. For me it's a break from work. He can't really say the same.

mazarin221b said...

That's what I was trying to say...he's obviously been focused on other, more important things and isn't the type to blog when stressed. Sorry if it seemed I was saying otherwise.

innie said...

I'm so glad that the three of you got a break and a hug - I picture John as a giver of fantastic hugs, though of course he needed one as well.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Lestrade. How is your face doing in terms of color and pain?

I wonder if Sherlock adores Mrs. Hudson uncomplicatedly because he was able to strike up his own relationship with her and make clear the terms of it right from the beginning. Also, poor little squirt, being so angry takes up a tremendous amount of energy (though dealing with his anger takes an equal amount, so I'm cheering you three on), and he might have leapt at the chance to just relax and make happy little sugar skulls. The fact that he's not angry at school makes me hopeful that he knows that he can't keep this up forever.

Anyhow, good luck!

Bronwyn said...

I bet y'all would have a blast with Dia de Los Muertos. Also, hugs all around.
Later gator,

Greg 'Orio' M F Lestrade said...

Mazarin, sorry, I knew that's what you meant. My brain is scrambled right now with work. I meant to expand on the point, and completely failed to get that far!

He does appreciate the support, believe me.

Innie, he is a good hugger, yes ( my phone changed that to Bugger. So glad I spotted it! Hah!) My face is...a bit colourful. But only painful when I forget and rub my eyes/nose. Which is quite often. Thanks for asking.

Anon Without A Name said...

Count me in with the virtual group hug.

Lupe said...

Sending a virtual hug to you all. Well, you got an evening off and I hope Sherlock's in a better mood tomorrow. It's good to know that Mrs. Hudson can jump in when you need her to. Kudos to her.

It just occurred to me that Sherlock might enjoy some Mexican sugar skulls:


They're my favourite thing about Día de Muertos. It's a bit morbid, because you're supposed to buy the one with your name in the forehead and eat it. I actually like that a lot, heh.

Bronwyn said...

@Lupe - I love making/eating the sugar skulls. Sometimes we'll cheat and use marzipan instead of starting from scratch.

(Once we used them for a Harry Potter Halloween party. Death-eaters. Heh.)

Later gator,

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